Monday, May 19, 2008

The list goes on.......

So it continues....

Number 5.

Gene Kelly

Yes, I know that he's dead. And no the Constantly Dramatic One isn't a
necrophiliac. But dude was hot back in the day. If you are an avid classic musical fan, you would definitely at some point totally have the hots for either a) Fred Astaire or b) Gene Kelly. Fred was all about elegance and grace in his dance where else Gene on the other hand...well Gene was known for his innovative, athletic style of dancing. Which translates into: "Holy mother of god! That move he did was hot! Rewind. Pause. Still. Still.....Aahhhhh".

One of Gene most famous quote was "If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance, I'm the Marlon Brandon." Indeed he was right.

Age: 84 at the time of death.

Ass status: When he was young and alive, super tight. Man was a dancer people.

Number 4.

P. Ramlee

Another dead dude. Yes yes......I know. Messed up.

The thing with P.Ramlee was that he was and will always be legendary in the Malaysian film industry. During his lifetime he directed, written and starred in as many as about 40 films that till day are being enjoyed and admired by the masses. No works of any other Malaysian filmmaker can achieve the greatness that P.Ramlee had.

So maybe as an aspiring filmmaker, its not the man that I am attracted to. But the legacy that he left behind. His admirable body of works and the fact that till this P.Ramlee's name is spoken with admiration and fondness. Also you gotta admit, dude looked pretty fine in Nujum Pak Belalang (1959).

Age: 44 at the time of death.

Ass status: I don't really care to tell you the truth.

Number 3.

Charlie Cox

Ahhhhhh Charlie. I already had my eyes sat on him in
Casanova but Stardust truly seal the deal. People, I totally watched Stardust 4 times. Once on my flight to Chicago and then 3 times in a row on my flight from Chicago back to Malaysia. It took a whole lot of self control not to just screamed "I love you Charlie!!!" and then dry hum the seat in front of me, where the screen was. Seriously.

Its his smile that gets me. Every time he smiles, I die a little inside.

Age: 26

Ass status: Its okay. I can deal.

Number 2.

Michael Fassbender

First saw him on the ill-fated British supernatural show; Hex. Fell deeply in lust. There's no one better to play the smokin hot, uber sexy demon Azazeal than Michael himself. Than of course when I spotted him in 300 running around in a loincloth alongside Gerard Butler....and that was it.

I had to watch 300, three times coz the first time I couldn't pay attention due to the hotness radiating from the screen, the second for the actual so-called plot and the third coz you know....300 men. Running around in loincloths. He played Stelios and this is his famous scene from the movie:

Age: 31

Ass status: Yummy.

Numbero Uno.

Yes. I know. You guys seen this miles away. Who didn't? Ahhhhh Clive Owen. Supreme Hotness, Smooth Operator, All-around Badass. The Constantly Dramatic One wants to do you. Desperately.

I would rip that suit off him. Seriously.

Maybe its the baritone voice. Maybe its the chin. Maybe its the fact that he is one of those men that doesn't have an ounce of feminine side. A bonafide caveman. A supremely hot caveman. Remember that scene in Closer, when he was talking dirty to Julia Roberts? Yeah, I dare you to find a hotter scene than that in any given mainstream movie. Clive Owen, too hot for words.

Age: 42
Ass Status: Pretty damn tight.

So there you go. That's my long awaited list. I'm tagging:



Natalija (No link coz her blog is by invitation only.)



Michelle said...

How did I know Clive Owen would be number 1? As far as dancers go I was big on Mikhail Baryshnikov...he's a little short but what a muscular, tight ass!

Tine said...

Gene Kelly is so hot. Plus all those old movie stars, like black and white old. Yummmmmy.

Oh, and Charlie Cox? CUTE!! I watched Stardust SO many times just to see him. Tee hee! :p

Yossarian said...


fie the elf said...

i loveeee p.ramlee!! i am soo hoping that there are dvds of his old movies available so i can start a collection!

Technodoll said...

You can't have Clive, I'm scheduled to marry him in my dreams.



Melissa said...

what can i say? it is indeed a splendid list u've got right there. clive owen.....

*drools beginning to form at both corners of mouth*

i don't care if people say that im pathetic, that guy can give me wet dreams (if ever im capable of having one haha!)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Time heals everything. Thats what they say anyways and I choose to believe. I hope you do too.


Actually they have lah. On VCDs. I have like 5 dy. Trying to have the full collection =D


But but.........he's already married. To his wife. I know this coz I'm his kept woman =p (Hey better than nothing).


Oh huney, nothing is pathethic when it comes to Clive....=D

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I had no idea it would be Clive Owen...

Can you detect the sarcasm?

Peter Varvel said...

Omg, another tag . . . you and Quin are beating my ass, man! LOL
I will get to it, eventually, because no one has a bigger sweet tooth for some man candy like I do!

ohnoaini said...

p.ramlee!! i absolutely love this genius too. it's a bummer that he wasnt appreciated in his own time.

anyhoo, i've dutifully buat the survey which im guessing is the top 5 celebrities list. i kinda added a little flavor to it tho since i was a tad gersang when i wrote it. wahahahahah.

Tinesh said...

Off the topic of hot men (do I ever??) AYAM BEG FROM BALIII!!! Babi guling siaaaal

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Why Elisabeth, no of course not...........................=p


Take your time huney.


But he WAS appreciated.....right? He was lah. People back then knew that he was a genius as well.



Quin Browne said...






Anonymous said...

Ur picks are gooooood. Totally dig them.. Hahaha.. Clive Owen is so old oredy la btw -_-

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You too? Yes, there is a reason why Singin in the Rain is my favourite movie.


The fact that you say that shows how young you are.

"To a mere child, anything over the age of 20 is old" ~ Grace Kelly in 'To Catch a Thief'.

Caroline said...

Good choice in top two! I was utterly drawn in by on the smouldering Michael Fassbender in Hex, though I've still to get me some 300 action! And Clive Owen - ever since I saw him in Elizabeth: The Golden Age I've been having sweet dreams about the lovely Sir Walter Ralegh!

Pop Feminist said...

Clive Owen in Children of Men is just about the sexiest any man has ever been. Only he could rock a fleece pullover and flipflops.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Caroline & Pop Feminist, you guys have excellent taste. =D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i knew it, i beladi knew it!!!

only that too bad i missed the drum-rolling countdown.

*if i hadnt gone to T's blog i wouldnt know there was actually the sweet-as-chocolate-swirl side of you!

you're such a darling i owe you a tight, innocent, bro-sis hugs!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Awwwwwwww *hugs*. Why were you missing anyways?