Thursday, July 12, 2007

Constant Drama and the 5th Harry Potter installment

So I went to see the 5th Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the night it premiered in Malaysia. And I have to tell you this, it did not dissapoint...much.
Well seeing that the books played a Friggin Huge Role when I was growing up. When I say Huge- I mean obssesed. Like crazy obssesed. I was a fan before it became over-commercialized. I was a fan even before Chris Columbus started reading the book to his children at night. I was a fan before there was even a script written up for Joanne (see I'm on 1st name basis with her). I was a fan before the fad. I was there, bitches and you aint.
Back in the day I had a luvvvver, and his name was Ron Weasley. Not the one in the movies, as in the one from the pages of the books. The one that did not exists? That was my lover and boy was I in love. I wrote his name all over the pages of my school books and I dont think that any book survived my school years without "Ron Weasley" or at least "RW 3> CD" scribbled all across it. Man, he was my luuuuvvver. HAHAHA!
Anyways, the 5th movie is good. On the scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 3. Satisfactory but not the greatest and I have a feeling that the director and the screenwriters try their damnest to stick to the book from whence it came and as a fan of the HP series, I thank them. Go check out the movie, fan or not its still pretty damn entertaining but do bring someone who knows the books coz I think that this installment have hidden gems here and there that only the readers will know and can tell it to you.
For now I will retreat to bed seeing that I'm writing it to you right after I come back from the midnight premier and its 3.31 in the morning. Maybe one day...I'll publish the Many fanfics that I have written for HP. Many of which revolving Ron and uhh uhh...some girl that resembles greatly of me. Wasn't intentional, just coincidental *winks*

FYI: The Ron that was my Luvvverr lived in my head and he was sooooo much better looking than this kid.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

oh my god oh my god nerd nerd nerd oh my god oh my god. :)

3kc said...

yay! another true blue fan!!!

although the books are much better.. i agree..this one wasnt too bad..i actually liked parts of it..unlike the 3rd film..i was like cursing at it most of the time(in my head of course or else i wouldnt have finished the movie coz i would have been sent out. haha)

the thing i didnt like was how it was structured. just too many holes in the plot! my mother kept asking questions!

so yeah.out of 5, i'd give 2.75..hahaha! is that allowed??

constant_drama said...

Prince, of course I'm a nerd. I read your blog don't I? =p . Therefore that makes me a Super NERD.

Heh heh, damn excited for the 7th book.

constant_drama said...

Hehe, 3kc. I kinda like the 3rd one, I agree it did'nt follow the book but its artistic wasnt it? And you know how im like all "artsy" these days. *cough* poser *cough*