Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No, I will not chill.

So anyways, the reason why I am not updating regularly anymore is cause I am worried sick here regarding my accommodations in Aussie. Last Friday I received an email from the uni stating that I do not get an on-campus room so ever since then I have been looking for off-campus accommodations. The moment I received that email was the moment when the thought of being homeless stop being funny and ridiculous, and begun to become terrifying. So excuse me, but my mind is preoccupied these days with something more important.


However I will take this time to stop obsessing about the state of my homeless-ness and take a break from refreshing my inbox to check if anyone have email me a reply regarding my off-campus accommodation enquiries and address something that have been pissing me off. You know how you tell someone your problem and then you expect them to tell you something soothing or maybe an advice of maybe just you know, be there for you. They don’t have to actually do anything but be kind and considerate. This is what people do. This is why people have friends or significant other, for the comfort and security.


One of the most annoying shit to me is that when you tell people your problem and they reply it with this: “Chill chill.” What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I know those are just words, but they are the most fucking annoying words ever. I can’t fucking stand it. I think it is very rude and it’s pissing me off.


I dunno about you, but when I tell someone of my problems, the last shit I wanna hear is “Chill chill”. I know what you mean is “Relax”,  but why can’t you say that? By using that term you made my problem insignificant, something that is not worth your time, something you brush off because it is just some rantings by an idiot. If what you mean is relax, then fucking say relax. By saying “Chill chill”, I am not going to chill, I am going to go off even more. Where the fuck is your sensitivity? Who the fuck are you to belittle my troubles?


I would understand if you say “Relax, breathe.” I would, but really “Chill chill”? Seriously, I deserve better. Or maybe it’s just me. I am a Drama Queen and I am overly sensitive these days. However I still think that when I am crying and asking your support as a friend, you could have done more...said something else. You could done more then brushing it off as something insignificant. You could have said something better then “Chill chill.” 

You could have actually cared.