Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TWO policemen charged with corruption...Shocker.

Now according to the always amusing but not always accurate http://www.thestar.com/ (as i have come to rely on them for information as well as amusement, more of the latter than the former...) , TWO policemen were charged with corruption. Now the question that's is begging to be asked is: "Only two mah?". Uh huh. I said that. Its on your mind but I'm the one who's writing it down. Now if you want to continue with my bitchy rantings under the disguise of 'responsible journalism' do go on, but if you fear that you might be implicated- walk away.

Right upon reading the heading; the only thing that struck me was indifference. (corrupted policemen? So whats new again?)The one thing that was amusing to me was the fact that there was only TWO (out of the thousands) that was nabbed. That doest even come close to solving anything, and when i say solving anything i mean the corruption in the police force these days.

Take for instance this particular case:

" Insp Emie Riza Ismail pleaded not guilty to six counts of procuring or accepting bribes worth RM22,000 including a Nokia 7610 . Emie, 30, allegedly sought and accepted bribes from Che Razali Che Long as a condition to secure the release of Mohd Rapi Mat Zain, Mohd Ali Mat Zain, Mohd Qaurul Aswadi Mohd Zain and Bahari Ahmad who were detained at the Bachok district police headquarters for alleged involvement in illegal gaming activities on July 2."

The policeman 'allegedly sought and accepted bribes....as a condition to secure the release of...', hence the whole mention of power play.He was in the position of power to let those suspects out, he could do it the right way but decided that he wants to get something out of it. Something other than that paycheck at the end of the month and that was his downfall. His abuse of power. The other case involves yet another policeman on the charge on a RM200 bribery. Same story, different players.

What i really wanna know is, when is this ever gonna end? These cases mention here are just small fish compared to what we know are going on so again, i ask when is it gonna end? And who's gonna end it? The cops themselves? Pointless. The politicians? Even more pointless. The people? A revolution? Perhaps....but not in Malaysia. We're too happy and satisfied with the way we are and that we cant even get off our asses to make a stand for something. Or anything.

Living life with rose-tinted glasses on, that's the Malaysian way.


FAVZ1 said...
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Flavia said...

"Living life with rose-tinted glasses on, that's the Malaysian way."

...which would explain why so many people don't see when the traffic light goes red then...

piggiee said...

msians...tat;s msians...im sick wif it d...zizi jg mangada ngada *Haha* jkjk...blek...;p

FAVZ1 said...

Ngahahaha yun..complain so much..hahaha!!

FAVZ1 said...
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