Friday, October 29, 2010

Un-friending Facebook

I’ve quit Facebook.

No seriously. For the time being. I do not know how long. I will be back though; I have exactly 1,451 pictures as well as 35 albums on the site. Have to transfer all that before I could completely quit it.

The decision to do was at first out of necessity- ie: shitload of assignments, getting to distracted with cyber stalking people etc. It was supposed to be a temporary thing. But now that I haven’t logged in for approximately for 12 days, and suffering no drawbacks, asphyxiation or hives from lack of wasting time on said social network....I am actually feeling really good about it.

I’m tired of the fuckery that goes on it.

I’m tired of people from my past that I never liked and never wanted to have a thing to do with sending me friend requests out of nowhere. I mean, honestly asswipe, I didn’t like you then, what makes you think that I would now? I’m tired of people sending me friend requests without even a cursory “hey” on my wall. Thanks so much for making me part of your loser-rific never-ending quest of looking super awesome online by having lots of “friends”. When I see people with 90 friends or something, I immediately think “at least dude is keeping it real” but when I seem someone with 500+ something friends and I’m like “Wow. Douchebag.” I’m tired of random guys from Romania trying to add me just cause I look “hot” on my profile photo (which I no longer have the option to hide from people who are not my “friends”. Thanks for that Zuckerberg).

I’m tired of people blowing up their own ass.

“Oh wow, the job interview went so awesome and obviously I’m the best candidate cause it’s me!”

“Should I buy the Mercedes or the Lambo? With my new pay, I could certainly afford both. Lol.”

“Me and the hubby are now in Cannes! It’s so glamorous. Next week Milan!”

Fucking blow me assholes.

I’m tired of overzealous religious people on FB.

“Allah is always in my mind, my heart, my soul. Alhamdullilah.”

“Jesus is the way.”

Now this would have been okay if I did not just saw you wearing a low cut top that drop down to your navel last week with boobs all-galore. Was Allah in your mind, your heart and your soul as you sat on the bar, boobs all hanging out while making out with some random guy? And oh, did Jesus showed you the way last night when you were fucking wasted out of your mind and still wanted to drive home on your own? Did Jesus said it was okay to drive that car after you knocked back 7 shots of whisky? Did he?

Pretentious fuckwits.

I’m tired of people from my past going “Wow, you look so good now...considering how you used to look like in highschool.” I mean, whoa dude, kudos for the backhanded compliment. That takes some skills. And yes I realize high school for me was 5 years worth of bad haircut. I still cringe looking at the photos. What in the fucking blue hell was I thinking? But wow, asshole. Thanks but no thanks.

I’m just tired of it all. Maybe this is me being old. Me being in my quarter life crisis. Or maybe this is just me just sick being reminded of my fleeting youth whenever I log onto that site. I am at that age where my goddamn school friends are getting married, left right front and centre. Goddamn wedding invitations every other week. The girls I went to school are not discussing the price of wedding planners on their walls. A part of me is slightly jealous that I have no one, but a bigger part of me is repulsed that they dare to get married Before establishing careers they could be proud of. But then feminism is about choice. And if they choose to settle down now who am I to say anything? And then I become completely ashamed for feeling that motherhood isn’t a good enough life choice, after all, my mom chose to be a homemaker and raised me. And then I feel guilty about it....and its all very conflicted.

And the fuck up part of it is that it’s all in my head. When I said quarter life crisis, I kid you not, bitches.

Also I met a guy the other day. We talked. It was nice. Then when it was coming to an end he asked me “Can I add you on Facebook?” Gone are the days of “Can I have your number?” Or maybe that’s just me. When I told him that I’ve deactivated mine, he stared at me like I’m insane. This is how it is. You need to be FB friends to “get to know” the person before actually “knowing” the person the traditional way. FB creepin is the way into the future folks.

I guess it’s good that I no longer have one. Make me slightly unique in this digital driven world. Or just a loser.

A loser in the midst of her quarter life crisis.


mr jp said...

Bitter much?

I think facebook is great when you can filter out all these things in your head. Make a group of only the friends that you want to be updated on.

If I find someone annoying, I just click the Remove button and they don't show up on my feed. How about that?

If you have somehow hate everyone, then perhaps the problem is not your friends ...

l0veyd0veyd00 said...

most probably the guy who asked for your FB just wanna look at your photos.. :P

miss eLyA =) said...

its been a long time since i came to blogger and today i saw your post and i just have to read it. and reading your post is like reading whats on my mind. i mean literally.

yeah i deactivated my facebook about some time ago coz of time and hmm stalking-parents and yeah, its annoying how everybody is like hey whats your fb? like that story u just told. yeah, happened to me too, twice. and yeah im tired of it too. we really dont give a damn about what u guys are up to seriously.

btw, love this post. oh and we miss you. ❤

jaak said...

❤ juga

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic article love the edge to it, can I subtract you on facebook if I had one, I'm leaving Paris tomorrow for my favourite hotel in Venice but I'm driving a BMW this time, better performance than the Ferrari, overrated IMHO, yeah.

winda said...

i only check my facebook when my friends (actual ones) tag photos. And while at that maybe leave a status or one. So can i live without facebook? Absolutely!
and oh, my cousin didnt have one. Too busy and too lazy to have one. She's a living proof that you so can live your life without giving up to zuckerberg. Sometime she checked on her friends (which on my fb friend list) using my account.

And yes! The phase when everybody you know married and have babies already. I hate ppl asking me, and in the wall, for god sake, abt when im gonna get married. Elementary school friend, never meet in ages, dont really like her to be frank, and she asked me that in the wall. Great. Guess she didnt know a thing abt private message.

anyway, was tempted to answer:
"i'll marry when i get myself knock up, just like you did! :D"
but, being civilized and all that sh** ............

Ania said...

I use facebook because it lets me keep in touch with people I've met internationally. I am, however, that bitch who hides everyone in the world from the newsfeed and has specifically picked who can see which photos and information. I absolutely refuse to creep on my old high school friends though. I'm three years out and I do not fucking care that they're getting married/getting apartments/having babies.

And I hate people who ask to add you on Facebook when they first meet you. They skip the actual getting to know you part. I combat this by having very little up and no tagged pictures. I'm a privacy nut.

I'm glad you've been updating though! I've missed this blog. <3

Michelle S. said...

I only use fb to keep in contact with people I want to keep in contact with...I regularly "update" my fb friends by getting rid of the people I don't have any contact with or interest in. I never have more than 70-80 "friends". Besides, I mostly just play "Bejeweled"...LOL

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog.

I've been really selective on Facebook and I keep only positive people around. I do have my siblings/cousins on as well which is a lot of fun :)

I think it's your decision - to keep Facebook or not - but the important thing is to know that the world is full of unnecessary information and it is up to us to filter it out - that's what today's technology has done :)

Hope all is well at your end, kawan :)

drumsticks said...

Hi.. lol i like this post!

i'm a passer by... blog hopped from some1's blog. :) and your blog is good stuff!