Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop stealin' my name, bitch!

Dude, this is pissing me off.

So apparently my handle "Constant Drama" is not as original as I thought. If you type that in the search box, the first thing that comes out isn't Dramatic Musings my friend. Its this lame ass hip hop album called, you know it folks: Constant Drama.

Right. Awesome. There is an a compilation of hip hop beats all fitted into an album called Constant Drama. And people, it sucks donkey balls. It sucks so much I wanna cut myself while listening to the sample tracks coz it is that bad. And they're all by these hip hop artists that I have never heard of.

Who in the fucking blue hell is Mac Mall? What kind of a dumbass called himself Mac Mall? There's another dude that called himself Mac Dre......riiiiighhhht. Are you Dr.Dre's long lost retarded little cousin? And what the hell is "Mac"? Is it some street slang for "dumbass" that I do not know of? And oh, oh get this!! There's a hip hop group that also contributes to this piece of shit. They call themselves.......wait for it: the group No Name Yet.

I cannot make shit like this up.

Now lets assume there were three clowns in this impressive hip hop ensemble. Imagine the conversation that they might have had upon creating their out of the world, insanely cool group name.

Clown #1: Now that we have a group yo, we should totally name it, yo.
Clown #2: Yo, I'm down with that. Yo.
Clown #3: But what? What about ass clowns? Yo, I be down with that.
Clown #1: Ass Clowns is not ghetto yo. Something more bangin. What bout "Mo' pussy for the bangin". Picture it dogg, when they call us out on the stage they go all like "And here to perform their first track of their album "We are ass clowns" is "More pussy for the bangin!!!". Ain't that of the hook? Yo yo. Dogg.
Clown #2: Hell no!! I ain't down with that! What about "Doggs of the Hood". Coz we doggs and we're from the hood. See what I'm sayin......Yo.

At this point the White Manager walked in...

White Manager: Boys, come up with a name yet?
Clown #3: The group? Ain't no name yet.
Clown #1: Hold up, hold up, what cha' sayin?
Clown #3: Imma sayin, us group ain't no name yet.
Clown #1: That's it!! The group No Name Yet. That's our name!!! Ain't that the shhhiiit!! Hollerrr!!!
Clown #2: That's off the hook!!!!!! The group No Name yet! You got mad skillz dogg.
Clown #3: Word.
White Manager: Whatever you boys are on, I want some of that.

I mean honestly. I listen to hip hop. I do not discriminate against them. I know Dr. Dre is good. Eminem. Tupac. Hell, Chris Brown is good but this shit its crap. I am so pissed that my handle will forever be associated with a lame ass hip hop album. Seriously. Anyone of you have heard of them so called....."Macs"? I'm willing to bet on my right buttcheeck that none of you have. But worst of all, what pisses me off the most is the cover of the album.

Fug doesn't even begin to explain the cover art. "Oooouuu lets have a background that looks like flames or the close up of a praying mantis's head- depends on how you look at it and bigass font. That shit's gangsta." Suuuureeee.....

I am so traumatized by this. I'm thinking of dropping my handle "Constant Drama" and go with "The Constantly Dramatic One" all the way. At least that's all mine and I no longer have to be associated with this ridiculously lousy hip hop album with the fugly cover art.



fie the elf said...

omg that album is so fug.

i kesian you.

i really do :(

Elisabeth said...

Oh my god. Oh my god.

That is the nastiest piece of album cover crap I have ever seen!

Quin Browne said...

i call you 'drama personified' on my blog.


firsfc said...

Lol.... I am sorry that some people were born without a brain and creativity... and you have to suffer because of them... :) The Constantly Dramatic One actually sounds better than Constant Drama...

Zikri said...

i'm not sure wheter to make fun of you or not
for some reason i just want to call you bitch XD

Peter Varvel said...

Yes, calling yourself TCDO has a much more elegant and interesting tone to it than just CD.
You are cracking me up with this post! And also, you have an absolute gift for writing dialogue!
Well done with the imaginary conversation, yo!

Farid said...

i like The Constantly Dramatic One rather than Constant Drama. It's longer, more jazzy and more um...dramatic. its certainly a mouthful, or in this case, a handful.

on a totally unrelated note, this is regarding your previous post. FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!

Adrienne said...

i agree with the above... The constantly Dramatic One is waaaaay dramatic than Constant Drama... CD sounds tame compared to TCDO

Constant Drama said...


Feel my pain!! Feel it!


I know!!


Truly noted.



Actually....I think so too. And have you commented before? I think you have right?

Constant Drama said...


What the......seriously. Was that necessary? Really? LOL


Yo! That could totally happened yo! And "the group No Named Yet"?......I totally think they set up a new boundary for stupidity.



Farrrriddd....dude you're reading my blog now? Since when? Eh LoTR plans still on right?

And I'll finish it lah...eventually....*evil laugh*


That settles it then. I'm dropping with Constant Drama and going with the Constantly Dramatic One now. Yuuuuppp.......

firsfc said...

I think I have. Besides, you already know me from a long while back, :P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ouuuu alll mysterious now. Hints?

firsfc said...

Lol... Nothing to be mysterious about.. We used to sit next to each other in Puan Aziyah (If i remember and spell it right) back in Std. 6. Hahaha.... bet you can remember that one

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

No no, its spelled "Aziah". She totally made a big deal out of the spelling rmbr? And OMG, of course I rmbr you!!

How you been? How you found my blog? And oh btw, I need to say this. You are looking waaaaay hot these days my friend. Waaaaaaaay HOTT. ;-p

firsfc said...

Thanks, :D I actually found it from one of the comments u left on Rusted Dreams and decided that it is an amazing read... You crack me up all the time. We should totally hang out the next time I come home.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

You, me and Lalat fo sho. =)