Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cutting it close

I gave my 2 weeks notice yesterday.


I’m moving out of this shithole in 6 days.


I have no boxes. No movers. No car. No new address to move to.



My final exam starts on Thursday the 18th, finishes on the Saturday the 20th, my moving date is Monday the 22nd and flying back to Malaysia, 11am flight on Tuesday….the 23rd.



No exact plan. And yet I have never been happiest in my entire time that I have been in Aussie.

Finally I will be moving out of this shit house, away from the definitive embodiment of an asshole that is my creepy as fuck housemate. The shit I have to endure in this house is unbelievable. And chill, I will go into explicit detailing of the fuckery that is living in this house under his villainous reign as soon as I am out.



My things are going to be sent to my friend’s place. She has her own house so I’m gonna store everything at the garage and hope to God that rats don’t get to it. Even so, rats are much better then living here. I loathe living here. I cannot even begin to explain the extent of my despise of living in this shithole. And part of me cannot stop blaming my parents who made me stay here. It was their choice and yet I’m the one that had to endure 4 months of creepy fuckery. Wasn’t even my motherfucking choice and I was the one that had to sleep with a fucking knife under my pillow cause there’s no lock on the door and my housemate is a creepy, stalking fucktard. I’m the one that has to engage in a yelling, sarcastic, snide fights day in and day out. How easy they were bought in by his “Good boy” play and how bullshit it is that I have to pay for their naivety.



Parents don’t know shit. And it’s always the kids that have to pay for the wrongs they did.



But I don’t want to talk about it now. Too much quite, burning hatred is not good for the soul. I will though, just not now. Too much anger now.



However the reason why I am cutting it close with the moving and all is that I absolutely cannot, will not and I plain out refuse to go back to Malaysia, and then fly off to Finland to visits my sister and then come back to Aussie and see his fugly mug. I will be sooo fucking happy and relax and come back and see his face. I cannot deal with that shit man. I much rather be cutting it close. When I come back here again, I will start fresh. Find a new place and other housemates to bitch about. Or maybe to like too.



I dunno for sure. All I know is that I never wanna come back to this shithole.

So wish me luck with the packing and the exams. The next time I’ll blog would most probably be from Finland, where I will be staying for 20 days with my sister whom I have not seen since last Sept. That alone is enough to get me through the next 6 days with a smile on my face.





winda said...

good luck with the exam, CD!!
wow, only three days for exams?

saruneko said...

BAHAHA very glad to hear that :)

Michelle said...

Good luck with your exams and packing! Can't wait to hear what's been going on. I've had a bit too much drama in my life lately, I need you to distract me!

Khairul said...

Good luck :D

evie said...

1. Good luck with the exams.
2. Enjoy your trip back home and to Finland.
3. Good luck looking for a new place when you get back to school. :)

Frank said...

Good luck!

I'd let you keep your stuff at my place if I didn't live, like, 6,000 miles away.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

double check if you have all your undergarments with you. you wouldnt want him to keep any for souvenir.

best wishes in your exams.

Anonymous said...

Good move so to speak, it's hard enough to concentrate on study let alone the machinations [like that word, had to use it!] of the controller.

senorita.. said...

CD, CD, CD!!!!!! totally lurve ur prev post, has been so long woman...!

gd luck! hugs

quin browne said...

i can't believe it's been four months, and, to you, it's been four thousand years.

i'm sorry you have had this to deal with, sweet potata... i wish you luck in your new housemate.

have good fun at home, and with your beloved sister...


benazirjb said...

good luck!! and take care~ ^_^

G.H. said...

mmm. Love your blog.

Good luck with everything..


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well I have 4 subjects bit 2 of those were ongoing marks, so I only have 2 papers for the final that was one day apart from each other.

On going mark is a mofo though.


So glad yo! Soooo damn glad.


Drama?!! Do share!




the Constantly Dramatic One said...


1) Thanks!
2) Totally!
3) Ohhh....I already have a place =D


Oh I know you would =D


Motherfucker. Why does everybody keeps on saying that?


I know! I loathe him! He is such a worthless piece of shit.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


That previous post is like a crowd's favourite. Haha!


Awww thanks. You are too sweet.


Thanks babes!


You too!