Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is a hiatus, but not one by choice

This would be my last post for a looong time. As things are all pretty fucked up, the next time I will get a net connection is pretty uncertain. Therefore, I honestly do not know when I will blog next. It could be a week from now, maybe 2 weeks, maybe a month or more then that. I make no promises cause just like half of the population of the world, the Constantly Dramatic One is yet another victim of circumstances.

So here's the deal, save yourself from checking this page everyday by

1) Adding me on your Google Reader or whatever other websites that tracks website RSS feed. Life would be so much easier then clicking everyday.

2) I have never ask anyone to follow me on that Google Follower thing cause I think its like a popularity contest. And I don't like that shit. I have never been the most popular kid in school nor do I have any inclinations to be one. I rather tell people to fuck off to their faces then give a fuck about what people think of me. However since this blogging this is somewhat precious to me, I am asking you to follow me so that you'll know when next I will update. When I do, feel free to unfollow and I will delete the widget off my page. But while I'm gone, it will be there.

3) My flight is at 9am on Sunday. So if you email me now, just provide me with your email...I can put your email in my blogger subscription list. But that's only if you email me before like 6am Sunday.

4) I am inviting my formerly good friend, Traitorous Non-Sunflower a.k.a Tinesh of STICKS (check out the sidebar under "Not Dramatic but Buddies") as an invited writer of Dramatic Musings so that he can moderate your comments. I'm damn paranoid that some friends would comment and give away specific details about me so he gonna watch out for that. Also, in the event that somehow I cannot access blogger from wherever the hell I will be...he will let you guys know of my new url.

See bitches, I am prepared.

Also before anything else, shout out to friends:

To Gypsy, Nixa and Ginny- Thank you for the gifts and for always being there for me. 

To Arwen Jinjang aka Blosshom aka Sunflower Numbero Uno, who's in Ukraine- Bish plz. The fact that I would be in Australia when we next Skype with each other makes no difference whatsoever. Stop your wayang Hindustan over there. 

To Sharin- Good luck in New Zealand babe. Ironic how you received the offer first but I'm leaving before you. I'll miss you and I will always remember "Apa the fuck?" =D

To 3kc- Already missing you babes. Hook me up with your hot Australian Navy friend one of these days and the pain of missing you will lessen. True story.

To Tinesh and Sathya- Fuck guys. I'm sorry we can't meet up one last time. Rest assured that I have develop pictures of y'all and be putting it on my wall when I do have walls over there. And send you emails of me half naked once I'm in Aussie....Kidding! Haha, taaakuuttt....

To Farid and Mell- I'm so sorry our LOTR marathon tak jadi. But hey, there's always term break. And you know when I work as a maid in Aussie...I can come over and clean your room cause I would have cleaning skillz then =p . And oh.......cchhhiiillll.....

To Lalathi and Bella- Thank you for the living-in-Aussie tips and whatnot. I truly appreciate that. I would totally lost my shit if it's not for you guys.

To Elfie- Haha! When my tits sag from my excessive weightloss, I will think of you. "True friends do not let true friends' tities sag!"

To Munkao- Totally gonna miss our pancakes moments together. And oh be true to yourself, be gay already. You know you want too......

To other friends- Goodbye guys, sorry we can't meet up. It's all my fault for putting off everything at the last possible moment. Mah bad. Feel free to kick my ass when I come back for term break or something.

The next time I'll blog, it would be from Down Under. Have fun, take care, create some drama and I'll see you....when I do. Ta bitches.

hugs, kisses and all that jazz,
the Constantly Dramatic One


kimber p said...

well, I don't know you all that well, seeing as how I just started following you the other day. But, I do know I love your posts....and hope you'll be back soon :)

Tinesh said...

I hijacked your blog what you talking about you inviting me???

and i'm gonna miss arguing with you and stuff. BUT NO NEKKID PICS OKAAAYYY?????

love ya babe

Technodoll said...

Fare well, sweet one! Wave when you can, until then we will wait patiently for your new life to settle down a bit...

ps: don't fall in love with any ozzies, they're no-good jerks anyways. All of them. *shakes fist at ozzie men*

gypsy-on-the-move said...

I will miss you babe. A Lot.

JD Cole said...

all the best of luck hun~ :)

pattirmina said...

All the best to you tcdo!

I'll be looking forward for your next post(s), even if it takes you years to post another post. (which i hope won't be that long)

Take care. =)

Khairul said...

All the best CD! And oh, I've subscribed to your blog ages ago, but could you please change the feed settings to full? Please...

Anne said...

TTFN. You take care, have fun and dont forget to study. We will always be connected thru the interwebs. Hugs and kisses! Loves!!

quin browne said...

i still can't tell you how proud i am of you, and all you've done.



you rock.