Friday, February 27, 2009

I am yet another schoolgirl...

I remember my first crush.

I was 5 years old and he was a prince. No totally, he was. His name was Eric and he was this 2-dimesional character from Disney’s the Little Mermaid. See, I did not know that it was a crush at that point. I just liked looking at him. It wasn’t years down the road did I realise that it was indeed a crush. My first crush. And on a cartoon character no less.



The second crush I had was on this boy from kindergarten. My playdate. I thought it was a crush…and I’m pretty sure it was. Nothing happened though. Cause well, we were kids. However years down the road when were both 13….we did ended up dating for a bit. Til his dad got relocated overseas and that was that.



Forwarded years down the road, the awkward teenage years and there was another boy. A cute boy. Man, I totally had a crush on him and my crush was the source of amusement for all my friends. I remember that in the beginning, I was totally into him and then somewhere along the way I got over him and then he turned into a huge joke. Well not him, but the idea of him and I kept pursuing him cause it was funny. Cause my friends and I wanted a laugh. We scared the poor boy half to death. I wonder what happened to him.



And then there was of course these other boys that were cute, that I liked but just because I was bored. Made no impact on me, just one of those things that you do. Clive Owen does not enter this conversation cause he is not real. We are talking bout actual guys here. Flesh and blood instead of…well my sordid fantasies of a Hollywood star. Nope time flies.I grew up. Memories, friends, ex-boyfriends…haven’t had a crush in ages.



Till I get here. And met him. And now it’s back to the embarrassing school girl crush I’ve thought I have left behind so long ago. I’m too old for this shit. I’m here to study. I have to focus. Soldier on. That fuckery.



But aaaahh…my lips are saying no. My heart is going “Don’t go crazy on me biotch.” But my loins….oh how it verily throbs with mad desire....


Zikri said...

Suddenly I'm wondering..

If guys get blue balls
what do girls get?

Red Lips and Cigarette Sticks said...

Just wanted to say i really enjoyed reading your blog! how can i follow?? i couldnt find the button thing??

jaak said...

Better Turk than Papist

Tinesh said...

You scared a boy to death. Some things never change. There is a diff boy now, and YOU STIL FUCKIN THREATEN ME WITH YOUR SO CALLED NAKED PICS!!!! :P


ps: the line would work with any guy, trust me.

Cheryl said...

I love crushes.

.. if they turn into something else ;)

Anne said...

my first crush was a cartoon too. guess. no srsly guess.

biker mice from mars. -_-

you tell me how messed up that is. i mean DUDE. how the fuck can i have a crush on a damn rat??

oh and congrats. i havent had butterflies (or crushes) for such a long time. damn that is one awesome feeling. enjoy!

senorita.. said...

hey. seeing that i have finally read all the entries i missed, this comment's gonna touch on this n that alrite? first off, the speaking good english bit. dude........ been there, asked that. it's irritating n funny. homesickness, suck at cooking etc, u'll get better with time. have pot luck with international frens, shud b loads of fun!

n great speech on the first day. hahaha.. ur bullshit will convince anybody! n when u coming back? i cannot wait to meet u for real, if u r keen. :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, the old throbbing-loin syndrome! I see it all the time with female gorillas in oestrus. Is your vulva engorged by any chance?

evie said...

I liked looking at some cartoon character from Voltron (I think). Sigh! Anyway, no one's ever too old to feel like that... and it sure as heck makes the days more interesting :p

Technodoll said...



CD is... in lust with an ozzie?!

*waits on pins and needles for further development*

Frank said...

Giggity giggity giggity!

That's all I got.

rujing said...

oh man, i'm so glad you wrote this! am going through something embarrasingly excruciating myself. it's comforting to know i'm not alone in this ebarrassing shit. ha! i can't stop giggling now. god, i'm lame.

hope things are well in uni. and i hope things turn out well with him (in italics)

winda said...

i'm no better than you. First crush is a tie between kotaro minami the kamen rider and mamoru chiba the masked tuxedo.

but at least kotaro minami is 3D, not cartoon.

Congratulation with the buterfly :)
i always think love/crush gives that extra something to your study/work. And with you, it'll be extra positive something :)

Oh and you are Ossum. With capital O, there, happy? ;)

Cecilia said...

I can't remember my first crush for the life of me, and yes, Clive Owen is awesome. Who ever said you couldn't have fun and study at the same time? ;)

Tine said...

Awww ... I remember all my crushes. So embarrassing indeed :P

Anonymous said...

one of my high school crush is now one of my best-est friend. i dont know how it turned out that way, but im glad.

Giselle Ariane said...

oh man!
I loved eric too!!!!
I soo did. I used to drool over him in my footsie pajamas

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I can answer that....but it'll be too filthy and yeah...this is not that type of blog. If you get what I'm sayin.

Red Lips:

Oh my!! Thank you so much. I don't have the followers button cause I don't like it but you can always copy and paste my url into your dashboard follower thingie and you will be just fine.

Thanks again for dropping by.


You are so offensive.


The line will huh? I shall try it once of these days! Haha!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


If only babe...if only......*le sigh*


I had on a cartoon duck!! Haha!! One of those mighty ducks cartoon! OMG! The fuck were we thinking?!! Hahaha!

Also, how come your kucing juling like that?


OMG! I am keen!! But I will be back probably February next year. I wanna live abroad for a whole year...if I could. But yeah, I'll drop you a line once I get back.

Gorrilla Bananas:

Well yes it is. How clever of you. We are all mammals in the end, right? =p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know kan. But goodamn Evie, he is a cutie. Haih...


Trust me, if there is- I will definitely let you know.


I can't stop giggling too! Hehe. And also, sexy new profile pic.


OMG! I hope it works out with your crush. Nothing's happening with mine yet. Dammit!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Hey hey, duuuude...The Masked Tuxedo was one hot piece of ass okay? Ain't nothing wrong with appreciating a hot piece of ass...even if he is a cartoon =p


Uummmm Clive Owen. Nom nom =p


It makes you blush...but it also makes you feel good. No?


Glad? Really? Doesnt it suck to be in the "friend zone"?


I know!!! Even when I see him now, knowing he's cartoon and all..,I still think he's cute =D

Anonymous said...

oh ya. because i was so over him already.

and it turns out, he's a great listener, a good guy friend type but nothing more than that. =)