Saturday, May 03, 2008


Finals are done!!!
Holidays are here!!!!!!

Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!


Technodoll said...

I freaking LOVE that drawing! Mama mia look at that bootie! LOL

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!! you deserved them!!

Maverick SM said...

Happy holiday, honey!

Have a good rest and find things to give you fun and joy before life's stress starts another chapter.

Go,go, go, fun, fun, fun.

faye said...

lucky :(

I have two more finals :P how long is your hols ?

Michelle said...

Congrats! Have some fun now!

Melissa said...

Make sure u have a blast, alright?

Anddd more time for Turkish soldiers with super tight ass eh? *Wink wink*

Awwww now I am sorely tempted to re-register my Facebook account ><

Constant Drama said...

Thanks guys!! I'm off to enjoy myself now!! WHEEEE!!!!

Didi Ooi said...

WTF the pic is hornily cool. Hahahaha, bootylicious agen that them @.@"

ohnoaini said...

eeek. you've been in my bookmark for quite awhile, just thought you should know. ;)

you flustered me when you commented on my blog. holyfuckwutwawawutttt.

i'm linking u btw :))

happy hols!

Constant Drama said...


Seriously? Whoa. Hehehehe, yeah I'm linking you too. And indeed, I am enjoying the holidays.