Monday, January 05, 2009

Days of Bumming Around

It’s been 5 days since I saw the sun….in fact I can’t even remember how the sun looks like anymore. I think it kinda look like a frickin huge big ball of inferno right? I think. Time seems to stand still under the pleasant comfort of my blanket and the perpetual darkness within my bedroom.


Dude, my body clock is sooo fucked now, it’s ridiculous. I am sleeping at 8 in the morning, waking up at 4pm, takes another 2 hours to roll out of bed…..Seriously. Forget bout Malaysian time, I’m running...urrrm sleeping on Scotland time here. And the best thing about it is that I’ve never been to Scotland. Ever since college ended, I have taken laziness to a whole new level. I thought of finding a part time job, maybe waitressing but no one would hire my fatass seeing that I’m leaving the country in a couple of weeks time. No one wants to hire someone that could only commit for a couple of weeks. Waste of company’s money you know. So here I am, in bed, with nothing to do nor have anything to do.



Okay, lies. I have a shitload to do. I can start a scrapbook project, reconnect with old friends, learn how to cook and not burn the house down in the process…but that would require me to leave my bed. And put on clothes. Just too much effort you know. However, things have reached an all time low the other day when I was sleeping….it was like 3 in the afternoon. I can hear someone knocking on the door calling my name but I was just too damn lazy to even grunt in answer. I was like “Fuck it. I want to sleep.” Then I heard some kind of commotion outside the door, the jingling of keys and the next thing I know my Dad was in the room. “CD, are you alive? You haven’t been out of the room for 2 days!”


I totally get the drama gene from his side of the family. Totally.



Personally, I’m offended. My family only notice that I haven’t been out of the room after 2 days? Really? 2 days? If I was really dead, my corpse would be rotting there, eaten by bed lice while my bodily fluids seep into the mattress releasing a rotten odour that would forever ruin the ambiance of the room…all this is happening of course while my sprit is suspended in midair weeping in silence that no one have notice the departure of my soul from my sexy dead body….And there my spirit will always be. Suspended in midair, condemned to an eternal limbo of gloom for my death went on unnoticed, unloved, unappreciated….. Oh the injustice of it all! To be fated to be an emo ghost for all eternity! Ooohhh….


Okay. Moving on.


To make time pass faster, I decided to clean my room. Spring cleaning…like full out shit. Not just cleaning out a drawer but going through the whole entire wardrobe. At the same time I also decided that perhaps it would be most wise to start putting aside things that I want to take when I make my move to that other continent to futher my studies. See, the thing is I am moving to another country that on another continent. Most people would say “moving to another country”. I rather say “another continent” cause it sounds more dramatic. And here on Dramatic Musings, it is the law that we always chose the more dramatic route.

It took me 4 days to clean my room properly. 4 days. Who the hell would have known that I have some much shit, seriously? It’s like the blackhole of forgotten lost ear studs and beheaded Barbie dolls. And how come no one ever mentioned that I clearly owned waaay too many items of clothing in pink? Why didn’t anyone ever mention that my excessive wearing of pink makes me look like a mutated-walking-giant-marshmallow? With a humongous ass? How come? And why the hell am I only noticing this shit now? Seriously.



Also I put a lot of shit aside for my moving thingie. I mean….a lot of shit okay. I think I put aside so much makeup to take right…my brother took one look at the amount of makeup, gave me a look and said “CD, you’re going there to study. Not to become a drag queen.” Bastard. Also I want to take 7 pairs of shoes with me. It is crucial that I have shoes to suit all occasions. I mean 7 pairs out of my 37 pairs of shoes is fine right? It’s not like I want to take all 37……should I? Maybe I can ship it in afterwards....But my Mom says unless I wanna walk around naked with nothing but shoes on, I better rethink that. She says only one pair of stilettos, one pair of flats and one pair of sneakers. The woman is absurd. Does she want me to become a social pariah? Cause that's what I will be with only one pair of stilettos!! Well, is she?!



But now that I think about it right….maybe I am being ridiculous regarding things to bring……Like, now that I think about it….I think it’s not necessary to bring 3 different types of leave-in hair conditioner. Maybe just 2….. And uuumm….also unnecessary are my lavender-scented aromatherapy candles. And all 7 of the Harry Potter books. Also, taking Ghendut, my precious golden hamster across national borders would be illegal right? Okay…you know what I have to rethink this. I am so horrible at this. I always over pack everything. Thank God I started putting aside things earlier. Can you imagine if I only do it the night before I fly off? Duuudeee, I probably want to pack the living room carpet too.



On that note, I know that some of you Drama Lovers reading this right now are Malaysian students currently living/studying abroad. Like Faye (Seattle), Senorita (NZ), Liyana (Texas), Joshy (Indonesia), firsfc (US), Ojamoja (Pennsylvania)….and I think there’s a couple of Malaysian medical students over in Ireland and Ukraine reading this as well right? Also expats like Tine (Aussie) and Fieran Abhorsen (Norway), any thoughts? Tips? On what to pack and to bring? Now, I might be wrong but perhaps…the living room carpet is not part of it….? Let me know.

And oh wow, look at that. It's now 5 days into the new year and all I have done is sleeping in and hugging my pillow while delusionally make believe that it's Clive Owen. All in all, a good start to the New Year me thinks.


joshua said...

Dahling, I dono if you know another Joshy who's studying in Indonesia... But moi (joshy!) is studying in KL la...

And wheee... sounds like a great adventure moving over to a WHOLE new environment and stuff... I wish you much love (and classy fashion! As I know you are!)

Take good care of yourself alrighty! And bum as much as you can la...

p.s. use la DHL delivery for all your fabulous clothes and what-nots... got student discount!

Love ya!

Adrienne said...

leave the candles..take the shoeeesss!!you can never bring enough shoes!
but then on the brighter side bringing only three pair gives u excuses to shop for more....

sab said...

wait, when are you leaving? i'm just worried about the luggage tag not arriving on time... :)

Zikri said...

lots of underwear

and one pair of tough ass jeans that you can wear for weeks without washing

also, didn't you eat in those 2 days stuck in the dark?

faye said...

I understand totally what you are going through. I remember all the advice that my relatives were giving me ....

Just pack some t shirts and jeans and sneakers. That's what ppl over there where anyways.

T shirts jeans sneaker ? Moi. Not happening.

So here are my tips :

1. For someone who has a serious shoe addiction like me, I honestly only brought 2-3 pairs of shoes. I wore sneakers on the flight and packed the rest in. Because US campuses are not stiletto friendly aaaaaaand you will start collecting over there. Trust me , you will !!!

2. Pack stuff you wear often. Jeans, cute tops, skirts - because you know that you will wear it over there. Don't pack some collection sequin piece that you wear once in a blue moon :) hahahah.

3. Don't need to bring candles la mak cik oi :P ahhaahahaha Australia got candles whaaaaaat.

4. Try and limit body/bath stuff, cause you'll buy it in Aussie too..and you'll go gaga over all the brands you cannot find in Msia. Like me. :P

5. Bring books you cannot live without. and if that includes the whole series of Harry Potter, I totally support you. Then you can make another trip later and bring those that you don't fancy as much.

6. I put all my cd's in a big cd carrier case, rolled clothes into tiny 'kuih' like rolls (iron later la) and shoved shoes wherever I could.

7. BRING GHENDUT !!! You'll need a comforting friend on some nights.

Hope it helps CD, good luck !

Technodoll said...

How I wish I could have the luxury to sleep in like that, for daaays!

ARGHG! So jealous!

All I'll say is enjoy it while you can... cuz life's gonna get crazy for you soon, girl! :0)

quin browne said...

take the shoes, you can buy the rest.

*words of advice from someone who moved with two suitcases, one held shoes*

senorita.. said...

whoa, i'm not the best person to offer advice. i had to leave behind a lot of stuffs, only had 20kg MAX. so yeah, shoes are essential i would say. or.....u can always NOT bring so much and shop in Aussie. :P

and maybe nice jeans that fit u perfectly? i dunno,i just find it hard to get jeans that look awesome on me. good luck and good thing u start packing now... :P

Farid said...

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Why must you remind me of your eminent absence?!

I know of those days when you feel like pitching a tent in your bed and never leaving it. And how preposterous it is that you were only discovered 2 days after!

But "weeping in silence"? I think not. Who are you trying to kid?

winda said...

can afford no advise.
1. me is never living outside the continent.
2. it'll give you horror when you know things i packed when i'm on holiday. Like how one pair of sandals (the most comfortable, and no heels please) is enough for me. Plus one pair of sneakers if me is traveling quite far and have to carry heavy stuff.

Wait, did i really type that?
Oh, great!
Hope i didnt give you any shock there....

JD Cole said...

well, dun bring too much things initially....

ship it later my dear...

btw, i think u should bring all the 37 pairs of shoes u got...or else it would be such a waste of fabulousity~


Medie007 said...

not that i'm outside the country or anything, but am definitely over the sea. i'd suggest what most suggested. pack and travel light. bring loads of money, and collect your stuff again when you settle down. or at least that's what i did. my roomie was saying my closet is getting overcrowded with my wardrobe. totally agreed.

ooo btw, u have a LOT of shoes! and i thought i was too gay to have 10 pairs (including leather, flip flops, sneakers and sports), i'm sure my colleagues' eyes would pop out at the amount you have there. awesomeness!

but that aside, i have a penis. so... assuming you don't, i shouldn't compare. hahaha

Frank said...

Clothes are so overrated.

Tinesh said...

did we talk about this on the way to the hill today? i cant remember. sounds familiar. owh i think u forgot to mention your 37 PERFUMES. yea that's wat :D

whyyyy so many stuff? why not buy essentials at wherever that is you're going?

me, when i leave, my (so far) 3 pairs of drumsticks, shorts, t shirts, some formal wear and 2 pairs of sneakers. California weather is ossum i tell ya :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

that reminds me to activate my facebook acc so that we can get connected from wherever you are. solely for your sake.

but then again, nahhhhh...

how about this,

Kenangiku dalam doamu, ok?

Peter Varvel said...

ha ha ha! you woulda' been Moaning Myrtle in the bedroom of your house.
Don't take so many shoes - instead, think of all the cool NEW pairs of OSSUM shoes you'll be able to buy in the New Continent!
And the Harry Potter books are everywhere, in every country, in every language, so leave those at home too.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


DHL got student discounts? Reaaaly? Fuck yeah! Thanks for the tip. And oh huney, I'm sorry. For some reason I got it in my head that you're in Indonesia.

I'm sorry ya? =)


I know....buuuttt to leave my babies behind......Oh my heart Adrienne! My heart! =p


First week of February. You think it can arrive in time?


Oh yeah, I'm waaaay ahead of you on that "underwear" part. Got that part covered dy.

Also 2 days- got provisions lah. I survived on Kit Kats, those chunky chocolate cookies and mineral water I filled up in Coke bottles. I got it covered baby ;-p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Wow Faye. Thanks so much! Yours is the BEST advice =D

1) Okay, fine. I'll bring 3 pairs of stilettos. 2 for going out purposes, 1 formal for those pesky formal presentations =)

2) *CD takes out some frilly skirt she never wear but promises self she would wear "over there"* Ahem

3) Fine lah. I'm gonna burn them all before I go. Not only my room gonna be dark all the time, it's gonna start smelling of Lavender too. =p

4) Good point. I just bring one leave-in conditioner. Have too la! I start hyperventing if my hair is not properly conditioned. Issues. I haz dem.

5) Totally. I'm just gonna bring first 2 of the HP books cause those are my favourite. They make me happy. The rest is a lil bit depressing what's with all the death. That Rowling bitch should be stoned for killing Fred. I'm just sayin that's all.....*buff nails*

6) Good tip.

7) What if he gets abducted and abused by my housemates? What then? The pain Faye! The pain!! I will never get over it. I'm still wrestling with the whole "to-bring-or-not-bring-Ghendut".

*le sigh*

If there's anymore tips, let me know ya? =D Thanks babes!


Oh yeah, I know. That's why I'm utilizing it to the max now. Sleeping in aaaalll the time bebeh =p


Number of shoes to bring now is down to 5. A good improvement I say =)


But but....I wanna save money. Don't want to shop sangat in Aussie. Tapi itu citer kat Malaysia lah kan, gi sana lain lak stori nanti =p

Oh I get 10kg extra btw, cause I have the Malaysian Airlines Grad Card. Student privileges and shit. Pretty cool.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Hehe! Yeah, what is quiet about me eh? You know me sooo well =D


But you did gave me a shock.....0_0


JD Cole:

Wise words fabulous one. Wise words =)


I don't have a penis. Not a real one anyways. Ahem. ;-p

Also you're from Sabah or Sarawak? I'm just assuming of course. The collecting my stuff again after I've settled down is good advice though.

Thanks for visiting my blog =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I agree. Let's go run around naked now, you and I =)


Because I'm a hoarder. Okay. I need my stuff to function. Plus you're not a girl you bastard. We need more shit for us to function then you do. Meh.


Always =)


True, very true. How come everyone can think straight except for me? Seriously.

evie said...

*smacks CDO*

You were only thinking of bringing 7 pairs initially?

*smacks CDO again*

What were you thinking?! Always bring all! Clothes you can buy later. And also more shoes. Yeah, we'll always buy more shoes. Errr... anyway, I have no real practical advice because I don't know which continent you're moving to... So, I will say this again. You WILL bring all your shoes you hear???!!!

senorita.. said...

yes totally! different continent, different story, different dramas (same old more fabulous ones at least!)

all the best!

Tinesh said...

i forgot yea. im not a girl. in that case, im carrying condoms. just so i can join the mile high club :D:D:D

juraiza said...

bring 5-10 shoes, not 3 or else you're going to regret it.Plus, less shoes = spend more money to buy shoes(or maybe I'm just a shoes addicts,need to change shoe everyday!)

and I did bring my favorite book because I know sometimes I will want to read it.

Winter clothes unnecessary,plus the fashion is wayyy better over there.

any way don't worry about clothes that much because you will immediately succumbs to shopping.Yes that's the way it was with me :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Okay okay!! I will!! Stop smacking me! Arrrgghhh!!


Thanks babes =)


That club? Yeah man....I wanna join that club too....


Okay, fuck it. 10 pair of shoes then!! And then more over there =P

Thanks for the tip, babe.

Fieran said...

Hmm, let's see. I try to travel light after suffering by repacking baggage three times on my first trip to Brisbane to study. Man, that was so infuriating. I think I need to learn how to flirt with the ticketing guy in future (if its a guy).

1. Ship all your books (textbooks in KL are much cheaper than in most parts of the world) using DHL or FedEx. The price of buying and shipping my books that way was still cheaper than buying them in Australia.

2. Carry minimum shoes because you can always buy them where you are. Shoes tend to get all bent if you pack them in the luggage.

3. 1 good pair of formal clothing, 3 good pairs of jeans (pack 2, wear 1), 10-12 of your favourite tops, and lots of undies (and socks if its a cold country).

4. 1 good coat - if its a cold country. If the weather there is not cold yet, ship the coat or buy it in the country itself.

5. Laptop is an accessory. Most airlines let you carry a hand luggage (7-8kg) and an accessory. This accessory is best put into a sling bag instead of a backpack. For some reason, backpacks seem to bring out the wrong vibe because they are always as big as the hand luggage. So, use a sling bag if possible for your laptop. Of course the stuff you want to read on flight, your iPod, mobile phone, camera etc., can be put in this sling bag as well.

You are lucky that you're going as a student becuase you can negotiate for 30kg. Call the airlines a few days in advance to confirm that you will get 30kg. Ask for an e-mail if necessary and print it out and show it when you are checking in. Normal travelers who cannot afford Business Class, like moi, only get 20kg so it really sucks :)

That's kind of my mantra. It changes from time to time but the 5 points are usually what I stick to.

Good luck CD :) Please keep your blog alive when you are abroad. It will be interesting to read what you have to say!

ojamoja said...

adik manis, i already graduated (with flying colors. NOT) from my alma mater.

but i am sure when you're there (where are you flying off to actually?), you will buy lotsa COOL things that when it's time to come back here you might have to rent a 1000 cubic meter cargo container just to fit all the stuff.(for your case, i think it would be the the likeliest thing to happen )

so words of advice, why don't you just bring the coolest stuff out of the cool things that you have?

yang pasti bawak megi bwahahaha. or brahim's or whatever perencah you can think of. but then COD reti memasak tak? hahahaha.

liyana r. malas sign in said...

I say bring Malaysian food you cant get in Australia.

And please bring your cat. I dont want you crying with regret

juraiza said...

oh you must be so jealous of this, the limit for US is I think, at 50-60 kg.

30 kg per bag.

Imagine all kinds of crap you can bring back.And they don't even care what kind of food you want to bring.