Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Dress

Okay, okay... i know that i said blogs creep me out and all that bullshit but you know what i think now, from a media student perspective, blogs are pretty cool. I could actually get my work published. As it is now I'm just writing for my college in house newspaper and that's for the movies reviews. Don't get me wrong, i love writing movie reviews, i aspire to be a filmmaker but with a 500 word limit for 2 movies there's only so much you could write. The creativity just don't flow. Its frustrating. Next term I'm gonna take up more challenging role in the paper, something with meat in it.

Anyways i wanna talk bout my current obsession. The dress. The pretty dress. The pretty pink dress.. and when i say I'm obsessed i ain't kidding. But there's a problem, i have to order the thing online. and i DON'T HAVE a credit card. this is almost too sad for words. and get this, its 55usd changed to RM that's like RM189 not including tax and shipping. But i want it.

So i begged my brother to get for me, and i will pay him back. But in cash. and in RM. I'm desperate. and he's like "no no, its not worth it. where are you gonna wear that? bla bla bla", and i think that's just stoooopid questions to ask. Like hellloo, its a summer dress. I live in Malaysia. in a frickin tropical country. everyday is summer. and what does he know about fashion anyways? Mr-i-live-in-tshirt-and-jeans. but then he got a credit card and i don't so i cant basically tell him to shut up can i? its sad when you're a student and poor.

Anyways my 'wonderful' brother has yet to get back to me and I'm really agitated. Damn dress only have 4 more in stock. If he doesn't move fast i might not get it and then whats the point in living anymore? okay.... perhaps that's a tad dramatic. but you get my point.

Dammit!! i want that dress. he better gets back to me soon, I'm putting aside RM300 of my money of which i saved, on my own, for this dress. To cover the price, the shipping, the tax and if there's extra as tip for my brother. That's how desperate i am.

And oh btw, i despise currency exchange.

New updates:
My bro has agreed to order the dress for me (after a series of brainwashing..heh heh). So all is well again until i checked the website again and my dream dress have been pushed to become one of the 'sale' item. (You can check out the link by clicking on the title of this entry). Its now down to $44.99 from $55- and this is AFTER my bro ordered it for me. Seriously, God is messing with me. He really is. Now I'm gonna proceed to curse in my mother tongue so that I wont upset the sensibilities of whoever that is reading this blog. Macam sial.


Fluffy Bunny said...

A picture of the dress please?

Fluffy Bunny said...

Sorry, didn't see the link. Very cute!

arathi said...

Oi!!! you dont talk about currecy exchangela...can u imagine how im suffering herear bloody nasi goreng thai is like freaking 5 aus.cheapestla...and times that by 3...that for ur information is 15 malaysia....we can eat a damn buffet in a mamakla...thats the truth!!! and no job sucks, why cant the world have one currency!!! things would me so much easier, we would all be united in at least one thing! hahahaha...all the best with the dress!!!! tell me when u get it and yes picture pls, u have to save it and send it thanks to the brilliance of the curtin website.

FAVZ1 said...

Nice and pretty pink dress !! Anyway check out my blog..I revealed the photo ngahahaha!!

ShinD said...

cool dress. very summer..