Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finally its done.

Hey you guys just wanna say that this blog assignment is finally done and OVER with. Thank god. I despise blogging. Its creepy and it takes too much of my precious time.Anyways I wanna thank all the people who have viewed my blog and actually take their time to read the BS that i have written, these ramblings of mine that doesn't make sense at all.
Thanks Sharin for not letting me sit on my ass and not blog, thanks Trix, Flavia, Fauzi and Siew Yun fr posting comments so that my blog wont seem so sad. Thank Dewi, Yen, Suraya and Bella for viewing it and of course to Melissa Saila as well.
Hopefully Mr.Zan this is the type of so-called responsible journalism that you want and that you would grade....well at least give me a 12 out of the 20 okay sir. My parents will disown me if i get anything less than a B for the finals. Yes, the spirit of Hitler lives on and it lives on the form of my mother. True story.
As soon as the term ends I'm gonna delete thing blog. I don't want get sued by the Star. I'm no Jeff Ooi.


FAVZ1 said...
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FAVZ1 said...
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trixie said... more blog?? i found these entertaining..LOL..dang. i missed some coz of hell week last week..oh least you finished it..YAY!

gday mate said...

lol hahaha :p

Fluffy Bunny said...

You're a funny and talented writer. Love the subjects. You should think about continuing on!

Anonymous said...


i found you!!!! :D

i dunno wert to say... HAHAHAHAHA...

i can imagine while reading your blog... its like as though we're sitting in starbucks and we are bitching away... lol!

luv u ma bitch!!!!