Tuesday, September 08, 2009


My dear Rebellious Wolf,

Some friendships end up in flames.

Some friendships last all through high school, never to be spoken of again.

Some friendships go on for a lifetime.

I hope ours is the last one.

I love you. How could I not when we have known each other for ages now? With you I am that eternal tomboy who chases after poor little cats in the school canteen. With you, I am eternally that girl obsessing with Scary Spice.

With you, I am eternally 12.

Things happen in life. Everyone that we encounter in life is there to teach us a lesson. No matter how fucked up it is, but it is there. It’s just whether we realise it at that time or not. The lesson could be learned within one day or maybe 10 years from now but there is a lesson there. It’s just difficult for you to see now.

I’m sorry that this is happening to you now. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more then writing a crappy blog post. I’m sorry that I’m not down in Malaysia now cause if I am, I would have whooped them bitches up for you. But then again, you probably wouldn’t want me to.

But I would. Cause confrontations are my forte……just like forgiveness is yours.

Take the classy way out. Keep your head held up high. Be strong. Remember the good times of the last 5 years and let go of the people they’ve become. They don’t deserve you in their lives. They don’t deserve you cause they do not want to see what a lovely, talented, sweet, dependable, awesome person you are. They do not want to see because they’re too consumed with envy. Envy clouds the mind and heart. And lose them a friend.

So yes, take the classy way out. Cut your loses and walk away. They don’t deserve you. Perhaps they did a long time ago….but not anymore.

And remember next year I’ll see you here. We’ll be 12 again. We’ll be back at the age that is void of troubles and envy and perpetual jealousy. When life was much simpler and everything was straight forward. We’ll be 12 again, you and I.

Only this time around we’ll do it in Australia.

Hanya untuk mu Nixa. Kekasih lama dari zaman muda-muda kita dulu. First love dowh! Tak der lah jantan lain sebelum jantan-jantan ni. Hahaha! Here's to childhood memories that could never be replaced. And of friendship that could last a lifetime if we both work at it. And for motorboats that will never run out of fuel. Ahem.