Thursday, July 10, 2008


I don't usually do this but uuuhhh to the dude who found Dramatic Musings through the Google search "sexy women with donkeys dvd"....hello. How are you?

Pray tell ser, have you found your DVD? I know, I know its tough isnt it? Fetishes, how people scorn them so. I have a fetish too. Mine fall under the "hot men in uniform" kind of fetishes. Firefighters more like, with their little orange helmets..... drives me wild ser. Just wild.
I once know a guy who was into feet that he asked me to take pictures of my feet and send it to him. True story. Didn't sent the photos though. But never ser, have I come across a man with a thing for donkeys.

What's that? It's not uncommon? A lot of people thinks that donkeys are sexy too? Really? This creature?


Hhhhhmmmm astounding ser. I've never noticed it before really. But now that you mentioned...yes I see it now. The shaggy fur, the long face..... ahhhh the divine colouring. Lovely lovely. And the saggy belly. How could I forget that?
Yes a gut hanging out is always the pinnacle of sexiness.

Hhhmmm....wait. What's that? Oh the donkeys are not so sexy on their own? You don't say. Donkeys need a sexy woman with that to even become sexier? Ohhh right. Rigggghhhtttt..........

You sick sick bastard.

What the fuck? What the hell is wrong with you?! A donkey?! Why don't you go get a donkey and do it yourself. I mean, I get fetishes. I get BDSM but ohmygod bestiality is just pushing it okay. It's disgusting. Dude go get help or something. This is not ancient Roman in which horses and men do it and come up with centaurs. Those are myths you sick bastard. Short of that go buy a farm. Somewhere far away. Breed donkeys and have crazy wild sex orgy with them. Far away from civilization. Far away from other people. And far away from me.

I would like to talk more about this and come up with ways on which you can fuck off and die but I guess that would be too judgemental of me. But then for the sake of the donkeys of the world, you should die. You sick sick bastard.

You disgust me.


Peter Varvel said...

Hey, maybe the donkey enjoys it (*evil laughter*)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i wonder if he wanks on a jack or a jenny. either one, he's just sick man...kihkihh...and this comes from a notorious sicko himself!

get a life doooode...try panty-sniffin. might just work out for this dickhead. instead of stealing a whole jackass and going thru all the trouble getting it into his pick-up, his jeans pocket might be able to at least fit in 8 pairs of white cottons!

Tinesh said...

WTH?? why donkeys and ur blog? im gonna google and see if i find it proper.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Donkeys need love too.

Fabulously Broke said...

That is close to my reaction with "Kayla Chubby Stripper"

But donkeys, especially sexy ones are worse.

fie the elf said...

fucking sick

Zikri said...

I do believe your frequent use of "donkey balls" have come to bite you in the ass
still some sick shit though that dude/chick/person

Technodoll said...

At least it wasn't "dead donkeys"...

Secretista said...

HAHAHAH! You're too funny.

Natalija said...


Ewww what kind of twisted lunatic is that? No seriously, he should fuck off and die. How disgusting!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, maybe that guy will get turned on by looking at this-

Elisabeth said...

No, no, no!! That's so wrong on so many deep and disturbing levels.

You sure know how to attract 'em...!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well...if that's how the donkey....swings than who am I to say anything? =p


A donkey is still a sexay donkey doesnt matter what its gender is. Well according to this sick bastard lah.


Ahhhh dude, I already gave the link lah. Its the green, bolded text. That's the link.....

Just click on that.


Interspecies love?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well "chubby strippers" are better than sexy donkeys any day of the week.

Fo sho'


I know. So wrong.

Zikri: has bitten me in the ass.


Oh man....that's even worst. =S

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Well....more like ridiculously disturbed at the moment. But thanks anyways =)


Yes, my thoughts excatly.




I know, right? Instead of attracting Clive Owen here, I'm attractinng donkey-screwing-sick-bastards.

There is no justice in the world.

Michelle said...

I heard that "donkey shows" are big in Tijauna. Well, that's what I heard!!

Tine said...

Hahahaha!! How did your blog even come up in the sexy women with donkeys search anyway?

Still. That was HIlarious :p

Anonymous said...

Somebody enquried as to why a man had a nickname donkey.

He replied eaw eaw he always calls me that.

Anonymous said...

That made no sense, what I meant to say was that the guy was asked why a man always called him donkey,
he replied "eaw eaw he always calls me that."

No answers for the zoophile and his condition though.

Maverick SM said...

I never thought donkey is sexy? Are they?

Bercinta Laju-Laju said...

Kita harus raikan kasih sayang itu!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


So. Fucked. Up.


I think its my overusage of "that sucks donkey balls". =S


You're right. That first one totally made no sense.


No! Of course they're not. Dont lah ask questions like that. Creepy lah.

Cinta Laju-laju:

Ko lah pergi raikan. Raikan till the cows come home.

Diva by Default said...

LOL!!! I love your blog name!!! I'm right there with you sister; I feel like I always take it to the extreme...

Pourpres~ said...

Maybe you'd cheer up with this?

Not donkey

Anonymous said...

The joke's really got to be done verbally it just doesn't work on "paper."

The post was so hilarious that I couldn't concentrate properly.

It's funny that it's one of the longest articles I've ever seen on Wikipedia though, obviously someone takes a very keen interest in the subject.

The article is complete with some very tasteful illustrations.

Melissa said...

oh lordy... who IS that creep??? *shudders*

WendyB said...

As long as the donkey is an adult and consents....

winda said...

CD, the link that you gave has been 'contaminated'!
When it's click, the words under your blog is this posting.

now we would never know what it is that makes the donkey guy come into your blog.
But i think it's safe to assume it's because of the excessive use of 'suck donkey balls' :D

A. Aini said...

aw gaddemit. mental image mental image mental image mental image!! my mind has been raped. thank you dramamama.

coco said...

Donkey's are cute but not sexy.
No even when people put them in hats.

Quin Browne said...

take the word ew.

repeat it a gazillion times.

thank you.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Diva by Default:

Thanks! And thank you for visiting as well =)


Wow. Thanks so much for the link. That's really cool.


There's an article on Wiki about it? Ahahahah. Well there's an article about everything except about me =p


If I know who it is, I would beat the living crap out of him.


Ahahahahah!!!! You totally has a point there. =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ouuuu Winda I know. It was this post:

That's what brough him here. The sick bastard.


Ahahahahah!! Well semua org dah ada really fucked mental image now. LOL! =P


I don't even think that donkeys are cute.


Yeah....been there.

Anonymous said...

If you look under zoophilia the wiki contributors have gone into enormous detail, history, cultural significance and other things.