Saturday, February 14, 2009

First post from Down Under

I'm back.

Updates later cause now I have to reorganize my room (yay! I'm not homeless) and set up the printer. Just letting y'all know that I am back. And this time, the Constantly Dramatic One is reporting from Down Under.

Watch this space.


Zikri said...

welcome.. back? i dunno whatever. glad you're not living like a bum in some alley though.

Anne said...

so.. nudist or crazy vegan lady?

sab said...

woot woot! welcome! i was going to ask you if you received the luggage tag. i'm not too confident about our shipping here. :( i sent it 2nd week Jan. sigh. maybe not eh?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i wonder if you have received my email or not.

Michelle said...

Yea! You're not homeless! Have fun!

JD Cole said...

yeay~ u're back!! =)

pattirmina said...

yay! glad to hear tht u r ok. =)

Frank said...

Where did you find a place to live?

evie said...

Just one word: YAY!

winda said...

yay!!! you're back!! it's quite funny though, cos i planned to email you today. You know, just checking on which bridge-tunnel you're sleeping ;)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Says Mister-I-Wanna-disembowel-Clive Owen.

How could you Zikri?! How could you? *drama!


Neither, OCD law student instead.


Oh no, I did not! =(


I have Kerp. I'll reply to it one of these days =)


I'll try =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

JD Cole:

Yay for me too! =D


Thanks babes =)


Not a tunnel fo sho. =p




You're a psychic thats why =D

Zikri said...

because I'm a heartless evil bastard who will never let go of a chance to pwn someone

sab said...

waaah! ohno! i hate hate our post office!