Friday, March 23, 2007

Putrajaya Landslide

Have you heard of the landslide in Putrajaya? Apparently as it turns out there was a landslide at Precinct 9 of Putrajaya. Uh huh, now I'm not clear on whether there was any fatalities but it was reported that there were 28 vehicles being buried under all that if my car one of the ones that are buried under that, I'll have a bitch fit.

What i really wanna say that i feel that its ironic that Malaysia's pride and joy and actually the current hometown of our uhh....beloved prime minister and those that come after him (if there is any at this rate), lives actually have this kind of problem. Now now i know, landslide. Its Mother Nature. Who could predict Mother Nature, she's temperamental. She's moody. She's a woman. But get this: according to the landslide could be caused by and i quote:

" On complaints from residents of a leaking pipe from a water tank on the nearby hill since last year, and could be the cause of the landslide, Tengku Adnan said he was awaiting the report from the Public Works Institute Malaysia."

Interesting how they could led water leaking in Putrajaya. Purtajaya people, PUTRAJAYA. But then these are the types of things that we should come to expect from this country. Big talk, big dreams, shit maintenance. Its true. You know that as much as i do. And on a gentler note, i wanna say all the best for the people who were involved with this landslide. I'm sorry that you have lost your place to live, belongings and perhaps loved ones as well. I am very sorry for that. If there is any charity drive that's going to come up as a result of this i will definitely joined up.


patricia said...

Putrajaya, where Wildan's hippos live??

Can you imagine? Mother Nature having stomach cramps? LOL

Hopefully no one got can be replaced(unless you've got no money...but that's a different topic).lives cant.

constant_drama said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THE HIPPOS!! i forgot about the hippos!! LMAO!

FAVZ1 said...

So many catastrophe these days...flood, landslides, what's next? Monster come from outer space and Ultraman come to the rescue?? Catastrophe please go away!!!