Friday, June 27, 2008

Priorities. I haz dem.

If any of you have been following this blog for a while, you would notice that I only blog on 3 days of the week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Don't ask me why those days, it just seems like a good idea. Of course you would also notice that I missed a post yesterday and I have perfectly good reason for that:

Clive Owen.

See, awesome reason. No one can dispute that....But let me take it from the top.

I do not know those good people who are working in HBO Asia, but whoever they are; I hope one day I would get to cross paths with them and tell them how awesome they are. How everyday for the rest of my life I will always think of them in my prayers, how one day 1000 cupcakes with the words "Thank You" on it, in strawberry icing (no less) would appear on their doorsteps magically, how I only wish the best for them and their families.
Yes, people-working-in-HBO Asia: The Constantly Dramatic One hearts you.

On Tuesday night, those people who work in HBO Asia has graciously played two Clive Owen movies back to back.

Back to back. Inside Man and then Children of Men.


Shit's better than pr0n man.

Much, much better. I thought I was coming down with a fever. Turned the AC on, but that didn't help one bit. Nope, not at all....

Let's talk about Children of Men. See in that movie, they want us to believe that its the year 2027 and the world have become this incredibly horrible place. Women can no longer give birth and the world's population is dying because well, there's no more children. But really, casting Clive in it kinda completely defeats the whole purpose of the movie.
It makes no sense. How could the world be horrible and desolated when Clive's there looking ruggedly and supremely hot. And how could women NOT get pregnant when Clive's around? I mean, that shit makes no sense. Its like saying gravity doesn't exists.

This bitch is sooo lucky that she has a baby or I would have layeth the smacketh down on her sorry ass.

And who says the world is horrible just cause there are no children in it. Seriously? Stop creating drama when there is none. Who the hell wrote the script for this movie anyways? I mean.......I don't want to be the bitch who says it but y'all know my view on children. And plus this also means that I can have kinky monkey sex with Clive without protection and I won't get pregnant?.........Huhu sign me up bitches! Sounds like a good time to me. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Of course the whole Clive Owen movie marathon ended round 3am on Thursday. I would have blogged then.....but I forgotten cause I was busy finishing a whole box of chocolate by myself and then still need to have a cold shower cause the chocolates didn't work... already sleepy.

So I'm sorry that I abandon you guys for Clive, but c'mon....girl gotta have her priorities. Riiiiittttteeeeeee..........


Technodoll said...

I don't believe in God cuz I prayed a long time to wake up and see him eating crackers in my bed, alas it was not meant to be.

He makes the sun seem tepid.

Tinesh said...

Inside man is a mindfuck movie maaan..Awesome shit!

Michelle said...

You crack me up.

Kuan said...

ooo i love his suit


i got one charcoal grey instead! ugh

hey, clive has dark hair, i have dark hair, he has fairer skin than me, my skin is quite fair.....

i can mimic his style! LOL

i know, muka tebal, shoot me

Elisabeth said...

When you pair hook up and get married you'd better invite me to the wedding!

michelle said...

have you seen him in 'closer'? so, so sexy. and smart. and brutal. closer's brilliant on its own, but all the more so with clive owen and jude law and natalie portman and julia roberts.

but especially with clive owen.

Anonymous said...

kinky monkey sex??

i totally went and googled that.

i need a life.

Maverick SM said...

You got a new's extremely pleasing and nice.

Hi, I don't know clive or Owen coz I don't watch movie much.

But I know who is Michael Owen..hehehehe

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ohhhhhkaaaaaayyyy........What are you talking about? *confused*


It's completely original man. I bow down and stare in wonder at the writers.


I try babe....I try =p


I know!! I love the suit too. But as much as I love it, I wouldnt mind see it off too =p . I am so damn hansap =p

And uh sure Kuan, suuuuureeeeee you can look like Clive too *coughs*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I dont want to marry him....I just wanna do him. Oh rue my sinful, lusty thoughts =p


Of course I have seen Closer. See it 16 times. I kid you not.

You know that part where he came down the staircase, with a sweater over a white shirt, looking all frumpy and ruggedly handsome? Right before the whole "Because I'm a fucking caveman scene!!"?

OMG!!! Super hot. Super.

I died a little inside.


Actually....I Googled it too- after you mentioned it. Found a page called "Incentuous Gay Monkey Sex.".....................AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA LMAO!!!!

Did you find that too?


Thank you. I think the template is lovely too. =D

Kuan said... could have make my day if there's no 'cough' involve, sigh....

Melissa said...

yeah i agree wit ya, it sure doesn't make any sense to have both CLIVE OWEN and non-preggers around!

and ohhhh i ate them delicious chocs at night too! just recently i had this huge craving for chocs that i ended up eating a bar of mars and a bar of snickers in one go. i felt sooo happy after that that i went to bed with a stupid grin plastered to my face.

Quin Browne said...

i believe in 'rent a child'... with branches in all airports and amusement parks.

it would cut down on traveling expenses and stretch marks.