Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Creepy" is not "romantic"

You know what's creepy? Being stalked. Being stalked is creepy as fuck.

A message to little boys out there:

If you like a girl, come up and talk to her. Do not under any circumstances gather your posse of five and then follow her around a mall. Now in your collective deluded minds, I'm sure stalking a girl as she drools over shoes that she can never afford is romantic. But no it is not. It is the epitome of creepiness. You bitches completely ruin her shoe shopping mojo and it takes a lot to ruin that.

Now you see if you, little boy, is checking a girl out and the girl in question notices that- this is the point where you start flirting. Smiling and looking friendly would go a long way. What don't go a long way is that you are a fucking pussy that rather gather five of your fucking friends and follow her around than actually talking to her. Being followed around by 6 unknown men is not a turn on. In case you did not get that, let the Constantly Dramatic One rephrase:

Being scared is not a turn on.

You stupid piece of shit.

I'm gona go lie down now coz I'm getting a heartburn from the experience.


Fabulously Broke said...

Ugh. That's really creepy..... I can't believe guys find that acceptable

Michelle said...

Seems more of an aggressive and threatening thing than flirtation. Trying to be intimidating. Did you know them?

Anyhow, follow your instincts in these situations...they're there for a reason!

Elisabeth said...

Oh jesus, when will boys grow up and learn a thing or two about women?

Maybe it's time to start using that voodoo that you do ;-)

fie the elf said...

stupid little boys

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, that IS creepy.
And don't wait for it to go away, thinking that all guys will mature out of it. Some men remain insecure no matter how old they get, so choose carefully!
Happy hunting! (better to be the predator than the prey, I always say)

Technodoll said...

LOL! who was he, do you know him at least?

Zikri said...

you should totally gat a taser

Patt Irmina said...

goodness, that is scary. I would hate tht if it happened to me too! like, why cant he just walk towards u and talk to u right? creep. and coward.

Kuan said... i want to be stalk! :)

should have just turn around and give them the finger, that will show them!

Tinesh said...

I told you what I told you in msn. kthxbai

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Fabulously Broke:

Because they are a bunch of stupid fuck. Thats how they find it acceptable.


No, it wasnt agressive. They kept on nudging the one guy to come up to me but he didnt. And no, I dunno them.

I just think that that one guy likes me but is a pussy so he made his friends follow me around. Still creepy though.


OMG!! YES!!! =P




Predator than a prey. Ouuuuu BEST ADVICE EVER.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I dunno who that fucker was.


Where to get one? Can you hook me up?


Yeah I know!! What a pussy.


I should have. But instead I was hiding behind the mannequins in Padini =S



Kuan said...

oh you pussy, said in the most loving way ;)

evie said...

eurgh! anyone who ruins a shoe shopping experience even if window shopping deserves to be decapitated!