Monday, May 12, 2008

A (partial) list of hot men as according to the Constantly Dramatic One...

I have been tagged by Gypsy, who y'all should know by now is the Constantly Dramatic One's bestfriend all the way from the schooling years. And woman have to tag me with what I am declaring as the most DIFFICULT tag imaginable in the history of the blogsphere. Seriously. I'm supposed to list down the 10 hottest men as according to me. Its kinda tough when I have like 50 dudes all over the place.....Took me ages to come down with the top ten.

It was painful having to leave some out. Gut wrenching, heart breaking....... but it has too be done to honour the tag. Also I honestly have nothing else to do...actually I have to clean my room but fuck that shit. So I present to you:
A (partial) list of hot men as according to the Constantly Dramatic One!!

Number 10.

Iker Casillas of Real Madrid.

The first time I saw super hottie Iker Casillas was on the massive screen in the stadium. The year was 2002 and my family and I was in Suwon, South Korea -
Fifa World Cup 2002 bitches. Ireland VS Spain game of which Spain totally pwned Ireland in the knockout stage.

Have you heard of the saying "Football is a beautiful game"? Yeah....looking at Iker I completely understand why they say that.

Age: 27
Ass status: Super tight. I mean c'mon, he is an athlete.
Super Hot YouTube video: *click*

Number 9.

Sean Bean

Ahhhhh....... Sean Bean. You might not be familiar with this British badass coz he isn't all that famous. Mostly plays the second fiddle to the leading man or the sophisticated villain. Last seen with Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. And oh yeah, he was also Boromir in Lord of the Rings. He was the star of his own TV series, Sharpe (1993-2006) in which he struts around in a period military uniform and makes all the panties drop.

For me....its not really the face, its more like the voice. Dude have the manliest voice I have ever heard. I have a couple of his movies on DVD and I just let it play to hear his voice. Sexiest voice evvveeeeeeerrr. I could burst a blood vessel just listening to his voice.

Age: 50 (Kinda creepy coz he's old as my mom.....I think I should seek psychiatrist help one of these days....)

Ass status: Not tight but he's old so.......

Super hot youTube video:*click*

Number 8.

Keegan Micheal Key

Basically a new discovery. I have been obsessively watching MADtv videos on youTube which also explains the lack of updates. Keegan Michael Key is one of the funniest and talented cast member of the current MADtv cast and he always cracks me up. A man with a sense of humour is indeed a sexy man.

Age: 36
Ass status: Its okay......
Super hot youTube video: None, but there are some really funny ones. And my favourite is this one where he is pretending to be a fake African. Its hilarious. Check it out!

Number 7.


First and foremost Juanes is a musician, a very talented musician. His uber hotness comes from his unmistakable passion for music. You can feel that passion in every song that he sings. And I say that from a view point of someone who speaks no word of Spanish. When you don't understand the language, you enjoy the beats, the flow but most of all what attracts me to any kind of music is the passion conveyed by the singer. And Juanes have truckloads of that.

Passionate, talented and I did mention he's a rock star right?

Age: 35
Ass status: Very niiiiiceeeee....

Super hot youTube video: A whole lot but this is the link to my favourite song of his; A Dios Le Pido

Number 6.

Ralph Fiennes

Most people pronounces his name as well, "Ral-ph Fien-nes" but in actually you pronounce it as "Rafe Fine" and indeed he is ffffiiiiiinnnneeeeee. Suave and sensual are the words to describe Mr.Fiiiinnnee. And oh yeah, that's also that little thing about him. You know that little thing of looking smoking hot in a uniforms. Schindler's List anyone?

I want to lock him up in my closet and make him my play thing.

Now you know.

Age: 45
Ass status: Dunno. Too fixated with his eyes.
Super hot youTube video:

And we're done with the first part. Stay tuned with the second part and yes Clive Owen is in there somewhere. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

To be continued............


Melissa said...

Casillas is SUPER hot okayyy, i couldn't agree more with ya! I remember that i used to fight with my friend over who 'deserves' to settle down with him if say, hypothetically he were to fall with either one of us. Sheeshhhh!!! I was THAT deluded back then. But u can't blame me, i mean check out that ass babeee, it's tight! ooohh yes, you've mentioned it already heee *grins stupidly*

p/s: can't wait for ur next half of the list ;-)

Tinesh said...

Im funny and Ima musician but I dont get any "Tinesh, ure a sexay boi" comments..Not even from my girlfriend.. This is saaad :(

Peter Varvel said...

Yum! Thanks for the man candy!
I, too, lust after KMK, and Johnny Depp, and Benjamin Bratt, and Fred Ward, and Charles Shaughnessy from 'The Nanny,' etc. etc.

fie the elf said...

MADTV is awesome!!

P/S I miss you :(

Michelle said...

So, I'm not the only one that thinks Sean Bean is hot! I think he looks better older. Ralph Fiennnes is another one I like, the others I'm not familiar with. Can't wait to see the rest of your list!

What happened to your Mother's day post? :)

Constant Drama said...


Oh how he rocked my world back in the day. Super, super tight ass.

Malam-malam tidur peluk bantal while thinking of him. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! Bodoh sial =p


You are a sexy boi. Next time I see you, I do the Sexy Penguin Waddle.


Coz you're such a sexy boi. =p


Charles Shaughnessy...ooohh yes him.....hhhmmmm........and yay!! Another person who thinks KMK is hotstuff too. YAY!!


Waaaaay better than SNL right? And yes babe, I miss you too. =(


Yes, Sean Bean does get hotter as he ages. How many ppl can say that? Lucky bastard.

And my mother's day post? I think its short and pathethic and I wanna write a better one just for my mom. A lil bit late but I want it to be better. =)

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Can't see why you take such a loooooooooooooooooong time to complete this. It's only 10. come on..

Technodoll said...

Ralph Fiennes! is HOOOOOOWWWT! Did you see him in "Red Dragon"? what a BOD and you get frontal nudity, reeerrr!

Clive Owen is mine all mine, so I'm glad you didn't nominate him :-D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oookay...sorry to play a party-pooper here but my money's on that clive owen guy to take the top spot.

Quin Browne said...


a dear, dear friend of mine used to adore sean bean...we'd joke she had a shrine set up to him in her back yard, and this was 8 years ago... i always wish she'd lived long enough to see him in sharpe and lotr...

i'm glad you, too, have the same excellent taste.

Elisabeth said...

I have a feeling I could guess who'll be close to number one!

evie said...

i'm with elisabeth. you're sooo predictable :p

but i love ralph so please don't be selfish and lock him up k?

Constant Drama said...


Coz I'm super malas lah...but I'm keeping you waiting right.... =p


Ahhh the joy of full frontal. Indeed.....And Clive isnt there in the list?...Oh yeah. Not in this one....*durn durn durrrrnnn*


I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I bet she's in a better place now.

And moi? Excellent taste?....
But of course....

Constant Drama said...


Really?! Who? *straight face*


We shall seeee....


But I do want toooooo.......

Prince Gomolvilas said...

OMG, Clive Owen is SO at the top of your list, why even pretend?!