Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have so much to write about. So much. But I dunno where to begin or where to end or how much details I wanna give. But seeing that I have been gone for a while now, it’s only fair that I begin with the juiciest bit in my life right now:


I am dating.


Two guys.


At the same time.


It’s not like what you think. It’s more complicated then that okay. It’s complicated. Don’t judge! It’s not like I want it to happen, it just did. It’s like I woke up one day I realise “Oh wow….I’m dating two guys….When did that happened?” And no, they don’t know bout each other. Oh dear God in Heaven and Ceiling Cat…I hope they don’t. Ever. Never ever. You guys have no fucking idea how fucked I will be if they find out about each other.


Even blogging bout this is risking it.


Anyways it’s not like I’m exclusive with either. It’s just dating. Since when did dating become an exclusive club? Never, that’s right. Wait, is it? Fuck I dunno. I am physically and emotionally exhausted these days. Juggling two guys is not easy. I dunno how those Muslim men who have like 2 wives or more does it. I mean….wow. Impressive man. More power. You bastard.


So right, so one of the guys.....he’s Number One. I know him from uni. He’s geeky and sweet and adorable. He has curly hair and dimples whenever he smiles. I like him a lot. In fact he was the guy that I mentioned in my previous post, the one that I have been waiting to go out with. The thing about is that….him and me. We have been doing the whole….dance since February. That fucking long, okay. Flirting and teasing and “Oh lets meet up for coffee” thingies but not actual…..official dates.


I mean, he is fucking dense okay. I know he’s geeky but holy fuck…..dense! My friends told me to drop hints that I like him. And I have! Bitches, I have been dropping hints like Japanese fighter pilots drop bombs during World War 2 okay….and still Nothing!! He gives me all these indications that he does like me but….. nothing.


Pussy okay. Pussy.



Pissed me off. So I begun liking him round Feb, became a full grown crush sometime in late March and then when I finally could no longer drop anymore hints without coming off as fucking desperate…I gave up on him. This was like early May. I can only wait for you for so long till you realise that you like me back and grow a set.

So I was like “Fuck this shit, fuck it all.” I was tired of waiting and I am a hot blooded woman. I have needs! I cannot sit around waiting for him to like fertilize his balls and grow a pair okay.



Your loss, Geek Boy.



So this whole inner turmoil happened sometimes in May. However the moment I gave up on him romantically, my life became easier. It was like a weight has been lifted. I no longer feel nervous to call him out just to hang out or chill. When you gave up on the romantic part and decided to just become friends…’s easier you know.


So that was that. I wasn’t meant to be. Que sera sera.


It was about two weeks ago that I was at a house party. The music was blaring, the booze was flowing, people were getting drunk all over and I decided that it was all too much for me. So I stepped out for some fresh air. He was there. No, not Geek Boy. Number Two. He was standing alone. I smiled at him and just stood there. We kinda stood there in silence till he offered me a ciggie and I told him no thanks cause I don’t smoke. Somehow we started talking, it was good. I can hear music in the background but where we were it was relatively quiet. Well quieter.


Then I mentioned that I was hungry and as it happens there was this 24hours pizza place across the street…so we went there. It was about 1 in the morning. It was good conversation, good pizza and I had a good time till my friend called me completely freaking out cause I was missing from the party. I told her where I was and then as it turns out we need to leave cause someone called the cops and we need to leave before the cops get there. Some shit like that. It was about 3 in the morning. So I told him that I had to go…before I left he reached across the table, held my hand and asked me if he can see me again. On Monday. It was Saturday morning.



I said yes. Duh.



Then we had that date on Monday. It was good. I also found out that he is….as in turns out……is in the Army. I was like “Wait, I’m sorry what?” He was like “Oh yeah. I’m an officer too. But a low ranking one. Just a lieutenant, nothing big.”





Hoooollly fuck!!!!!!!!! You guys remember my fascination with men in uniform right? Wow bitches….dreams do come true. But I was all cool and blasé outside. I was like


“Oh wow….the army. What an interesting line of work. What made you chose it?”


What I really meant was:




I didn’t. But I wanted to. Oooohh how I wanted to….


Anyways….he was a bit of a badass. The night I met him, he had scuffles on his knuckles. When I asked him what happened, he was like “Me and my boys got into a fight with these idiots the other night. But its cool now.”




The Lieutenant……he’s exciting you know. He’s a badass. Like he has this rough, quiet, rugged…..thing goin on. And every time we go out, he always held my hand and when he’s talking and I’m not looking at him he would tilt my chin up so that I would be looking up at him.


Hot sial.



It’s soooooo difficult to act unfazed and cool around him. But I have to you know. It’s too early in the game to let my guard down. Dating is a game anyways. But wah….he’s hot. Not the way he looks. He’s average looking, but the things he does…..exciting and……dangerous. In a way. I feel threatened by him. But threatened in a very......fascinating way.



If you get what I’m sayin…..



So that’s him. We had 2 dates, not including the pizza place.


Then last week I was having a problem with my assignment, so I called Geek Boy. I mean he is dense but he’s smart with studies. He is a geek. I was on the phone with him and I was like “Hey, how do I do question number 3. It’s rather vague and it’s such a bitch. I dunno how to go about it,” He explained it to me but I don’t get it so he was like


“You know what, I’ll get out of class and go to the library okay. So that I could get online and help you better with it.”


“Oh shit. You’re in class?! I’m so sorry. It’s cool. I’m so sorry for disturbing. You don’t have to leave class.”


“It’s allright. I don’t mind. For you I don’t mind.”


I was like….okay. What the fuck? But hey, maybe’s he being a good friend. You know…..Good. Friend. So I played it cool. Like nothing happened. Then a while later he buzzes me over MSN and helped me with the question. Like nothing out of the ordinary happened.


Then I asked him if our Tuesday movie thing still on. Usually on Tuesdays, Geek Boy, MiniSkirts and I go for movies together. Just hanging out. Nothing out of the ordinary. As it happens, my friends and I was also going out clubbing that night. So I asked him to join me. He can bring friends. No biggie. Then he said, and this is verbatim:


“No, not tonight. I’m too tired from all the assignments to go out and savour every moment with you.”






I sat in front of the computer screen completely dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to react to that….like exactly. So I played dumb.



“Oh that sucks. Would have been nice to have you there.”



All the while, in the inside I was going “WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF?!!!!!”



And then we chatted some more, bla la bla and I mentioned how stress I am cause of the assignments and the coming exams and he said “Let’s meet up on Tuesday for that movie. And I’ll give you a hug to make it all feel better.”



Waaaaah, it was like he grew balls overnight. It was amazing.



So Tuesday came and I went to see the movie. I wasn’t sure that it was date. Cause it was rather vague, wasn’t it? And besides he wanted to watch an action movie. Who watches an action movie on the first date? Seriously. Anyways, any doubt I had disappeared when I saw him waiting for me at the cinema. Holding a single sunflower.


I might have mentioned to him months ago that my favourite flower is the sunflower. And that a single sunflower is so much sweeter then a whole bouquet. But I said that….like in fucking March.


Duuudeeeee…..He remembered dude. He remembered.


So we went to watch the movie and he didn’t even try to put his arm around me but we were leaning into each other. The cutest part was that, there was this one sweet moment when the hero dude kissed like this chick in the movie and since I was practically leaning against him…..I could feel his heart beating like crazy. It was sooo cute. He was nervous as fuck. And then after a while…..he moved his hand and held mine and he wouldn’t let go all throughout.


I was like “CD, what the fuck are you doing? What about the other dude?” But another voice is saying you know, it’s only dating. And it’s not like its exclusive. And you did like him since Feb….and then you gave up….and this shit happened.


So. Much. Drama.


Then before the date ended, he asked me when he can see me again. And he just stared at me with these eyes…..and it was like a little puppy. It was so cute. I told him Friday. Let’s meet up again on Friday. This was on Tuesday. He smiled and he said “Good, cause I wasted too much time already.”


Geek Boy has got all the lines bitches. All the lines.



Then when I got home, The Lieutenant called.



“I want to see you again. Are you free on Friday?”….and I said. “No, I made plans. Let’s make it on Thursday instead.”



I honestly do not know what I’m playing at.


farid said...

careful girl, you is playing a dangerous game. hot, but dangerous.

pattirmina said...

CD dearest,
This totally made up for the silence in your blog these past few weeks (or months!).

I love this. MORE PLEASE.

I am having butterflies as I am reading this. The type where you get all excited about meeting someone new and you want to know more about them, stuff like that.

But then again, you are dealing with two. -_-" I can't possibly pull that off. =P

All the best with both! Or any one of them!

Ali said...

Haha, NOTHING wrong with dating 2 guys at the same time! That's the fun of dating.

Keep us posted!

Queen B said...

OMFGG!! (Oh My Gcuking GaGa)

ur life is so dramatic!! and for that i envy YOU~ ;P

winda said...

aww... cd, geek boy sounds delish! i mean, with all the lines, the puppy eyes, and the sunflower!!
now, if only he has uniform, he'll be perfect lol.

agree with patti, this post totallly made up for the hiatus before.

dang, cd, you make me feel like ditching my bf to find another guy like the geek boy and number two! lololol

miss eLyA =) said...

shit shit shit shit!!!


my heart was practically jumping OUT of my chest when i read ARMY!!!

no questions babe. ARMY!

cute n innocent or HOT n STEAMY n FUCKING DANGEROUS?

if i were u i'd already jumped on his bones and HELL YEAH BABY YEAH! haha.

yeah happens to me too. men in uniform are uber hot n dangerous. yummy ok.

oh u know wat,this incident happened to me too! as in,dating 2 guys at a time la. coz well, it IS dating.

no harm in that.

kan kan kan?? =D

Tinesh said...

wtf is a ceiling cat?

like i said the other day. welcome to the club :D

MisSmall said...

I gulped down this whole post like I haven't eaten in months. Then I went back to chew it slowly to savour every bit of it. Haha.

I guess I've been out of the dating game for so long that I had forgotten how fun it was! Oh how I miss those crazy carefree days. But shhhhhhh,don't tell my husband. Haha.

My advice would be, if you asked me, just follow your heart. You're young and you meet new people and you date a little more than you should, that's all in the package of being in your early twenties. So go out and have fun, you youngster, you have all your life to be wise and proper, now is the time to paarrttaaayyyyy! :D

Anne said...

not to be outdone bitch but *buff nails* i had 3 :P

but no they dont count coz they were all in diff states. you have it MUCH MUCH MORE worse. gud farting luck. you'll need it. LOL

ps. welcome back :D

Frank said...

Oh damn...

Personally, I sympathize with geek boy, but only because I'm awfully geeky myself...

...just don't get caught!

saruneko said...

And please. Exclusivity is in relationships. Dating is ABOUT the game :D

FarA said...

more details more details!

indeed. drama. korean dramas are so over with YOUR drama pouring oh yeah!

faye said...

wow. ur cerita memange best :) this is a whole sweet valley novel by itself.

and you are jessica wakefield.

evie said...

Oh dear God in Heaven and Ceiling Cat…

LOL! what in the world is that??? I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're doing. You are ony dating after all and never spoke about being mutually exclusive I would assume? :)

moonshine spree said...

hot damn, girl that's the way to go :D

Anonymous said...

you describe the situation very well, there's real talent as a writer there, blogging certainly has brought some good writers into the "public" eye.

Gnet said...

oooo this is interesting!
*clasps hands together while smiling sheepishly*

this one is a good writing lady!
oh wait, setiap post memang cun!

Ania said...

You are fabulous. I read that and, like Pattirmina, had freaking butterflies. Good luck with those boys!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


It is exciting, no?


If you have butterflies, imagine what I have? Hehehe!


Will do...eventually. Haven't you heard? Delayed gratification is the shit.

Queen B:

What can I say? Drama gravitates towards me. Haha!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh Winda, why do you want to be where I am? Its all fun and games but where you are....a structured, stable relationship....that's the best =)

Miss Elya:

Army Boy memang lah sungguh hot. Tergugat iman oooh! =P


It's the God of the LOLcats. Hahaha!

Miss Small:

Aww thanks for the advice =) But being young is all about living in the =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks man! I need all the luck I can get! Haha!


I'll try not too. Eeeek!!


I suck at playing the game though =S


Hahaha! Korean drama got nothing lah. Spanish telenovela, that's where its at.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Aaaalah, damn....I always thought I'm Elizabeth. Or her bestfriend Amy=whats-her-face. Rmbr her?


Ceiling Cat is the LOLcat's God. Aiya, you dont read LOLcats is it?

Moonshine Spree:

Hahaha!! Thank you, thank you. =)


Thank you. As an aspiring Scriptwriter/Writer/Journalist....that really meant a lot.

Anonymous said...

Orang putih ke laki2 tuh?

Wahhh gemuk pun boleh dapat dua ye. Tak sangka betul

Cheyz said...

luv it....ada butterflies la dlm my stomach now...!!!!!seriously i envy u!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thank you, thank you. *bows low*

Hehehe =p


Luck. That is totally what I need. =D


One is, the other isn't.


Our collective love for drama is what bring us together.