Saturday, March 31, 2007

Juvenile Behavior = Stupidity

991. That's the number that we Malaysian supposed to dial when we are faced with:

  1. Some sort of physical attack that could endangered our lives, the lives of our loved one, the lives of other people.
  2. When being robbed or followed.
  3. When being harassed.
  4. When someone we know is having a medical emergency (ie: heart attack)
  5. When witnessing a horrible accident.
  6. When a building caught on fire.
  7. When a person caught on fire.
  8. When you yourself caught on fire.
  9. Any other kind of things or events or situations that could be considered as an EMERGENCY.

Not in any moment or in any of that was listed above did it state that calling up the fire department asking whether the personnel in charged have had his lunch is considered an emergency...but sadly it does happen. And according to Star, in Johor alone the number of prank calls made to the civil defence department was 43,310 out of the 45,539. Which bring me to conclusion is that even though that all the other immature people from all the other states make prank phone calls but Johor takes the cake in the stupidity and the totally-have-nothing-to-do-with-their-time trophy.

People have to understand that calling up civil defence for pranks is highly stupid. STUPID. if someone else who in dire need in help calls but cant get through coz someone with the IQ of minus 750 is on the phone making stupid prank calls. Its not funny. Its pathetic. It must stop.

Its pissing me off.

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