Friday, July 03, 2009

From Aussie to Malaysia to 29 days

The Constantly Dramatic One is now…in Finland.

Fuck yeah.

I've arrived here bout 4 hours ago. It was a combined 16 hours journey. 12 hours 50 mins from Malaysia, 4 hours transit in Amsterdam (where some fuckkery took place) and another 2 hours, 30mins to Helsinki. I am sooo fucking tired but I will not sleep. Jetlagged is a bitch man.

You guys.....this is like my first time ever in Europe. Ever. Well in all technicality I’ve been to Turkey which is like a motherfucking huge country that actually have parts of its territory in both the Asian and Europe continent. However, I’ve only visited the Asian side so that doesn’t count. So this is the first time ever in Europe.

I am totally geeking out over here.

I’m in my sister’s and brother in law’s place. I’m sooooo happy that I get to see her after 10 months. It’s just me by the way. The rest of the family is in Malaysia. It’s too expensive to fly all of us here. Plus my sis and her husband came back to Malaysia for a holiday back in April when I was in Aussie. I was soooo jealous that everyone was home at that I was the only one away okay. It wasn’t jealousy per’se. It was more like depressed and missing people till it hurts.

Missing people and things sucks donkey balls. It cuts deep and there’s no really cure for it you know. Except for going around trying to be as busy as possible so that you’ll forget…but when you’re in bed at night you still think about it and it still hurts, Despite everything you do to stop it.

So my sis says that if I come back during the winter break, she’ll foot the flight ticket so that I can come visit her. I have an option to visit her when its Winter break in Aussie therefore summer in Finland OR Summer break in Aussie therefore Winter in Finland. Duuuuude, Finland is fucking scary in winter, the sun disappears for 60 days. I mean, the fuck right….the fuck. I’m not gonna visit when there’s no damn sun around fuck that. So that’s why I’m here now, in summer. And in summer, the sun sets at 11.30 at night.

11.30….at night. And comes back out at 3 in the morning. I dunno bout you guys but I much rather visit when there is more sun then no sun at all. And yes, its damn strange in Finland.

So that’s all for noe. I’m hitting Helsinki and all kinds of other places tomorrow. So excited! Update you guys all about it.



Frank said...

I've never been to Europe before...or Asia...or Australia...or any other place besides the US and Canada, for that matter.

Enjoy yourself! Let us know what it's like!

jaak said...

I can feel you vicinity.

evie said...

I believe fuckery is is spelt with one "k". :p Anyways, I've always wanted to go to Helsinki. But it's too crazy expensive so I'm hoping you take a lot of photos and I can live vicariously through you. Have fun! :)

miss eLyA =) said...

haha yep 11.30. freakin weird kan. i remember 9 pm ther is like 5 pm punye sun. haha.. oh yeah i miss europe.. best woh. jealous~ ait! enjoy urself ther! xoxo!

Michelle said...

You are so lucky to be able to visit your sister! I'm so jealous of you! Have a great time!

saruneko said...

Awesome that you're blogging. I'm waiting for moreeee! Bring me back a hot Finnish guy :P

Adrienne said...

i dont think i'll EVER go to Finland as i dont have a reason to go or any family members to visit there....;(

Take lots of pictures please!!! and i too shall live vicariously through you!

faye said...

Enjoy the sun~! :) Such long hours of sun is so amazing!

Charlotte said...

What happened to you in Amsterdam??
Hope you enjoy yourself in Finland!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


But you live in the US man....the things you can explore there itself is amazing. I mean the US is huge.


Of course. The force is strong with me.


The are not as fashionable as we have been led to believe Evie...I mean....yeah. Kinda uh...."jinjang" for the lack of a better word. But its summer and my sis says they're ultra fashionable in winter.

Miss Elya::

Best beb! So excited to be here.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know! I feel so blessed and thanks.


Dude, Finnish men are not. I am sooo dissapointed. We should hit Turkey. Turkish men are nom nom.


Oh I am already taking lots of photos. Posting them up gonna take aaaages.


It's sooo weird but eventhough the sun is shining and its summer, its summer...but its cold like a mofo here.


Ouuu check out the next post. I encountered a weird nun.