Sunday, August 23, 2009


You know what is ridiculously awkward?

Hot is when you went out for a night of partying with your friends and saw a really hot guy….and then ended up having
eye sex with him the whole night.

Ironic is that despite having steamy eye sex with him all night long….nothing actually happened.

Ridiculously awkward is that about a week later, when you are looking like absolute shit because:

a) You woke up at 6am to go to the morning market…
b) Did not shower or even wash your face cause the market will close soon and you really want that 50cent packet of carrot…..
c) Wearing an oversized shirt that has a giant Minnie Mouse on it…which is in fact what you have slept in the night before, with a pair of 3 quarter jeans….
d) And c’mon, seriously! Who looks good going to the morning market?

….when you bumped into him.

The hot dude. Whom you had eye sex with all night long.

It’s like the figurative
“morning after". But from Hell.

However, you have forgotten all about you looking like shit cause you are completely thrown by the fact that he is the dude….that is selling you your 50cent packet of carrots.

Then the realization hit you:

You had eye sex. With a dude that that sells carrots for a living. In the morning market.


He too recognizes you and smile. But you didn’t and pretended that you did not recognize and hurry the fuck out of there before the friends you came with to the market, who went out to party with you days before realizes this little trivia and Never. Let. You. Forget. It.

So yeah, in case you guys do not know what is ridiculously awkward- that is ridiculously awkward.


pattirmina said...

eye sex.

now, that is a new word for me. ;)

gypsy-on-the-move said...

I cannot believe he turns out to be the guy selling carrots to you. Moral of the story, you will never know who goes to the club. Farmers, carrot seller, vegetable sellers...LOL! *i am still laughing*

senorita.. said...

u r ridiculously funny!

haha, keep the minnie at home!

quin browne said...

next time, pretend you are blind.

miss eLyA =) said...

aahhh. eye sex. classic. haha and i think i've been doing that a lot of times already but yet i never encountered this situation before!! and at a pasar??? of all places? hahaha embarrassing much!!! teehee sian you.

Anonymous said...

now now nowww... dun jdge him yet.. dig a bit.

penyelamat dunia said...

what if he actually owns a country of carrot farms that supplies carrots to the whole world and he's a multi-billionaire. kinda like the pablo escobar of carrots.

saruneko said...

It wasn't THAT guy from Embassy was it?

Frank said...

I bet he wanted to give you HIS carrot, for free!

Oh snap!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

He sells carrots and you wear a Minnie Mouse shirt, see, you already have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! :)

Maybe you can sidle up to him and coyly say "Minnie would like a carrot, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?"

Or maybe you could NOT do that.

winda said...

ahahahha.. eye sex is the new vocabulary for me too :))
oh well, he could have been saying the same thing to his friends now: "you know that chick that i have eye sex with? She's wearing oversize minnie mouse tshirt!!wtf men!"
that would be hilarious ;)

evie said...


Best. Story. Ever!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

The important question is: did he make you eyegasm?

Tinesh said...

eye sex = stripping with the eye? supposedly us guys are good at doing that. SUPPOSEDLY. like someone said, maybe he owns a multi million dollar carrot company :

shirah said...

you are in love with hugh dancy too?!!?
he is the object of my latest man-sex fantasy.
let's share shall we? hehehe.