Thursday, March 19, 2009

Damn, dirty fish thief

Man it’s been a week since my last update. I am a really horrible blogger these days. I am up to my eyeballs with readings and assignments. The fuck man, Australia is crazy. I thought the workload was a bitch back in HELP but daaaaayum, HELP was chicken shit compared to this. Even as I am typing this I have an assignment due tomorrow. I haven’t even begun typing it out but I have done the research. So after typing this post I am gonna procrastinate some more by tidying my room and blog surfing. Cause that’s how I roll.



Mr. Clean irritates me. Well not constantly but he’s such a moody weirdo that it is fucking irritating. Have you met someone whose face seems it’s set in concrete and that it seems impossible for them to smile? That’s him. Sourpuss McGrumpy Face. It’s like living with Grumpy from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Only he is not a dwarf. If he is I would have kicked him down the stairs long time ago. And then go down the stairs and kick him some more just for the hell of it.



He’s not a bad guy. Just too damn serious. It’s like he sucks out the mood of the room everytime he comes in. Before he arrives it’s like rainbows and birds chipping in the distance and Clive Owen were just about to leave his wife for me…but when he does arrive its like Death! Gloom!! War!! Completely suck the life out of everything. If he wasn’t studying to become a lawyer, he could have a steady job being one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The fifth one that makes everyone else as gloomy as he is.



But the whole reason of this post is basically cause I am pissed.



Dude ate my fish. I bought one of those microwave dinner thingy right. Fish fillet thingy. Undeniably it will taste like crap but I am in no mood to cook tonight. I had 4 classes today, that’s 8 hours of class and then I stayed back for 3 more hours to do research at the library. I thought hey when I get home I’m just gonna eat that and then do my assignment and go to sleep. Thursday is a looong day for me. When I came home, my fish fillet was missing from the freezer. It was missing. The fuck? It couldn’t be my other housemate cause she’s vegetarian. It has to be him. So I went and knocked on his door and asked him about it.



He looked guilty as fuck.



“Ouuuu I did not know it was yours. I thought it was mine but I couldn’t remember buying that particular brand.”


“It’s mine. I have the receipt.”


“Oh wow. Oooohh I get you a new one when I go do my groceries shopping next time.”


“Sure. I guess I’ll just have apples for dinner tonight.” And then I walked away.

Bastard didn’t even said he was sorry. I didn’t eat apples for dinner though. I was just being dramatic and I want him to feel really guilty. Had instant noodles instead thanks to that fish thieving bastard.



Now I know this is not a big deal. And he is going to replace it. I know. But I had a long day, I am sick and tired of instant noodles and fried rice and I was looking forward to that completely unhealthy microwave dinner. Just damn irritating you know.





Mr. Clean just knocked on my door. He asked if I want a ride to uni tomorrow cause he got a car. He never asked me that. I think this is some sort of apology in his big shot law student vocab. I said no. Feel guilty you fish thieving bastard.



Update 2:


I hope he gets food poisoning tonight. Bastard.



Tanglebloom said...

well, what my bro did was put a post-it note on groceries that he didn't want his house mates to touch.

missing you babes.

rujing said...

HAHA! I LOVE sending people on major guilt trips. Keep at it, maybe he'll eventually GIVE you the car.
God, i totally know what you mean about people who kill the mood. I have this one friend in particular, who is pretty much the world's biggest wet blanket. It's not like she doesn't smile or anything. But she's just so BORING. Whenever she opens her mouth, everyone just falls into a coma and a ball of tumbleweed rolls by. I love her, but she's the equvalent to Mr Clean for me.

PEACE bro, and you better get a crack on the assignment!


rujing said...


the geco story was hilarious. I actually don't mind them so much.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

You know who Mr. Clean reminds me of? Dementors!!! Sucking out all the happiness and all that....

Well, hopefully the guilt kills him enough and maybe he might bring you some reallllllyyyyyy nice dinner. =)

Anonymous said...

geez,yeah. make him feel the really bad about taking your fish. ;P

insomniaclolita said...

You're hilarious. But I understand how you're pissed. I'll be pissed if someone took my favorite food / food I had thought of eating before I went home.

Michelle said...

Oh yes, make him pay. He probably didn't think you'd have the balls to say anything to him. So, guilt trip galore!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

You should eat his car.

jaak said...

Please be kind to Mr. Clean. The white man's burden is heavy.

Technodoll said...

I can always count on you for a good belly-laugh, CD!

You have a marvelous way with words. And with fish thieves.

He he. He has old dirty grannie breath!

evie said...

Sure... why do your assignment when you can vent on your blog eh? Haha.

There's a Mr Clean everywhere. Mine's my oldest friend. She doesn't always suck the fun out of everything although she IS quite boring. I'm so glad to have gotten that off my chest. I am also glad she doesn't really read blogs or at least this one. I hope... Haha

Ania said...

God you're fabulous.

Good luck with that work. I hope you get a lovely vacation soon!

Anne said...

you remember cup stealer? i still hold a grudge. how can it NOT be a big deal??dude if we were in arabland that mofo would have his hand chopped off. i got the bf a new cup but 2 days ago his new housemate broke it. Nah, cup stealer ada kwn baru. Cup breaker. Menyampah.

senorita.. said...

lol... i can so feel u.... bastards indeed.

Anonymous said...


You should totally do what Prince Gomolvilas said. Or just steal some of his food back in return.

Tinesh said...

Chill. Think about WWVD ( What Would Vito Do). Now he owes you, call back on the favour someday. If he refuses, off him :D

ps: if you dint noe, kenneth turned 18 last friday. Missed the 3 of u loads

Tinesh said...

Shit. I said chill. What I meant was relax

Cheryl said...

Mr. Clean blows.
Pee in his bed.

Adrienne said...

haha lol!

i love making people feel guilty tooooo cause im awesome like dat but goodness i wud have given in if he offered me a ride because im lazy like dat..

but yeah, i'd be pissed if someone ate my fish too..

Max J. Potter said...

that man, mr clean? you sir, made him sound like a dementor. jeez, to think that someone that awful does exist. it's tak best langsung.

i'd never known anyone like that personally, mate. and i hope i never will.

your rants, are amusing. will come again.


joshua said...

I miss you too. Stay safe! Protect your food!

Hope the thief poops his ass out!


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I'm thinking of doing just that if this stuff happens again.


I love how you talk shit about your friends on my blog. Haha! =p


OMG! Dementors! I never thought of that. Haha!


Yeah man, gave him dirty looks and shit. Hehe.

I am so petty.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yeah man, fee my pain. Feel it! =p


Gurl puhhhleaze..I have bigger balls then him if I'm a guy. Can't stand him.


That made no sense but is completely hilarious. Haha!


Hahaha, for some reason that totally cracks me up.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No!! He wears silk boxers. True story man...I saw his laundry. Eeeewwww =S


Even if she does read this blog - DENY EVERYTHING. Haha!


Easter Holidays coming up in a week! Yay!


Get him a plastic up lah dude. But yeah these mofos must die.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks woman!


I'm stealing salt and sugar now from him. Haha.


Ooouu so now I have to find a horse, kill it and put it in Mr. Clean's bed?

Cause dude...I can totally do that.


Nah, even my urine is too good for him.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Wah damn lapar tau. Babi tul lah gwailo tu.

Max J. Potter:

And I hope that you never do as well.

P/S: Completely random but I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Ron. *le sigh*


Fuck man...that's a good curse.