Wednesday, September 09, 2009

An imaginary conversation with you lot

If you guys are wondering somewhere along these lines:

“The fuck is this woman blogging so much?”

Then the answer is:

“This woman have a 2000 words paper due on Friday at 4pm and she have just done 1,300 therefore have another 700 words left but yet procrastinating like a mofo.”

If you are then led to wonder:

“Hhhhmmm what is this assignment about?”

Not plagiarizing.

Well then I have to answer:

“Journalists have been known to be jailed under the charge of disobedience contempt in court for refusing to reveal their sources. Should journalists be protected from revealing sources in the court of law? Discuss the merits of both sides of the argument. (2000 words, no more then 2,500)

Of which then I have to ask:

“Show me the mofo who could write up till 2,500 and I will beat the living shit out of that sonofabitch!”

Perhaps that last one wasn't quite a question but in point of fact; a statement. The sentiment however, was conveyed stupendously.

The End