Thursday, May 08, 2008

Awkward. Very awkward.

This is.......... awkward.

The first one is just a random fluke. But a second one? Duuuuuudddeeeeeeee.

I know its normal. People gets it all the time. I mean it happens even more when you are repressed. But twice? Its wrong.

I'm talking bout dreams. I mean its all fine and dandy when the man in question is Clive Owen. Who looks like this:

But when the man in question is not a man but more of a man-child, who is years younger than you, who can be your younger brother....but thank God at least not a minor.....looks like this:

Yeah, it takes wrong to a whole new level. What the fuck am I doing sexing up a nerd in my sleep??!!! Talk about sexually repressed. And worst of that kid is someone I know.

I feel dirty all over. And guilty. Like I'm a nerd rapist.

A paedophile nerd rapist.


Elisabeth said...


You must need some lovin' baaaad girl.

I will send you positive Clive Owen sex dream vibes...

Natalija said...

kinky shit babe :P

Technodoll said...

Blame the programmable vibrator. Too nerdy... see, if you use something like a banana, zucchini or other similar edible, like the romans and vikings did, the man-dreams will be alot hotter.

Well, in theory :-D

Tine said...

Aren't nerds, like, totally in right now? :P

Constant Drama said...


And I would receive it here in Malaysia. Send away! =)


Not really lah. Dude's a nerd. More "disturbing" than "kinky". =S




No they're not! I WANT Clive!! Not nerds. Meh.

ohnoaini said...

wah. that's hot. i've always had a thing for fresh meat :P decent looking ones though. 16yrs old at least. in glasses. virgins. mmmmmmmm. lol.

fie the elf said...

sometimes i think nerds are cute.

was he cute?? or the icky type with pimples??

Constant Drama said...


Ahahahahahaha!! 16 y/o tak mantap ah. The older the better, I alway say. Unless of course he's older than your dad than that's just creepy as fuck.


Actually...kinda cute. You know him. Sort of. I think. I got pics of of him, group pic mostly but yeah can point out.

But still. A kid. And a nerd.

evie said...

oh my... i am somehow getting a sense of dejavu as i read this. a friend of mind recently told me that she's been having sex dreams as well... and with someone she doesn't quite want to sleep with. something's in the water here in kl man...

Melissa said...

oooohhh that sure sounds a wee bit creepy. i once had a dream french-kissing an uber hot guy in a random bar... but the following nights i had this dream where i think, i slept with this guy i know from class n godddddd it was SOOO CREEPY in the most twisted n sickening sorta way. i couldn't look him straight in the eyes for the rest of the week!