Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DiGi's brilliant marketing campaign.

Have you guys seen those yellow guys? DiGi's Yellow Guys? The ones that have appeared everywhere in advertisements, in public announcements, in the newspapers? For those of you that have been living under a rock somewhere, those guys are like these yellow, short and round...uhhh creatures (species unknown) that symbolizes DiGi's network coverage. I personally think that the Yellow Guys are really adorable but according to Mr.Zan he's freaked out by them. Which is weird coz they're really cute. Anyways, in the pages of the Star newspaper 2 days passed featured the Yellow Guys in what i think was a brilliant marketing campaign.

According to the article, there's this little girl who likes the Yellow Guys so much that she actually wrote a letter to DiGi asking to meet that. And the people at DiGi, and when i say the people at DiGi, i mean their shrewd PR people actually see it an opportunity. When an opportunity knock on the door, you answer it. So what they did is that they send 2 of those Yellow Guys to follow the little girl- aged 7- to school and of course there are other DiGi people as well there giving out goodie bags for the other kids. The Yellow Guys also did some dance for teh kids, i bet the kids had such a ball with the Yellow Guys and hence would forever be brainwashed.

Think about it, now all them will come home and tell their parents and say that they want their own Yellow Guys and that if they already using a mobile phone i bet they will harassed the parents to chage their mobile network operator to DiGi. Dude, don't you see it? DiGi is sooo brilliant its diabolical. They strike when the kids are still small and at that Very impressionable age and now they probably have hundreds of adoring kids that would grow up to become loyal customers. Think about it. When i was in kidergarten they made me dance the twist dressed up as a Flapper ( and hence begin my lifelong obsession with flappers so much so that i wish that i was born in the 20ties back when the Flappers were paving their way and dressed as a flapper every time there's a costume party.

Don't you think that this isbrilliant marketing plan? I do. I think DiGi has a fabulously creative PR and Marketing people that are working for them. And for that i say brava


piggiee said...

digi...oweiz e bez...*hehe*

patricia said...

oohh! those yellow 'men' are so adorable! too bad im on maxis..wehehehe..

ah. sometimes brainwashing works the other way around. i was forced to wear this ridiculous costume with lots of lace, a huge red bow tied around my waist. my skirt was polkadot with all the peticoat my mother could find and those minnie mouse ears...well..just pause and imagine. i was forced to dance the hokey pokey in front of everyone. after that, no more hokey pokey for me and i've hated minnie mouse ever since. hahahahaha

cheesecakeerian said...

The yellow guys are kind of ugly. But I still stick with digi =P

FAVZ1 said...

Hahaha yeah those yellow guys are cool. But I think Pikachu is more cool hahaha!