Thursday, March 29, 2007

Needy? Can't they find a thesaurus?

The is starting to piss me off. Check out their heading regarding the MIC's bid in helping disadvantage women: "Grants for needy single women to help them earn a living".Honestly, cant they change the word 'needy' to something else more tasteful? Why not 'disadvantage'? What about 'poor'? Or maybe instead of needy, maybe 'in need'? What about that? Honestly...needy, in an office full of journalist who i assumed like to read coz people who likes to read usually are the ones ending up becoming journalists, cant they find a frickin thesaurus? Or maybe go online and check it with an Online Thesaurus? Honestly. Needy sounds so pathetic.
Uneducated, single mothers with many children now have the opportunity to have a better life under the new ruling of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Those who cannot afford or don't have the educational background for more intellectual jobs will be grant money in the amount raging from RM1000 to RM3000 to go ahead and purchased themselves sewing machines. As means of an income.
Now as much a i appreciate that they are making an effort to help disadvantage women but really, why sewing machines? Women can do so much more these days considering the fact that we are Not needy creatures. Why not send them off for driving lessons? Women lorry drivers, ever thought of that? Cooking class- they can cook at cafeterias. There's of course many more courses that could be offered but of course this being Malaysia, a nation run by chauvinist ***s, i shouldn't even surprised.
Its time that we move on from gender stereotyping of yesteryear's and open more doors for women. Disadvantage or not.

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