Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yeah baby....multiple times

I know I said I’m on a hiatus but I just need to share this with you guys:


I watched Duplicity last night. Waaaaaaaaahhh, first movie I watched in the cinema here and it got Clive Owen walking around wrapped in a towel. And shirtless. And you know….in a towel.


It was so hot, I got a headache just watching that movie. He is so sexy, I cannot tahan!! Okay on the minus side of it he was sexing up Julia Roberts like nobody’s business but I like her and when I watch the sexy scene…’s just like something I’ve imagined in my head over and over again. Only he’s doing all that to me. Me bitches, me. Not Julia. Go away bitch, you got a husband and twins. Stop messing around with my man.



I want to tell you the movie is good. I want too. But I can’t. Cause I couldn’t pay attention. Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure what was goin on. Seriously. He was so hot, I cannot even think straight. I was just sitting there, absorbing the beauty and the hotness that came hand in hand in the form of Clive when my friend had to whisper to me



“If you don’t shut your mouth now, I would need to staple it shut. I swear to God CD.”



So in conclusion, Clive is a hot mofo. I want to do him. Why won’t he do me? Cause I would totally let him do me.


 Multiple times.



sufian said...

It's "I want to" not "I want too".

winda said...

lol, CD, you're undoubtedly sick :D

btw, guess who's in the cover of April Edition Esquire Indonesia Magazine!

Dont forget to buy a pirated cd of the movie ;)

faye said...

i would have loved to watch this movie with you, and everytime i will just stare at your expression. instead of paying attention to the movie :D

pattirmina said...

“If you don’t shut your mouth now, I would need to staple it shut. I swear to God CD.”

LOL. you were drooling all over Clive Owen! =P

peachy said...


Did you drool?

evie said...

the movie was certainly worth the price of admission then :p

Queen B said...


i hope u did not moaned when u were at the cinema watching the movie~ ;P

gypsy-on-the-move said...

I watched him in The International...and I understand why you think he is hawt! =)

jaak said...

He is too old for that shit, honey.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for loving Clive...leaves all the other hotness just for me.


Technodoll said...

It took Clive to bring you back from the Land of the Invisible - woo! One more star on his sexy ass from me, reeeeeeeeerrrr!

insomniaclolita said...

LOL you're toooo funny!!! I get the same thing with this hot model Jon Kortajarena, or like any other girls in the world, Robert Pattinson. But lately I'm into Brian Hallisay from Privileged. LOL I'll step it up a notch and have all of them in my bed now, k thanks :P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

likewise, i'd let Julia roberts to rape me.

Frank said...

I'd totally hit that. And I'm not even gay.

senorita.. said...

me too!!!!! no matter how many times!! :D


Anonymous said...

Amboiiii gatalnyeeee....muka dia tu cam babi

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Really? And is the following the correct spelling for "asshole"? Cause I think you would know better than me seeing that you are one.


Mail it to me woman! Mail it!! Arrrghhhh!!!!!!!


Dude, if I come back in June....we can totally have movie nights. Can I get a hell yeah?!!


Well, what else is there to do? ;-p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Dude, that goes without saying.


Sungguh....sungguh worth it. =P

Queen B:

I might have.....=p


Finally! You have seen the light! Haha!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh dude, there's always viagra. And I am patient woman.


You're welcome. It's a service I'm more then happy to do.


Yay!! For the "sexy ass" part cause goddamn...I do love his ass.


As long as its not Clive baby. As long as its not Clive....=p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Good to know Kerp....good to know. Haha!


Yeah...I totally share him with you.


Zillion and zillions of times1 =p


"Macam babi"?

Seriously that's the best you can do? Sorry huney, kids under 12 such as yourself is not permitted on this blog.


MoonShadow said...

that's some cat lol

i'd bet you had that smile on your all day long =D

savante said...

I so wanna do him too!

Tea said...

Thank you for loving Clive...leaves all the other hotness just for me.

quin browne said...

i saw 'reasons to be pretty'... no clive owen, but, it was good. and no issues with mothers in it...