Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OMG you guys. Oh no. I lost my roadtax. My roadtax died like 2 days ago and my dad got me a new one. But I lost it. I put it on top of pile of assignments on the floor and now I cannot find it. I cannot find it!!!!


Do you guys know if you can buy/purchase/whatever it is roadtax for the same car/vehicle twice? I rather not my parents know. If I cannot find it, I'll have to get a new one. Is there like a penalty? How much is it? Shit. I should go to JPJ right? Right? Shit. Where the hell is that?

OMG. I'm so scared. Does anyone know how much the penalty is and I just show up there right? Shit. I am so dead if my dad find out. Shit.

This is God's way of telling me not to curse and pray more often. Crap lah. Malaysians get back to me. And oh I can get stopped on the road for driving around without a roadtax right? And then I'm gonna get a ticket for that right? I never ever been summoned before!! Not even a parking ticket to my name!! Okay that was that one time for speeding but how the hell would I have know they set up a speedtrap?

Shit. And please nobody leave a comment that goes "It's in the last place you'll check." Obviously, asshole. If I have already found it why the hell do I need to search some more?

Okay, shit. I'm scared. Get back to me. Get back to me. Get back to me. Get back to me. Get back to me. Get back to me. Please.


Anonymous said...

Between books? Celah2 table? Trash? UNDER the table??

You definitely get pulled over for driving without a roadtax. I think there's a fine you need to pay, abt 50 for reprinting. But you need reapply and get ready the papers like the car grant as well.

Zikri said...

Shake your books/papers, sometimes little bastards get stuck in between them

anyway, apparently you need to make a police report and then go to jpj to get a new copy.

there might be a fine if you lost it.. i'm not sure

you can lie and shit to avoid a fine, just make sure its a good lie, dont say you lost it.

i could be wrong though
i have no car XD

Peter Varvel said...

What is roadtax?
Explain for the non-Malaysians, please.

winda said...

this is clearly malaysian thingie, so i'm off limit.
can i offer you condolences and wishing you'll resolve the problem quick?

evie said...

omg! i hope you find it but if not and if zikri is right, then you'll have to make a police report. and you don't have to go with your parents right? so they'll never know if you sort this out yourself.

anyway, give jpj a call and they'll be able to let you know what you need to do. get it done quick, cos yes it's an offence to drive around without your license.

A. Aini said...

uhmm, since i don't drive maka i asked pgnotjohn. he said something similar to what zikri and evie said.

tapi i rasakan babe, roadtax u terselit along those assgmnts yg u might dah hanta kat lecturer. my bet is, kalau dapat full marks tu, u tau who has it. :P

seriously tho, much luck finding it back/getting a new one!

Rusted Dreams said...

its malaysia, you will be able to pay and get itla! dont need to think so freaking a lot. Just make a police report, if you can avoid it then just go to jpj and be a real nice.

a nicer one that i always do, is tell my dad he didn't give it to me..hahahaha...old peoplela..they always forget and then he himself will get you a new one! :)

update me what happens

zewt said...

aiyah... 10 bucks can settle it... the undertable part i mean.... hehe...

selamat berpuasa!

Pourpres~ said...

If I'm not mistaken they charge you RM300 if you kantoi driving with no roadtax.

Police report and JPJ. Got one at Padang Jawa right?

It should be of less fuss than if you lose the car grant. Now that is hell.

I'm Frank said...

Road tax?

Is that like one of those things that automatically pays highway tolls for you?

Technodoll said...

I too want to know, what is a Roadtax and why is it so important?


Farid said...

i think it's a trap! Your parents must've found it by chance and thought "That was careless of CD". NOW, they have it in their posession and are eagerly waiting for your reaction. They'll know you don't have it with you, so they're testing whether your gonna inconspicuously ask for money to buy a new one or just come clean with them by telling them the truth. My parents did that to me many times. They would lecture me on my carelessness afterwards. They stopped when i did the same thing to them.

I could be wrong and if you choose to come clean and they don't have it with them, then you're in deep doodoo. but the telling the truth is it's own reward, right?

wakka wakka!

Elisabeth said...

Argh! I have no idea about penalties, but I am sending you all my "I hope you find it" vibes.

I hope all the (frankly much better) advice in the comments above helps you!

Charlotte said...

Sorry, don't even know what at road tax is! but just stop looking for it and be sure that you will find it.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You guys I still havent found it. I tore my room upside down, and still not there. Macam sial. But it's oksay. There's still the weekend to find it.

Arathi and Zewt:

Good idea. I never thought about the....undertable thing.

Zikri, Aini, Pourpres:

I am soooo fucked. Police report? Arrggghhhhh!!!!!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Road tax, is excatly what it sounds like. A road tax. You have to purchase the road tax, and it comes in the form of a sticker that you need to display on the windshield of your car.

The price of the road tax depends on how high the cc/horsepower of your car is. If you drive a small car then it could be RM20-50. If you drive a bigger, more luxuirous car than obviously more expenvsive.

The road tax is only valid for one year in which you have to renew it. Remove the old one from you winshield and stick on the new one. That is the one I've lost and I'm still drivin around with my expired old one. Pray that I dont get busted one of these days. Driving around without a valid road tax is illegal and I could be penalized for as much as RM300.

Also by having the road tax we are still not waived for paying for the road tolls. So we here pay for the road tax and the numerous time of tolls. Drving here is expensive because the government is run by a bunch of greedy assholes.

See, I just wrote a whole damn essay in my own comment section.