Monday, June 02, 2008

The past WILL haunt you....and kick you in the balls.

This is the second week of the new sem and I already know which exact word to use to describe it:


Seriously. Its a short sem, only 7 weeks of classes. The maximum number of subjects that we can take is 3, minimum 2. I'm taking 2 coz I'm lazy. End of story.

Anyways today I went into one of my classes and I spotted a friend. And I was like "Oh hey Mia! I didn't know you were in this class." Before Mia could said anything some dude went "I'm in this class too." And then it turns out it was him.
You know, the guy whom I fake numbered last time.


He stared at me and I swear there was hate in his eyes. And the only thing I could think of is "Ohmygod! WTF?! What is he doing here? Shit! What's his name? Oh man, this is a bad time to forget his name. Ohmygod, he gonna whoop my ass!" Then before I could say anything he said "Its Jeff*. Coz I know you've forgotten."


I smiled weakly. I sat down. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Then out of the blue he came and sat next to me.

"Oh did you went for class last week? I heard he gave out assignments. Can I have it?"
"Uhhhh...the lecturer's a woman. Mrs.J? She didn't give out any assignments last week......."
"No our other class. We're taking the same subjects this term."


"Yeah. I noticed you but you didn't noticed me."

At the point my inner monologue went: Okaaaaaaaay.......creepy stalker bastard. OMG!!! Where the fuck is my pepper spray?!! Where the fuck is my pepper spray?!! My bag is too big!! I cannot find it. Never mind, I will kick him in the balls.

"Uhhhh, I don't have my notebook for that subject. So I can't remember the exact thesis.......but I can email it to you."
"Oh that's cool. Here lemme write my email for you. I would ask for yours but you probably give me a fake one."

Pwned. Again.

At that point Cheesecakeerian came into the room so I told him that I wanna go sit next to her. Than I kinda half run, half-trying-to-walk-like-I'm-cool towards Cheesecakeerian. That shit was so fucked up. What the hell? I was caught unprepared okay. And he is such a he-bitch.

You know I was being kind when I faked numbered him. Yes it was kindness. I could tell him the truth but that would hurt his feeling. I mean which would he prefer: being fake-numbered or "I'm sorry. I don't want to go out with you coz you're not Clive Owen"? I mean, honestly. That shit is kindness. Be thankful you little he-bitch. Wanna give me attitude and all.....

Stupid He-bitch.

But damn. This is awkward. I'm gonna be in 8 classes with him- for 6 weeks. This sucks donkey balls. Its like Tweety all over again. Tweety is stupid but this one is a little he-bitch with attitude......Hmmmm, come to think of it... I rather take the little he-bitch with attitude than Tweety any day of the week. Yeah...... silver lining in everything.

Still gonna be awkward though.


Tinesh said...

WOH!!! Who is this guy??? Im curious!! haha..CD kena double pwn! This is awesome hahaha

Zikri said...

You got pwned big time.

But hey, 1 short sem isnt bad. Try being in the same course with all the same classes with people that are quite annoying to you but they're 'nice' to you and also having to work with them since most of the people in your course have their own groups and dont like to branch out. Try that for 2 and 1/2 years.. now that would be a bitch lol.

Anyway as for your previous question, can smile abit, the wounds have healed quite alot, but still cant laugh.

Quin Browne said...

you know, you have to give him major points for saying anything.. now, think back, how was his tone? teasing, mean? if he is okay with what happened, keep it on the polite level...

and then, yeah, laugh later on in that "OMFG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!" thing people do when they've been pwnd.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

OMG!!!! You gotta be kidding me. God must have been playing some kind of joke with you. i thought you're NEVER gonna bump into him anymore. It is coming back to you C.D.

Elisabeth said...

Yikes! What a very, very awkward situation to be in!

peachy said...

i'm pretty surprised he had the guts to take you on to be honest. i mean, dude, you should've given him a DEATH GLARE. but i guess you were too WTFISHEDOINGHERE?! to glare.

attitude-nya, with the "but you'd prolly give me another fake one." you should've gone, "what? what are you talking about? what fake?"

it might've worked, you're good at acting remember?! Grease! =]

Melissa said...


oh my god u'd better get ur pepper spray ready at ALL time CDO! this guy is damned scary man.

eh btw, im not sure if i've read a post about him before and if u've mentioned it already, but uhh is he cute?..... or just downright fugly?

Michelle said...

Seems to me any normal guy would get the hint and ignore you. Be ready to kick some testicles!

Peter Varvel said...

Omg! I'm LMAO, here! I'm sorry because I've been there so I know I shouldn't laugh.
I have never heard the term 'he-bitch' before, and I'm mad that I didn't think it up myself!
Gonna have to start using THAT.
I fake number all the time despite the fact that I am a true believer in karma . . . help!

faye said...

This is very interesting :) Please update us, as the soap opera continues .... :D
He sounds very bitter ! lol.

rachel said...

i would rather fake number even if theres a chance i might bump into that guy again. lets say u bump into that guy, u can always go, maybe u heard it wrongly when i was giving u my number. i regret at my inability to lie/give fake number.

Technodoll said...

Well you can't say your life is boring! The Dramatic One lives up to her name :-D

evie said...


i'm sorry. i know it sucks and you can kill me for laughing but it's quite funny really. still, i wish you luck for the next 6 weeks. good thing it's 6 weeks and not 6 months!

nevina said...


Dude has balls, I'll give him that.
Still...OUCH! It's going to be a long and awkward sem...

Fieran said...

Hehehe. Suddenly this feels like a sitcom. It's interesting, I must admit. But come on, I'm sure he can take a joke. You should laugh it off - a lot of people do things like these :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I'll show you lah. Fucker caught me off-guard.


Okay. Fine. You have the worst deal but I dealt with weirder dudes than him before. Should be fine.


I know, he have some guts. I'll give him that. I'm quite impressed actually. As for his was sarcastic. But not in a mean way. If that makes any sense...


I know! Fucking cosmic joke.


At that point. Its gotten lesser awkward since...but still awkward. And yes, it sucks donkey balls.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Peachy: changed your handle. But this one is just as cute. Dude, how I wished I gave him the DEATH GLARE but I was in a 'deer-in-the-headlights' situation and really all I wanted was to run.

But indeed, he have guts lah.


Actually he does give me the hibbie jibbies. Maybe because you know....I fake numbered him and now the guilt is making me feel all weird.

And him.....cute? Not really. But he's not fugly either. Ok lah...


Hell yeah to that!


Fake-numbering is waaay easier than saying no. Coz they were being so persistant its hard to tell of them off sometimes right?

And I didn't come up with "he-bitch". I got it from a movie. "Duece Bigolo, Male Gigolo". Rmbr that one? LOL!


I shall if there are any updates lah. Now he is just hounding me for homeworks. Meh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I do that too!! But this guy really caught me off guard lah. I really did not expect him to be there and THEN proceed to give me attitude.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Sometimes, I DO live up to my name. And when I do, its not really the best of times =S


Fine! Laugh lah now. Chech =p


Yes, and "awkward" being the operative word in that sentence.

EPIC awkwardness.


Yeah, I'm planning to be nice to him. Just nice. I don't want him to whoop my ass.....

Maverick SM said...

Have fun in the new sem. Get on with studies and need not worry of one guy.

turtle said...

*ugh* creepy stalker guy with attitude.

meh. nonetheless, ignore him. who cares??

fie the elf said...

ergh omg sorry but im like really laughing out loud in the LIBRARY now cause you being a stalker.

sorry babe.

i love you still hahahah