Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being an aspiring journo sucks donkey balls

Holy fuck.




I am freaking out like a mofo.



I have a 4000 words essay AND a 1000 words essay due on next Monday- on my fucking birthday and I am only starting on both now.




The 4000 words one is on the analysis of Australian periodicals spanning from the 18th century to present. I had to find copies of 18th century newspapers and then spent 5 hours studying it cause I can’t take such precious documents out of the library. Also this assignment carries 50% off my overall mark. 50%!!!



Shitting bricks yo. Shitting bricks.



And the 1000 one is on the significance of critical journalistic reviews to myriad forms of media (films, books, music etc) and its effect on the public.



My brain is going to motherfucking implode man.



No posts most probably until after my birthday.



Till then…enjoy your assignment-free lives…..



You bastards.