Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bish plz, you don't want to be messin with my homegirl now....

My life has now been reduced to fighting with 13 year old girls.






See, my family and I are close with our neighbours. One family in particular. My dad is best friends with the well…the neighbour’s dad. When my dad wanted to start his company back in the 80s, it was the neighbour who lent him the capital he needed. We have been living in this neighbourhood for 19 years…and so has our neighbour. He got married late though so his kids are years younger then my siblings and I. Nonetheless, those kids grew up running in and out of my house.



I practically watched them grow. I’m kinda close with the eldest one. I used to help her out with her homework back in primary school, take her and her siblings for movies and babysit…for free. I don’t like kids, but I make an exception for these kids. After seeing them day in and day out…..them kids just grew on me you know.



So Clara* is 13 years old this year. The first year of her secondary school. And as fate has it, her parents have taken her out of her co-ed primary school and transferred her into an all-girls secondary school. I am a veteran of all-girls primary AND secondary school and being thrown into all-girls secondary school at the age of thirteen where all the crazy hormones just started acting up is not easy. I’ve been there. And so have you. And to top it all….Clara is well….geekish. She’s tall you know for her age, about a head taller then everyone else in her class. She’s tall, lanky, slouches a bit and wears glasses. You know the type. There’s nothing wrong with being geeky of course…later in life. But a geek at the age of 13?



It’s a fucking death sentence.



Clara came over to hang with me over the weekend. So were in my bed exchanging stories and I noticed that she kept on changing the subject whenever I asked her about school. After a while I got sick and tired of probing and I was like “Fuck investigative journalism” and asked her point blank what the fuck is up. Then she started crying. Like seriously, we’re talking the quite kind of crying. No hiccups, no drama just like this never ending stream of tears. I freaked out! I was like “Motherfucker! What the fuck? Does she have cancer? Is that the big secret?!! Bloody hell, I should not have asked! I cannot deal if she has cancer!”



But outside I was all cool and I was like “What’s wrong babe? Tell me.” All the while hoping it’s not cancer…..cause you know. She’s 13. That would totally be fucked up.



Then all these stories came out. These three 13-year-old skank whores have been picking on her since the beginning of the year. Calling her names, telling her ugly to her face, pushing…elbowing her in the halls and in class when she’s getting to her seat so she’ll trip instead. They whisper behind their hands as she walked by. All these hideous, adolescent, mind game, bulliying fuckery. But what she kept on repeating again and again was that these whores call her ugly. I think that really cut into her self-esteem. I mean I know. I was bullied. I was bullied cause I was fat. I am still fat. I was bullied when I was 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. That’s 5 years of fuckery before I became a total badass when I was 10 and beat up the kids who bullied me. No really.



I. Beat. Them. Up.



I was 10, they were 12 and I beat them up. And I kicked one into the drain. Cause he was on his bicycle and he was mocking me so I went over and kicked his bicycle which happened to be by the drain so asshole and his bicycle both fell into the drain. I beat another one with a piece of wood. Asshole was asking for it. True story. I’ll blog about it someday.



So yeah. Me. Badass.



So by the time I hit 13, no one messes with me. Clara clearly, has not achieved the badass status that I had at her age. So she cried and I listen. And I remember all those years when I was bullied…you don’t forget this shit you know. I was picked on because I was fat. She’s being picked on cause she’s tall and lanky…and geeky.



Same shit. Different era.



It was with that thought that I went to her school yesterday, on Monday. I actually cancelled plans I made to watch the new HP movie with my friends so that I can go to her school during recess. You don't mess around with my homegirl and think you could get away with it. I made a point to dress up. I wore this maroon dress, 4 inch high heels and made sure the make up made me look older then I am. The point to drive home here was :



“I am a woman. You are 13-year-old skank whores. The End.”



I went there during recess so that Clara can point out the miniature bitches to me….and then I waited for them after school. No point causing a scene during school hours. We all could get in trouble. So I waited and just like Clara said, all 3 of them came out together. I went over with a smile and introduced myself. I was like



“Hi, I’m CD*…that’s Kak CD to you.”


(For those not in the know, “Kak” means “older sister”, it’s a term of respect we used here in Malaysia to address a female that’s older then you.)


“How are you girls today? Good?”



By these time, them miniature bitches were like taken aback by me. So I went on with a smile on my face.



“Can you guys see that girl standing over that red car over there? Yeah, that’s Clara. I’m sure that you guys know her cause the 3 of you have been bullying her since the beginning of the year. You know….pushing her around and calling her names?



“See…when she told me that you guy have been calling her “ugly” and “buttface” and whatever else….I was imagining that the 3 of you would be like these hot shit you know. That’s why you girls could go around calling people names cause you are just sooooooooooo attractive. But now that I actually met you guys…..I’m surprised that your parents did not kill you at birth.



Seriously. Have you guys looked into a mirror lately?”



Should have seen the look on their faces. It was a mixture of panic and shock. So I went on.



“See I have known Clara all her life. I watched her grow. She’s like my little sister and frankly I don’t like hearing all these bullshit I have been hearing. Seriously, would you like it if I call you Acne Face to your face?”



One of the girls has a serious case of acne.



“Not very nice now is it?”


At this point one of the girls opened her mouth to protest....but I held up my hand and gave her a look. Not when I’m talking bitch.

I'll Crucio all of them. Miniature skank whores.



“So here’s the deal. Stop this fucking bullshit right now. If you don’t….I’m not gonna go to the teachers. That’s soooo highschool. And I am over highschool. I am going to go to your house instead and speak personally to your parents. I have lived here longer then you do. I know people. And trust me….it’ll be easy to find out where you live.”



This is of course bullshit. I don’t know that many people. And I don’t think I will be able to find out where they live…but hey it’s not like these miniature bitches know that. Also by this time, one of them have started crying. Man…I feel bad for that. But you don’t go around bullying people and not be ready to face the consequences.



And then I pointed at Clara again.



“That’s Clara. Know her name. It’s not “Slouchy”, it’s not “Ugly”, it’s not “Buttface” or all these other unimaginative lameass names that you gave her. It’s Clara.


Learn it.”



And then I walked away.



When I think about it now, I should have made them apologize to her but I didn’t. Also while this was all going on, Clara was being all scared and staring at her feet. I wish she would have given them skanky miniature whores dirty looks or something. I guess growing a backbone takes time.



I’m worried though. I’m worried that these miniature bitches would retaliate. Cause kids these days are not like kids back then you know. And if that happen, I won’t be around cause I’m flying back to Aussie next Monday. I told Clara if anything was to happen she should go straight to the principal.



I do hope this is the end of it though.



The Vegetable Assassin said...

This entry pleased me IMMENSELY. Because it's like everyone always says; bullies are cowards and if you confront them, they will wet their pants in terror. Plus you not being in high school are a "grown up" and nothing terrifies kids more than a grown up getting up in their face about something.

I hope that poor kid has an easier time of it now. I think the talking to their parents thing might have nailed it. No kid wants to get ratted out to their folks for being an ass. Well done! :)

Anne said...

Oh babe highschool has evolved so much you wouldn't believe it. But yeah, you might want to give Clara one of your gangsta one liners just in case. Or like.. Teach her to whack them with someone's bicycle like what you did. KICKBOXING!!!

sab said...

awww. you're such a good big sister. :)

pattirmina said...

those bullies must have their own insecurities, just because they are 3 of them they think it's ok to bully others who are weak.

i do hope clara turns into someone who's brave enough to stand up against these bullies soon. the recent story about girls whacking other girls scare me. what had happened to kids nowadays..sigh~

Tinesh said...

Crucio dat ho!! hahahaha i lmao-ed at that.

im proud of you sial. im sure vito would be as well. you threatened without threatening.

i went to all boy primary and secondary school and surprisingly (since my skinny frame and all) i was NEVER bullied. Somehow I was always in the "in" crowd. Still am in college by the looks of it tho half you bastards left/leaving me behind :P

Anonymous said...

Well done once again, your story in the previous blog was powerful as well, I think everybody sounded pretty amazed.

Keeping the fear level up with those girls might be the best thing, I think you used "reasonable force."

ni said...

Haha. Crucio that hoe got me.

evie said...

I would normally balk at fighting with younger kids but dude! These girls really did kinda have it coming. I'm glad you could stand up for Clara*. And now I hope nothing happens to her when you're back in Aust. Well, you could always FB msg me and I can take care of it for yer. Only on Monday though cos I will be tied to my job Tues onwards haha!

saruneko said...

You go homie!

faye said...

All hail Queen of Badass who Crucios !

Well done, I would have paid lotsa money to come along with you :D

winda said...

love love love love love that crucio pic!!
and kudos to CD for being an awesome 'big sister'! Hopes clara grow some confident soon to kick their arses herself, amen to that!!

miss eLyA =) said...

ha ha ha ha!! omg i did exactly that to my sisters!!!! they were bullied and so i came and yeah i did crucio that hoe! hahaha. coz my mum did that to me when i was 7 lol.. i was tall and geeky too hahaha. oh my, school never change. gah.

Ania said...

You are awesome.

Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...

Now that's what I'm talking about. I personally think that everyone between the ages of 12 and 17 should be kicked in the face ever Tuesday during the middle of the night.

Loved your approach

I've had to curse out a few teens in my day, but being a bald, pierced and tattooed 300lb black man, usually shuts the situation down before I have to get "ethnic" lol. Great post! I'll have to check out more.

Michelle said...

So awesome! I didn't get bullied until I moved my freshman year in High School, boy, did that ever suck! Fortunately, I stood up for myself and didn't really care about what the skank ho bitches did or said, but I had a couple of friends who were afraid. That was nice CDO...I love it!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Vegetable Assassin:

I KNOW!! I mean, I hope they get run down by a truck or something.


"Oh babe highschool has evolved so much you wouldn't believe it."

Fuck. I'm old.


I know! I would have totally kick ass if I do have a younger sister. I would totally be badass.


I dunno if she could ever lah. I mean....things are not looking so good for her. Meh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Convents kan, the school is highly volatile.


If I would have whooped their asses, would that be considered "reasonable force" as well?


Funny shit kan? =D


Waaaah you so helpful lah Evie. HAHAHA!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Totally did yo, totally did.


Interestingly enough you're not the first one to say that. Heh.


Amen indeed. =D

Miss Elya:

You also realize that life is one big higschool right? I mean, how's that for fucked up?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


So I've been told. =D


OMG! HAHAHAAH! I cannot even reply cause I'm laughing too hard from the kick in the face comment.



I'm so proud of you that you did that. Yeah we all should stand up for ourselves and not let the bully get away with shit.

Bastards all of them.