Sunday, December 21, 2008


OMGWTFBBQ!! I got me an award. Courtesy of the ever-adorable Technodoll of Bubblegum Diaries. Awwwwww….this is my 3rd blogging award ever since I started this whole blogging thing. Almost 2 years now actually.

Fabulous bitches! Fabulous!

Right the rule of the game is for me to list out 5 addictions and then to spread the love to 5 other bloggers who are as fabulous as moi. Since it’s a Saturday and I’m feeling lazy as hell let’s just make this a quick one. My addictions:

1) The internet. Kinda obvious, no?

2) Reading. I am quietly judgemental towards people who do not read.

3) Writing. I write constantly. I even have a notebook next to my bed cause sometimes at night I just wake up and feel the need to write. So write I must.

4) Lotion. I put on 3 different types of lotions everyday. One after showers, another before and after driving, and my favourite one at night before sleeping. This ritual makes no sense to anyone else but me.

5) Clive Owen. Ahem.

Now, drumroll please…!!!

Faye of lifethrupinklenses

Cause she is fabulous, and lets face it. Anyone that can write and dress as well as she deserve an award all on its own.

Connie of Skin Deco: Enhancing Natural Beauty

Best fucking makeup tutorial blog ever. Seriously. You guys…the crazy hours I spend staring at her step by step tutorial and then trying to recreate it is like fucking infinity. If you’re into makeup, her blog is a must read.

Rujing of emma&rujing

Rujing is the dramatic protégé I’ll never have. She’s hilarious and completely random but really the woman is a drama queen, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. The drama force is strong with you my young pedawan. Use it well.

Zikri of Theater of Nothing

Zikri deserves this award merely cause I wanna irritate him but also because of all the readers and the commentors of Dramatic Musings, he is the only one who always calling it as it is. And telling the truth no matter how irritating it is to me. Thanks dude, you’re faaaaabulous!


What kind of fabulous award is this if it doesn’t include the faaaabulous AJ himself? Hell man, he doesn’t even need this given the fact that he is extraordinarily fabulous already. But hey, why not eh?

This is for you AJ!!

So that’s all for today. Now you guys go and spread the fabulousness. Ta.


faye said...

awe CD, I'm touched. Btw, I know what OMGWTF is .. but the BBQ at the end I tak paham.

Explain !! hahaahahah

jaak said...

gue nggak terfabumu ada yg. dg. lagu otomatis? dimana konsistensi?

senorita.. said...

a fab person will attract other fabs... fab blogs!

evie said...

i secretly can't understand ppl who don't like to read either...

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Urban dictionary that woman! =p


Mengapa pula tak paham? Bukan bermaksud saya tak suka suatu element di dalam blog itu, saya buta kepada penulisan nyer yang baik?

Penulisan nyer baik, saya baca dan saya tekan button "mute" sahajalah.


Including yours! =)


Exactly! Like what of your imagination? That's important. Keep it alive.

joshua said...

Sooo schweet! and fiercely fantastic of course...

And I am glad to know that my latest post made you smile... that made me smile too!

You're fabulous!

Kerp (Ph.D) said... i'm silently judged. damn you!

AJ said...

OMG!! thanks for the award~!!

although not getting any naked man 24K gold statuette like the academy awards...still this sooo FABULOUS!!


Technodoll said...

That award just FITS you :-D Happy you liked it!

I love lotions too, one cannot have too many flavours to choose from. Lather it ON baby!!

Frank said...

Frankly, I'd prefer the girl sitting on the hood of that car as a reward...


the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No! You're fabulous =D


You are being silently judged now, even as I type. Hahaha!


You deserve it huney! =D


Thank you for giving it to me! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Omg....faye is so freakin corny with her 'la-dee-da' pink page and her oh so very corny post. God, CD...i really thought you had better taste....among all the blogs... yours is the BEST...keep on writing =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I bet you would. =P


First off, thank you. Secondly I really think taste and preference is truly a subjective matter. Don't you think so?

I for one find Faye's blog to be entertaining in a very mellow way. It gives off a sense of comfort and pleasure, somewhat like listening to jazz on a rainy day. Does that makes sense to you? Her blog has character and a really lovely one at that. I think if I am all drama and bitchiness then hers is beauty and appreciation.

Her blog is like the yin to my yang. And that's why I find it to be so fabulous. Opposite attracts after all.

Thanks again =)

Tine said...

Hahaha, I agree with you on Connie's blog. I have her page on too when I try out the steps. Which of course fails and I wonder why I even bother to blog about beauty in the first place :p

rujing said...

i'm really touched! i mean, i can't believe it. i'd like to thank my parents, because seriously, without them, i wouldn't be here to claim this honour. i'd also like to thank my agent... alright i'm lame. but nonetheless flattered. cheers cd, and will try to serve the greater good.