Sunday, July 15, 2007

Book Club: Time Traveler's Wife (a.k.a artsy fartsy pseudo intellectual BS)

I went to my 1st ever Real book club the other day. When I say real, I mean as in real life and that I see the people face to face instead of discussing a book virtually online which I have done many, many times before. There are two reasons of why I actually attended the book club:

  1. I was invited by a friend, she have invited me many times before but I just couldn't make it so since I could the other day so I went. Its all about good manners.
  2. They were discussing the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger which so happens to be one of my favourite book. Go check out my profile, its listed there.

I have to say discussing a book in real life is a whooole lot different from discussing it virtually. For instance, you have to think on your feet and bullshit your way through as fast as you could. Just sprout out any kind pseudo-intellectual bullshit and basically you covered. Well if the rest of the people in the club do not see through it, of course. Where else book discussions online you can do your research regarding the subject matter itself on the spot and then sprout out Super-Extra-pseudo-intellectual shit and look very intellectual on the matter. Which is of course bullshit on its on as well. Another thing I discovered is that, people who go for Book Clubs are snobs- artsy fartsy snobs, intellectual snobs, whatever snobs but when it boils down to it, still a snob. Since I went for it and planning to go for the next meeting, that makes me a snob too.

A pseudo-intellectual artsy fartsy snob (aka full of shit).

That's me.

I can like make some very bitchy statement about one person that get on my nerves during the whole book club, I could. But I fear that the said person could find my blog and then I will be fucked.

I am a pussy.

But really dude, if this person rolls their eyes more during the discussion and smirks whenever someone else voice out their opinion of the book- like our opinions doesn't matter- I could like grab the nearest fork around and stab the said person in the eyes with it. Goddamn annoying.

Other people have their opinion. We voice it out. That's the whole point of a book club. Not your eye-rolling/smirking-think-you're-waaaay-smarter-than-the-rest-of-mankind-plus-Einstein-put-together-club. Okay? Ass.

Anyways, after the book club has ended, I began talking crap with my friend and her sister, who were both lovers of the written words and also happen to be in their 40ties. Yes, I make friends with older people. We laugh, we chatted and in the process they passed me their business cards and I, being me, just slipped them in my bag without even glancing at it. Its not when I'm at home and cleaning out my bag that I notice the cards...

The names of my new found friends were written and then their position and then the education level that they have achieved. And that's when I realised that for the whole evening I was talking crap with PhD HOLDERS. PhD. These people have PhD and I was talking crap with them! Me! I don't even have a friggin degree (technically I am in college and working on that but yeah ok, you get my point right?) and I was talking crap with super intelligent people. Talk about intimidating...

Come to think about it, the book club was on a Friday night and I could have actually went out and get trashed beyond my mind with my friends, people who are off my age and are not PhD holders but instead I chose to be in an uppity coffee shop, sipping lattes and discussing books...

WTH is up with that?!

Even I dunno why I did it. For the next book club, they are goin to discuss "The Sailor who fell from Grace with the Sea" by Yukio Mishima San. Apparently it is a Japanese classic that have been translated into English...I dunno whether or not to participate in the next meeting coz I swear that the title alone is already giving me a headache.

Anyways, now that I have (generally) finish bitching about it- go read the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Its awesome.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to fear from a person who enjoys learning they will see that you are keen to learn and will respond.

constant_drama said...

You're right but still...I was seriously talking crap with them although they did found me "charming". Maybe that's PhD people code word for "Damn. This chick is stupid, lets just say she's charming instead."

I dunno man...I don't speak PhD.

3kc said...

an eye roller!! we know what to do with those!!! my gosh..

just think "i've got bigger b**bs than you. so stuff you and your bra."

i know. random. ahahaha!

constant_drama said...

Hahahahaha!!! Yes! We hate eye rollers dont we?

They all MUST die!

Kuan said...


i can't stop laughing la gurl while reading at your blog!

my favorite line - A pseudo-intellectual artsy fartsy snob

and GOD i HATE eye rollers....

i would have just walk in front of them and roll my eyes at them =)

constant_drama said...

HAHAHAHA!! Kuan, great to see that you stop by at my blog. YAY!

Yup thats me, artys fartsy pseudo intellectual snob.

Dude, that eye rolling SOB was sitting across me and I was giving h...I mean the 'person' a dirty look lah. The ass.

Kuan said...

i think that person must be muka amat the TeBal because I have seen your dirty's very the dirty la, hahahaha

said it with much love =D

Sachi said...

Great work.