Sunday, July 20, 2008

Valar Morghulis

Hey y'all. The Constantly Dramatic One wont be around till next Thursday. Cause I'm off to a well deserved holiday after a shitty semester, which also happened to be my second last semester in Malaysia. One more semester and I'm off bitches. All thanks to the whole international degree/twinning program thingie which I'm in.

But this is only my second last semester if I get accepted to the university of my choice....on that note I should really stop flunking shit. But really, it's not my fault maths is the devil's tool and I'm too pure to get down with that. Which is just a crappy excuse for being worthless at maths. Meh.

So I'm off to
Langkawi. Woooo hoooo!! It's ridiculous but this would be my seventh time down to Langkawi and I'm still excited. I love Langkawi. I love the penguins, the beaches, the food, the ass-kicking duty free chocolates. Fuck yeah!!! Wooooo!! Langkawi!! Also I bought a new swimsuit. Hah!!! I'm insolent bitches. In your face sister dear! Gona go frolicking around on the beach in my brand new suit. Mwhahaha......But...ahem.... I would appreciate if no word of this brand new swimsuit reach her. kthxbai.

Also in my absence I would like to direct the 2 people that still reads my blog to my tumblr account: Valar Morghulis.
tumblr is this new hip version of "a blog that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging."- as Wikipedia describes it. Artiste use it to publish their work, I use it cause I'm a pseudo-intellectual artsy fartsy snob therefore I must roll with the artsy kids.

Never forget that on top of being constantly dramatic, I am also artsy fartsy and full of shit.

My tumblr is just going to consist of photos I found fascinating, quotes I think are interesting and videos that amuses me....and also random jumbled thoughts that do not fit into Dramatic Musings. Instead of long winded bullshit, it's going to be straight to the point.

Shocking. I know.

Also , I'm heavily into nudes and disturbing surreal artwork. So if blood, nudity, gore, sex and blunt truths makes you uncomfortable than don't click. You have been warned.

*click*Valar Morghulis*click*

Props to anyone that know what valar morghulis means.


Pourpres~ said...

Ah, men bashers live by that rule. Impossible not to know what it means. :D Have fun!

Melissa said...

awwww ur going off to langkawi??my do i envy u girl. i soooo need a break too huhu. anyhuuu u enjoy ur holiday okay, buy lots n lots n LOTS of chocs n plz eat some for me too haha! and good job on getting that new swimsuit, make full use of it okay, flaunt that asset muh sista! hmmmmm i should get one for myself too *rubbing chin thoughtfully*

anyway, i love ur 'valar morghulis' site, what's that supposed to mean anyway? esp the one with that lady in teddy suit with her boobs popping out haha, that got me laughing hard. keep it updated, i shall make it one of my daily clicks *wink wink*

winda said...

Oh, i know what it means.
I google lol, what a cheat :D

Have fun in langkawi, CD!
The one time i've been to malaysia was to penang, accompany my aunt and great aunts having their surgery. Not the most festive holiday, i can assure you. Langkawi sounds much more fun *shot envy glance*

KLConfidential said...

From a known Drama Queen to the Queen of Drama Queens,

Have fun in Langkawi... I'm off to Phuket then Langkawi next month!

And yes, I will buy a swimsuit and a bikini too... who cares about flab? Those stick-thin girls can have all the pretentious men they want. I prefer my men meaty and intelligent.

Bone on bone sounds painful anyways. Everyone should try some meat sometimes... you will never go back to 'bone' again.

Enjoy the vacation. A massage on the beach is just what we need.

Technodoll said...

On vacation! Lucky you (even if you well deserved it), I am sooo green with jealousy!

And THAT is dramah!!

Don't get sunburnt, don't feed the penguins and do bring back awesome stories and pics mmmkay?

Elisabeth said...

Have a great well deserved holiday!

Tine said...

Hey when you do get here, look me up, yeah? We'll do the whole coffee, shopping, etc thing ;)

That said, have fun at Langkawi!! :)

fie the elf said...

i miss you so so much. and guess what. i got my plane ticket XD

oh, valar morghulis - i agree.

Didi Ooi said...

woah. for the 7th time??

seriously?? =S

Anyway, enjoy ur well-deserved holiday :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Did you read the series too or you just Google that up? =P


Awww huney, you'll get your break too. And when you're done with all that studying, you'll be making a whole lot of money of the medical field. You doctors are a loaded bunch =)

"Valar Morghulis" mean "All men must die", its not just men per se, its everyone. It's High Valyrian which is a made up language in this high fantsay series I'm currenly obssesed with: The Song of Ice and Fire.

But basically, in the books they will scream out "Valar Morgulis" before they kill each other in battles. Its awesome! I'm completely obssessed.


Oh Penang isnt bad too. I went there with friends a couple months ago. Oh so you're not Malaysian? Where you're from?


Hahahaha! "bone on bone sounds painful"- that's funny.

Oh man, I soooo wanted to get a massage on the beach but then you know...I don't have that much money to spend so tak nak habiskan on massage when there's a whole lot of food to eat. =p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thanks! And penguins and stories in the next post.


I totally did =)


That's what I am totally planning to do. But gotta wait till next year but as it is.....things arent confirmed yet. But I'll keep you updated =)



When are you coming back? OMG!! I'm soooo excited. Must meet up. Must hang out. YAY!!


Seriously. Counting since birth lah =)

Peter Varvel said...

Ha ha! Loved the demon child/ass photo and the thong-pulling one, too.
I hate math, and I am sooo very glad that I finally got it out of the way at a junior city college before going to university.
What's your first choice university? In Australia?

A. Aini said...

i googled it, so do i get my props? well a cookie at least for the effort :D ohh i love langkawi je suis jalouse.

i wish i was going to langkawi just so i could have a good reason to buy a swimsuit.

if u buy a whole load of duty free m&m's, sharing!! :))

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


That Demon Child photo scared the beJesus out of me. LOL.

First choice is actually the Institute of Arts of San Fransisco but I have to scrape that cause I aint got no mooonies to go there. Sadly. =(


No M&Ms but a whole lot of the Seashells thing, I can share if you want too =)