Monday, August 03, 2009

This is not the end.

I have been thinking, I have been thinking of not blogging anymore.


It’s like this….


I used to be that girl.


Who reads books of fictional character’s adventures cause I don’t have my own. I used to watch dramatic movies with apt concentration cause it takes me to places where my life will never get to be. I’m used to be that girl who follows blogs obsessively…..reading other’s people’s fascinating lives and envying them cause in my mind…I will never have that.



I used to be that girl who waited for “my real life to begin”.



So I blogged and I read and I become lost in my world of daydreams. Of fantasies never to be realized.



Of remarkable lives that is not mine.



And then I get here and suddenly that “real life” that I have waited for…for so long… begun. Unknowingly, without me realizing or knowing how exactly…but it did. And it’s exciting and I have so much stories that I could never share in one lifetime. People who are just like the characters in the books I’ve cherished so much for so long are calling me up for lunch. Romantic entanglements that I thought only happens in movies are happening to me. Weird shit, embarrassing scenarios…everything and its all happening to me.


To me, the girl who became the Constantly Dramatic One because her life is too mundane. The girl who strived for drama in every waking moment cause there is not enough excitement in my life….and now….I no longer do. I no longer need to be that drama queen just to not be bored anymore.



My real life has begun.



And for some reason….this blog has little to no part of it.



This is not goodbye.



Merely a note in passing to dear readers that have been reading for so long. I will keep blogging of course….but if one day I was just to disappear without even a goodbye post know that I’m gone. I’m living my life. I’m never good with goodbyes just that you know…..sometimes life takes you to unusual places and some of those places have no net connections.



Or perhaps this entire post could also be because it’s August. And next month is September. And come the 21st, I’ll be old like a motherfucker.


And man, I always have the blues whenever my birthday comes around.


jaak said...

Selamat nikah sayang

Wolf Behavior said...


at least do me a favour and create a Twitter account. boleh?

gonna miss your bitchings. xoxo.

sab said...

i will miss you if ever that day comes. and i'm happy for you. everything seems to be looking up. :)

sab said...

yes! go twitter! :)

zikri said...

damned drama queen you almost had me fooled

saruneko said...

I know exactly how you feel. Also, lunch this week? Call me.

Tinesh said...

ko nikah??? omg!! neber saaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy :(

Queen B said...

we will definitely missed you!

Michelle said...

If you're gonna be old like a motherfucker then I'm older than dirt.

Anne said...

me too :) haha you always take the words right out of my mouth.

benazirjb said...


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Sure hun. Whatever you say.

Wolf Behavior:

Tak nak ah. Aku takut ah. Senang giler orang nak stalk. You know how I have issues with that? =S


Now it is. But my life is a series of fuckery waiting to happen. So we'll see.


Did I now? =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Saturday, before Ramadhan. =)


I didn't know that aku dah nikah dowh. Terkezut aku!!

Queen B:

Thanks hun.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Such is life my friend. Meh.


Really? Sweet!



rujing said...

Dude, I loved this post. It gives me hope! I am the girl you use to be. So to know that life can get better... well, it's promising.

How are you anyway? How is Australia treating you? Is the weather where you're at any good? It's bloody awful in SA, randomly alternating between hot and cold.

I haven't been following your blog as much, partially becaue I've given the whole blogging thing a break - did you notice I killed mine? - but I forbid you to stop posting, no matter how great your life gets. Seriously. How else will I live, if not through the lives of others? ;P

Take care and keep posting!