Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Just a short update on the cop front:

It is over. I gave him a month, and it was just not working. Plus, he was getting irritating that in the end I thought "You know what... I much rather dying alone and be eaten by the 49 cats that I will (inevitably) own then deal with this fuckkery for another minute."

So I did. Call it quits that is.

And then I went home and watch Band of Brothers on DVD. Nothing heal a non-broken heart from a non-relationship like heterosexual men doing heterosexual things while making things go boom; all while running around in period costumes.

2012 is starting with a bang, you guys. A motherfucken bang.


Anonymous said...

Has he copped it sweet, or did he wail like a siren?

Peter Varvel said...

That is really good advice for dealing with fuckkery in general . . . I think I will watch Band of Men.
Who knew we could benefit from observing heterosexual men's activities? (albeit, indirectly).
I'm going to start using the word fuckkery.
I will owe you residuals. Thanks, CDO! :)

Anonymous said...

well, both of u were actually quitting on each other.i thought modern's woman will do much better then just waiting.u guys are playing the same game,give some more "positive signal" and maybe it turns out with something u both hope for.