Monday, August 10, 2009

Fool me once...shame on you

Remember when I wanted to be a “playa” and dated 2 guys at the same time? Yeah….remember that?

Yeah……that blew up in my face.

Bigtime bitches. Bigtime.

So here is the story. The Lieutenant would not be part of it. Long story short? He just wanted to fuck me. I do not want to fuck him. The end.

I mean he was hot and all….but nah. Despite all the kinky, sex talks on this blog….the Constantly Dramatic One is not that kind of girl. I don’t have sex/boink/bang/sleep with/fornicate with men for fun. It’s long term relationship or nothing at all. So I dump his horny ass as soon as he started putting the pressure on me. I was like “What the fuck, buttmunch? Put some lotion on it and leave me the fuck alone.”

Okay, I might not have said those exact words. I kinda said “It’s not me. It’s your horny ass. But with some rehab, maybe we could be friends afterwards ya?”

Okay, I did not say that either.

Point is, The Lieutenant and I? It did not happen. It would not have happen. Cause he was just my plaything. I kept him around for the kicks…and the attention. Other then that, nothing really. Cause when everything have been said and done…it has always been Geek Boy from the beginning. It always has.

Until that blew up in my motherfucking face.

So remember how I had like this wonderful first date with him? Full of cuddling and unspoken frustrations accumulated over the months when we pretended to be only friends and nothing more when in truth…we have never been only friends. There has always been something there. Or perhaps it was just me, confusing reality with fantasy. Wanting it to be so much like the books I’ve read and the tales I used to write of lost love and unspoken desires during my teenage emo years. And sometimes still do.

So the date was on that Tuesday. During the date I’ve asked him why it took him so long to ask me out but he kept quite. So I dropped it. Then that night he texted me. I can’t remember what he wrote exactly but it sounded kinda like this

“Even though I really like you and I feel that you do like me too….its still hard for me to ask you out cause I have no real self confidence to begin with. So that’s why it tok me this long. But I’m glad I did though. I had a great time with you today.”

Or some shit like that. The actual part that I actually remember was the self-confidence thing. Then we texted for a while and that was that. The next day, he didn’t call. So I was like, okay…maybe he is playing it cool. The day after that, nothing. So I told myself, maybe it’s a guy thing. Maybe it’s this. Maybe it’s that. Bla bla bla. However by Friday when I did not hear anything from him, I was flat out agitated. I mean it was bullshit. We had a great time. We’ve cuddled bitches! What the fuck was goin on? Then, I called him. It was that Friday night and I really wanted to know so I was like “Fuck all. I’m gonna call him.” Which I did.

You know how it takes like oh….I dunno 10 rings before the phone goes into voicemail? Yeah….guess what? When I called him that night, it rang like twice and it went straight to inbox. Yeah…..fucker rejected my phone call. It was….well for lack of a better word: unbelievable. By this time I do not have to tell you guys that I was all kinds of messed up. I was upset and confused….I was like “Was it me? Did I say something wrong? Did I scare him? OMFG it’s me.” Self doubt is not something I’m prone to do but somehow he was making me do that. And it sucked so much donkey balls.

Then after much consultation from my girlfriends, both in Aussie and in Malaysia, I decided that the best way to deal with this fucking MIA shit he is pulling after the first date is to call him again. So I did. On Saturday morning. I need to know what happened. I have prepared for it to be rejected again and to leave like a non-threatening, non-pathetic voice message when the unpredictable happened: He fucking answered the phone. So I was like playing it cool.

“Oh hey, how are you?
“I’m good.
“So um like, are you sick or something?
“What? No? I can’t speak right now. The game is going to begin in like 10 mins.
“What game?
“My soccer game. I’ll call you back.”

I forgot that he plays soccer/football (depends on which side of the world you come from) on Saturday mornings. So I was like “Oh okay, he’ll call back.” Right? Riiiight? Of course he will.

I was such a goddamn fool.

So I worked on my assignment, did the laundry, vacuumed the floor…all with the phone by a hand’s reach. Waiting, waiting….waiting. Somehow the phone had become my enemy. The longer it doesn’t ring, the more I despise it. At this moment I was sad and confused and hopeful but by the time 7pm roll around and I’m sure that he isn’t gonna call, all that shit turned to full on rage.

Who the fuck does he think he is? What does he think he’s playing here? It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that I got played. Either way you cut it: I got played. I got played by a fucking geek. So now I’m pissed. I’m done feeling sorry of myself. I’m done thinking its all my fault. Fucker have a problem and I intend to let him know it too. So I called him again that night, twice. This time I wasn’t worried that I would come across as desperate and/or pathetic. This time I just wanna yell at him and to shove it up his ass. But of course, he did not answered his phone.


I was left fuming with no outlet. I wanted to wring his neck. Fucking run him over with a truck. Just fucking kill him. I wanted him to die. But he’s not answering his phone. He left me hangin. Bastard. Bastard. Bastard. On hindsight, I’m glad that he did not answer his phone cause revenge is a dish best serve cold and that’s precisely what I did.

I know that whatever happened I will see him the next Saturday. Cause we have an exam together. I know. I also know that the best revenge when it comes to this is to look as good as possible and let him know “Yeah…you see all this? Yeah. You ain’t gonna have this.” So Saturday came and I had formulated a plan. The final exam carried only 30% of the class mark; I have already gotten a credit for that class without the exam so I’m all set. It was a fucking exam. My usual exam ensemble consists of jeans, flip flops and a hoodie. Not that day though.

That day I put on this maroon dress that I look fantastic in, 3 inch high-boots and a cardigan. I showed no skin except for the space where my dress ends and my boots begin. Very simple, yet fetching. I’m keeping it classy. Now I know for a fact that I look good. You don’t plan on an outfit a fucking week and not come out looking good.

The exam was 2.30pm. I know, him being a geek would be there early. Like an hour earlier in the waiting hall. So I had to come later and I have to make an entrance. Which I did. I only get into the waiting hall round 2.10ish. I went straight to my friends but I took my time at it. He was in the hall, and I want him to see me. Drink it all in bitch, cause you never gonna have it. Then I sat down with my friends and all the while I felt someone looking at me and I turned around and he was looking at me. With this hopeful and kinda scared look. Then he smiled. I did not smiled back, I did not gave him a dirty look….I look through him and looked away. It’s like I did not know him. He’s too low to be even worth one of my dirty looks. Fucker looked way scared at this point, I can assure you that.

Then the course convenor called the students in and I went in first. Now when you enter the exam hall, you are required to fill in the front seats. I know that if I were to go in first, he would wait later to go in cause he is avoiding me. I know that when I sit in front, he would be looking at me and not the other way around. Which is the plan. Then before each exam starts, the course convenor would ask if everybody is sure they have their phone off. Those who do not; have 2 minutes to do so. Now I know that I have offed my phone. I know this. But the fact is I was sitting 3rd row from the front. He was somewhere at the back. So I stood up, took of my cardi- to show off how low cut the dress is at the back- and then proceed to strut to the other end of the room to pretend to check on my phone. I know he was looking. The plan is for him to see me. 100% visibility. Not the other way around.

Mission accomplished.

I checked my phone right after I ended the exam. And it was no shocker that he texted me. Two messages.

1) I hope you did great in the test.
2) I’m sorry I didn’t call back. I was really busy. I just realize that I am way behind my studies! I know you’ll be mad but I’m gonna try anyway.

Seriously, what fuckery is that? “I’m busy?” You motherfucking piece of shit. You have time to wake up at 7 in the fucking morning to go play soccer on a fucking Saturday and you have no time to fucking text me or call me back? You have time to eat and sleep and you have no time to fucking text or call me back? You have time to fucking take a dump and you have no time to fucking text or call me back?


Bish plz. As if you were studying 24/7 that you couldn’t possibly tear yourself away from the fucking text book and fucking pick up the phone and just fucking tell me that you can’t talk cause you’re busy. Okay, bitch? I dunno what the fuck his issues is, but somehow it became mine. With that final text I decided that I’ve won. This time, I’m the one that gonna ignore him. I planned it all. And I planned it well.

What I did not plan was for him to be waiting for me outside the exam hall. I was expecting for the text messages or maybe a phone call but not him waiting for me. That took me by surprise. He was waiting for me and he has this hopeful look on his face. I should have acted nonchalant, but because that took me off guard I kinda gave him a weak smile and kept on walking. I did not walk towards him but away- towards the busway. And he walked with me all the while he was going on and on about how busy he was and that he was sorry and that he knows that I’m mad with him…..but I kept on walking. I did not say anything. I was just thinking how ironic it was that we were walking the same path we walked so many times together, when we had fun, when we flirted, when he carried my books and to this.

To this bullshit.

I don’t really remember what he said, but I wasn’t really listening. I was busy being sad and angry at the same time when we reached the busway. I stopped walking therefore he did too. I looked at him and saw the reason why I liked him so much. Even after all that, he’s still very attractive to me and I said….and I’m not proud of it and I did not planned it….it just came out. I said….

“Please never ever speak to me again. And no, let’s not stay friends either.”

Harsh? I know.
Did I plan it? No.
Did it hurt him? Yes, it did.
Did it hurt me? Even more so.

I didn’t realize how hurt I really was until I said that. And then I walked away. He didn’t come after me. Would you after that? He did call me that night. Calls which I rejected- just to let him have a taste of how it feels. And 2 days later I left for Malaysia. I deleted and blocked him on MSN and Facebook. I deleted all his number and messages on my phone. I don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

I went back to Malaysia and then to Finland and I got my head cleared. I deserve better. I don’t know what the fuck his deal was but I deserve better then to be played like that. It wasn’t like we were together. It was just a bullshit phase in my life. I got back in Aussie, moved into a new place and I figured that I’ll start this sem fresh.

Then 2 nights ago, he called.

I didn't know that it was him till I answered the phone. I’ve deleted his number and I didn’t memorize it. We talked, he ask me how I was. How did I do for the last sem. How was the holiday. And then he asked if I can meet him this coming Tuesday. I figured that we are both adults, I can bury the hatchet. So I said okay, I’ll see him on Tuesday. It wasn’t until I put the down the phone did I realize how bad of an idea this.

I mean seriously. I thought I was over this but the fact that all I could think of right now is how much I want to slap him when I see him pretty much shows that I am not ready for this. It’s either slap him or push him into incoming traffic. Either one would make me a convicted criminal and get my visa revoked. Which is no good.

So I’m gonna cancel on him. But I’m only gonna let him know that like an hour before we are supposed to meet up. Let him look forward and be excited all about it for days….and then finding out it’s not happening an hour before. The way I see it, if he wanted me in his life he would have made an effort the first time around. So fuck it. I’m done.

I’m not gonna let him pull the same shit again on me.


Anonymous said...

Always find the lyrics from the following song very good for breakups:

Only time will tell
I see it now, become so clear
Only time will tell
Your insincerity
And me all starry-eyed
You'd think that I would have known by now

Now, sure as the sun will cross the sky
The lie is over
Lost, like the tears that used to tide me over

Only time will tell
You're on your own inside your room
Only time will tell
You're claiming victory
You were just using me
And there is no one you can use now

Zikri said...

Damn.. just damn
You're evil
And you deserve better

Anne said...

WOW. dude, you're my hero. i can't put on that kind of self-resistance. but ey, geeks don't play football!! hmm wonder why he didn't pick up the phone o_O he had better have a better excuse than that busy shit.

AV said...

i could treat you better then him

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thank you. That did help....especially this part

And me all starry-eyed
You'd think that I would have known by now

How very true.


Dude. How is it that I'm evil when I'm the one who got played here. I mean...helllooo?


I'm not important enough for him to pick up the phone. End of story.

Whatevs man. I'm done with that shit.


Anyone could at this point.

evie said...

I think that was civil. He deserved to be treated much worse, but I'm glad you maintained some dignity. I'm trying so hard not to say "you go girl!" here... I guessed I just failed haha.

Frank said...

Personally I'm just horrified that people are commenting and saying that "he deserved to be treated worse." Yeah, he did act pretty douchebaggy, but some geeks (such as myself) aren't terribly good at this kind of thing. I've been in a similar situation where I don't call because I panic can't really tell how much the girl likes me, etc. Maybe that's just the way us nerds operate, but for goodness sake, make your thoughts about him known but don't destroy him :/

penyelamatdunia said...

unless you've left out some other important details i think you were over-thinking and over-reacting.

Khairul said...

His side of the story might be entirely different. He might think he's not being manly enough during the last date, he might think that you're mad at her, he might think of anything but playing you.

I am not saying anyone's at fault. But, two different people can picture the world from a very different view, despite standing on the same rock.

Perhaps, you two could reach an understanding. Perhaps you could try.

faye said...

Maybe he changed over the month?

I think he must really want to see you if he is willing to face your wrath and call you again.

I'm a softie and would give him a chance :) Just a thought. Hope you are well.


sn said...

I think it's quite sad if you cancel an hour earlier. Really. Just cancel the night before. But isn't it the same? I dunno.

Why not try not cancelling and talk slowly on what happened? As normal people, not as frustrated angry girl and tactless geek. Maybe his aunt died? Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Tinesh said...

Babe, give him a chance. I think he was having a low self confidence moment since he confessed that he likes you. And he probably wondered how you would take it and that's why he was afraid to call you. It's just the way he is la. And you can do what every other girl does to the guys they like, try and change em :

ps: FOOTBALL. Soccer makes no fuckin sense.

Zikri said...

Because your revenge plan is pure evil
Just because you were wronged doesnt make doing something like that less evil

But i did not that I dont approve
not that my approval matters that is

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


It's hard maintaining that "dignity"....I can assure you that.


He did treated me like shit. I hope you realize that.

And no I did not destroy him. Just mindfucked him. The same thing he did to me.


No, whatever I did was justified.

He didn't call for 10 motherfucing days. Now, I dunno bout you but in my universe 10 motherfucking days is a pretty long time not to be calling somebody you "supposedly" likes. In my universe, that constitutes of being played like a fucking fool.

So no, I did not over-think it nor did I over-reacted.



But I am no longer interested.

Fuck him.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


He had his chance Faye. Malas lah wanna deal with all these pussies. Plus I don't think my heart can take it anymore if he fucks me over once again.

Which he could. Anytime he wants to.

So no, lets not go down that road again.


I can't talk to him normally. It'e either I yell at him. Or cry.

Either of which are not attractive.


Meh. I don't want anymore. I'm already seeing someone else. So yeah, he had his chance.


See, that's why people don't mess around with me. Except for him.

Cause he left me broken. And trampled all over. And possibly, more evil then I ever was.

winda said...

aaww... CD, you liked him a lot, didnt you?? :(
hope you'll get someone who knows how to treat woman, and their own feelings, better *hugs*

saruneko said...

Nice move with the sexy dress. Also, I'll see you next week. DON'T CANCEL ON MEEEEES.

hanafiah said...

wow, i am really fortunate that i dunt leave in ur world, that's gotta be suck eh? I mean, do we really have to play games with the one we really like? haha, seriously its not my place to say this, but stil, u deserve better, c'mon, no phone calls after dating? kalau jumpa kawan pun mesti kontek lepas tu kan?, hah, whatever it is, u surely got some er..drama issues? heh, thanks for sharing tho

shirah said...

omg! you totally have to teach me all your tricks. hahaha i am a total loser at men manipulation. TEACH ME!! hahaha i stumbled upon your blog btw, love it :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I did. That's why it hurts like a mofo.


I did nooooot!


Dude, my life is a fucking comedy of farce possibily in five acts. Everything is either a tragedy....or stupid as hell. Nothing in between.



Haha, these things don't come naturally. Man I had a week to plan it. Hahaha!