Monday, June 30, 2008

Destiny...or something like it

In the days of yore, dreams were considered prophetic. A way in which the universe is communicating with us through our subconscious. In ancient Egypt dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unravelled by those with certain powers. The Red Indians have always regarded dreams with great respect. They saw dreams as a means of obtaining sacred wisdom and guidance for life. Dreams would lead us to the right path and some even believe that dreams would show us, our destiny. If we let it.

Destiny came to me in a dream. Yes I have other dreams before, notably that really fucked up dream in which I was borderline paedophilic but that, that was nothing but my subconscious messing around with me. This other dream on the other hand, is destiny. I'm sure of it. I shall heed the wisdom of ancient Egypt and the legacy of the Red Indians and believe that this dream is my destiny.

Last night I dreamt that I was in cafe sipping coffee on my own. I sat there alone watching people coming and going away. None of them seem familiar to me. Until a man came and pulled a chair and sat down next to me. He lit my cigarette. (Apparently, I'm a smoker) He told me how beautiful I am. Than he complimented on my shoes. I look down and realise that I was wearing this gloriously beautiful pink shoes. And when I look at him again, I realise that I do recognize him.
Its Big, from Sex and the City. And bitches, I am Carrie Bradshaw.

Okay so the only thing that dream proved is that I should stop watching SATC back episodes on DVD before going to sleep. Also I need to get a life. But in that dream, I also found my destiny. My destiny is to own a pair of glorious beautiful pink shoes. It came to me in a SATC dream. SATC dream.

Pink shoes + SATC = Destiny.

Hours online have brought me to my des-ti-ny:

Jimmy Choos Lumiere Patent Sandal.

It's glorious.

This is it. The pink shoes. Can you hear that? No, hush...listen. It's calling my name. Its saying "Come CD, come and get me. We belong together. You and I. You complete me" .......Such gentle declaration of love that I have never heard before. I must have it. I must. Nothing stands in between me and my des-ti-ny.

Of course it has to be Jimmy Choos. Like I can afford it. Bastard is Malaysian and yet I cannot afford his stuff. But there you go. The pink shoes of my destiny. So Ladies and Gay Men alike, any ideas where to get the knock off version of that? I need them. It is my destiny and I intend to fulfill it. Which is just bullshit talk of I-want-to-go-shopping-so-I-come-up-with-some-melodramatic-crap-like this. Either way, pink shoes.



Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm a little shocked to learn you're not a smoker. but whats even more shocking is the new layout. i really dig it. 2 crippled thumbs up.

Tinesh said...

Was your dream in black and white? cuz it looks like a scene outta some cheesy black and white movie.. haha

peachy said...

speaking of dreams, the one i had last night involved high school people, college friends, police, concerts, paint guns and water. i have no idea.

speaking of SEXY dreams, i dreamed i was screwing daniel craig. and i don't even like him. but on complaints; he was hot and buff in the dream. and he got me a really good coffee. hehe.

awesome shoe btw, try sungai wang =P

Natalija said...

Too good! Couldn't stop laughing.

I approve. Pink shoes are gorgeous. I have a sudden need for shoes too. It must be destiny as well.

Or a really lame excuse to go out shopping. :P

Technodoll said...

Girl, you be hilaaarious! :-D just don't dream you're driving a porshe next time or sleeping will get really expensive! *grin*

Peter Varvel said...

No, Miss Bitch, IIIIIII'M Carrie-fucking-Bradshaw, LOL.
I fuck shoes, not men, if they are worthy of me fucking them, and those glorious Jimmy Choo's are definitely, um, fuck-worthy!
Get out! I didn't know he was Malaysian!
Travel, gurl (yeah, like we can afford THAT, especially if you're a student). I have found some of the best shoes in foreign lands!

bi-style said...

Okay I don't like pink ( it's not my color) but this shoes are adorable!!!!!

Quin Browne said...

i love the new look... it bespeaks drama, drama, drama.

coco said...

I once had a dream I was Blair in Gossip Girl and I was dating Nate. It was a nice dream!

Maverick SM said...

You'll get that shoe soon; believe it.

It's yours; not now, but won't be too long from now. Be happy and be confident.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Really? How come you thought of me as a smoker? Is it cause I curse like a drunken sailor? =p

But no, I dont smoke.


Dude, no it wasnt some "chessy B&W movie" - as you aptly put it. It was an episode of Sex and the City. I've mentioned that.

Pay attention to the story you sunflower.


Hey at least he wasnt a nerd! =p

And Sg.Wang. Really? Damn I hate that place. I always get lost there. Place is like a damn maze.

Thanks for the tip anyways =)


Yes, pink shoes. Piiiiink shoes. Must have pink shoes......Des-ti-ny.....=p . Hey where are you at right now?

Sabah/Sarawak or KL? We should totally go hang out one day =)


Oh noes!! I'll be broke then. LOL!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahahahahahahah!! "I fuck shoes, not men." that is soooo good. I will use that line =p

And yes, yes you're Carrie. I dont understand why I was Carrie though coz I always identify better with Miranda's character. Weird no?

And yes Jimmy Choos is Malaysian. They're always going here bout "how great Jimmy is" and
"how dreams can come true" and bla bla bla. I just think its ironic that Malaysian can't even afford his shoes....why we're supposed to be so proud of him?

Kick ass shoes though. I give him that.


Hey thanks soooo much for visting my blog =) And pink is totally my colour. I own too much stuff in pink come to think of it.......=p


Yeah, I got people telling me that too. When I chose it all I could think of was "Oooouuu purdy flowers." =p

Didn't know it would turn out as dramatic as it is now....


Anything involving Nate is indeed a nice dream =p


Of course I will. =)

Tine said...

Oh. Pretty. Shoes. I. Want.


Natalija said...

i'm in miri, sarawak. i normally have my year end hols in KL though. if i'm dropping by, i'll let you know way early in advance. :)

Tinesh said...

I did and I wanted to know if it was in black and white.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know. The price also verrrry pretty. =p


Oouuu yeah! Let me know. Would love to go hang out with you.


It was in colour. That's how I could tell that the shoes were pink....

Michelle said...

Girl, Nike is about as fancy as I get when it comes to the shoe dept, and it damn well not have any pink on it. But go for it if it's your desiny!

evie said...

two things made me laugh out loud:
1. apparently, i'm a smoker
2. bastard is malaysian and yet i cannot afford his stuff

HAHAHAHAHAHA - must stop reading your blog at work. i think they can totally tell i'm not doing any work right now

Melissa said...

shit now i desperately want this pair of pink shoes too. arghhhh!!! *pulls hair apart*

Hmm.. i'll go hunt for a similar pair (if i have the time.. meh) n i'll let u know if i get lucky

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


And I must heed the call of....des-ti-ny. =D


Ahahaha, glad you enjoyed it! =)


Please do!! =)