Monday, September 07, 2009

And the emo-ness goes on..

This post was written in response to this.


I’ve started this blog as a class assignment. It involved into something more.

I am no longer blogging for me. I am blogging for you.

Your validation means a lot to me. It’s like a drug I cannot quit. As an aspiring writer, I am thirsty for validations. Validations from faceless strangers to tell me “Yes, CD, you’re good.” “Yes CD, you’re entertaining.” “Yes CD, you might just have what it takes to not end up living in a box of this whole journalism thing that you are doing.”

But here’s the thing…I write cause I want to. I write cause I like it. I write for me and not for your validations. I have forgotten that somewhere along the way.

With that, blog commenting is now completely disable. Dramatic Musings will stay…sans the comment box.

Read. Enjoy. Hate. Judge.

You have the option to email me….but would you really?