Monday, June 16, 2008

The one that was supposed to be published on June 6th.....

The following post was supposed to be published on Friday, June 6th. But before I managed to do that I was hit with some kind of early-twenties-life-crisis, which I rather not talk about but have left me felling depressed for the whole of last week.

Issues. I haz dem.

In any event, things are looking up now...somewhat. I have scheduled a meeting with the college therapist because you know, calling
Befrienders help line and crying to strangers in the middle of the night has lost its appeal. And totally raking up the phone bill. The college therapist however, is confidential and free. Keyword being "free". Even in turmoil, the Constantly Dramatic One is a cheapskate.

Consider the following post a time machine if you must, let it take it back to last last Friday, to the time when I haven't had any fucking issues. Well not as much anyways.

And oh- I'm back, bitches.

Friday, June 6th 2008

Its like this whole week I have been getting screwed by members of the opposite sex. And not in ways that I desire to be screwed either. Ahem. *buffs nails*

So let's recap: On Monday, I the Constantly Dramatic One had a very awkward situation involving
a dude whom I faked numbered. Situation have not really improve since than seeing that I still act like I'm constipated around him. On Wednesday, I decided to go window shopping on my own and ended up being followed around by six men. The fear I felt might have cut my lifespan short by seven years. And then yesterday, I got screwed yet again.... by another member of the opposite sex.

And no, still not in the way I desired to be screwed.

I was sitting on my own, minding my own business.....studying for a quiz that's coming on next Monday when out of sudden someone begun massaging my shoulders. Okay massaging is an exaggeration. More like two squeeze at the shoulders but still.....

"You look so tense CD, and its only the second week."

I turned around and it was that kid that I had a dream about. You know....
that dream. I freaked like crazy. I was trying to avoid his touch that I turned around so quickly; I almost fell of the chair. I was already half away to the floor when I grabbed onto the table which simultaneously save my face from having a direct contact with the floor and humiliating myself. If I would have slipped off my chair, I would have forever branded myself as a dumbass within the hallways of my college.

"Are you okay? Why are you freaking out?"
"I'm not freaking out. Who says I'm freaking out?"
"You face almost hit the floor."
"Human error."
"Riiiiggghhht.....that chair taken up?"

Before I could say anything, the son of a bitch sat his ass down right next to me. There are 3 other empty chairs at the table. But nooooooooo, he just had to sit next to me. Son of a bitch.

"Why are you sitting so near to me?"
"I'm not sitting near to you."
"Yes you are."

Okay truth be told he wasn't sitting that near. He was like an arm's length away but considering the nature of the dream that I had about arm's length is like.....vulgar. Its awkward okay. I don't want him to sit next to me!! So I ignore him and pretended to be soooo into reading my textbook.

"What are you reading?"

Then his face appeared out of nowhere next to mine. So fucking close. I almost died.

"What are you reading?"
"Dude, why the hell are you so nosy?"
"Why are you being so weird?"
"I'm PMSing. My hormones are all over the place!"

*Awkward silence.*

"So I can get back to my book now?"
"What's PMS?"

...................................OMG!!!!!!! I can't believe I had a sex dream about him!!!!!! What kind of dumbass doesn't know what a PMS is?!! I mean honest to God?! Seriously. No wonder I feel awkward, its like I raped him in my sleep. A child, a mere child. "What's PMS?". Good god.

Talk about sexually repressed. Me. Not him. Coz you know.....
He probably still thinks that babies get delivered by storks.


fie the elf said...

i miss you! we so have to chat!

Natalija said...

I missed you!!

Abt your dream, i read somewhere like eons ago that if you dream abt knocking boots with someone whom you would NEVER date in real life, its a sign that you're still looking for the right one bcoz u havent' met a guy that can totally sweep you off your feet. That and you're really fedup with the same old rountine of jerks that you've been previously dating Something like that. I summarized. :P

Technodoll said...

ohhh my god, that stork pic had me in stitches!! where do you find these things! :-D

Glad you are back, we wuz all concerned about you here, madame... and boys, you know what they say about boys.

"can't live with them, but yet they're everywhere..."

Quin Browne said...

this, too, shall pass.

missed you posting... ((HUGS))

Peter Varvel said...

I don't mind being touched by strangers. Being touched by strange people can be a problem, though. Yes, there is a difference . . . usually, LOL.
So, CD, which one are you?

Zikri said...

Aih, that sucks. Hope you're all right and best of luck with the therapist on dealing with your issues.

Anyway, concerning nerd boy.
Maybe you're being told to educate him about wimen

Adrienne said...

take a deep breath and release... *repeat 5 time* ....

ice cream might help?

Tinesh said...

First of all, nothing wrong being cheapskate, we're students at a fucked up college wcch sucks money after all.

And sorry about you having dreams about raping a kid la.

And when you're down, remember! SAYA BEBASSS!! HAHAHAHAHA

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yeah I miss you too. I am barely online these days.


Ahhhhhhh, thank you for that in depth analysis. I feel so much better now =)


Throw rocks at the boys. That's the best solution. =)

And oh I get the pics from


I know, it just takes time. But thank you anyways. =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ahhhh I do mind being touched by strangers. I'm perfectly fine with people I know well but if only passing acqquintance touch me than you know....I get uncomfortable.



Thank you for the support. As for nerdboy, dude, let someone educate him. Cannot tahan lah. So stupid.


Ice cream, chocolate, puding, everything that is sweeeeet dah try dah. No luck.

Its time to pull out the big guns.




Farid said...

Oh my dearest constantly dramatic one, i fear for you. Hey, what if HE is reading this post. Then he'd definitely know about that dream. Things might get even more awkweird.

Elisabeth said...

So glad you're back!

And in life, I guess we'll always meet freaks.. *ahem*.. individuals like this - hopefully just ignore him and he'll get the message!

Michelle said...

I have no words of wisdom...just hope you're feeling better!

Adrienne said...

Buy blingss! it always makes me happy ;) . i've had my share of early twenties life crisis too.. since last year i think?(but then i'm 19 then so i dont really know what to call it)

i'm generally a happy person. used to be lah. dunno why, makin tua makin emo lah pulak... meh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No chance he is....I hope to God that he doesnt anyways =S


He's not a freak. Just a nerd. And a child...... =S


Thank you =)


"Makin tua, makin emo."

..................AHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. =)

Melissa said...

dude doesnt know what PMS stands for? *shakes head sadly* i genuinely feel sorry for his future wife...