Tuesday, December 02, 2008

And now...a little free styling...

Too many words in my head. Too many stories to tell. Too many words. Too many plots. Too many tales. Assaulting my senses. Screaming at me in defiant. "Me!", they each scream. "Me! Pick me!" "Tell my story! Elaborate my past. Breathe life into me. Bring me into this world." Too many.

They scream out their cries of anguish at me during the dead of the night. They kept me up with their presence in my head. "Write us down. Don't let us die. Rescue us from within this enclosed fortress of your mind. Your imagination. Release us."

"But there's too many of you! I can't pick! I can't choose! I don't know what or whom to save!" "Should I save you, drowning girl? Should I choose you, tales of subjugation and oppression? Should I pick you, gremlin beneath the cellar? Whom? Which? Tell me! Tell me!"

"All of us and none of us. We are yours to rescue. Yours to give life to. We are but creatures spun from your soul. Your insatiable desire to be a taleweaver. We are nothing. We are everything. We are the core of your being. The reason you are you. We are you. We are your imagination, your eternal captives."

"Release us."


I don't really do a lot of free-styling. Because when I do, the results of that free-styling is more often then not- is disturbing to me. Love it? Hate it? Feel the need to direct the Constantly Dramatic One to the nearest psych ward? Whatever rocks your boat. Just let me know.

Also haters, this is the best moment for y'all to make an appearance. If it's too difficult for you, then let me start it off for you:

"OMG!! This suck so much!!!! You can't write. You're stupid!! And FAT. FAT FAT FAT!!!!"

See, I'm helping you out here. Return the favour ya?


AJ said...

Owh my....

u're really the most dramatic blogger i've came across EVER!!!

anyway, how's ur xm?

gypsy-on-the-move said...

are you on some random mood swings?

faye said...

I feel like making anonymous hater comments so that you would be happy :) See, I'm such a good friend ! :)

intoxicated_toxic said...

actly, i tot it was ossum..som sort of ossum.. not ossum ossum but ossum..ossum?

haha.but yeah.

winda said...

omg, cd, you're totally ossum!!!

wait, wait....
that's not what i intended to say!
i must have been totally captured and enamored by your ossumness i cant even do hate speech anymore.

That's probably what's your sayangs feel lately and the reason there are no "intriguing" comments :D

oh, cd, your free styling style sure sounds surreal!!
It's totally unlike the dramatic ones you used to have, but ossum nonetheless :D

btw, remember that i hate cliffhanger email?? write me back, gurl, i'm desperate in wanting to know the theory

senorita.. said...

fuckface random racist in my blog... i'm proud to say i learned from u,on how to handle it.

n blogging=self love, cudnt agree more.

evie said...

There is possibly possibly genius to your writings. POSSIBLY. SOME.

If that isn't provocation enough then for the sake of some drama let's just say that you write rubbish because you have a fat ass! There you go. Because I don't think the haters are coming and what will you do without any haters??? Hehe

Hafizah said...

Hey. :)

it's me. Gypsy's friend. We met during her ex's b'day. Remember?

Anyways, I came across ur blog, through Gypsy's.

Great blog you have here.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Started yesterday. I thought that I flunk my Spanish paper so right after that I got my hair done in MidValley.

I am like the pinnacle of coolness. Flunk a paper, get your hair one =D =P


Thanks Gypsy.

(Note: Please read that while imagining my most sarcastic face and voice ever.)


Yeah Faye, you should. You got so much experience some more.

Now do it! Be a good friend! =p


So bottom line...ossum lah? =p =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Thank you babes!! Oh damn, that email. Oh noes! I've totally forgotten. I'm gona email you right back now.


The fuck? I'm going there now.


Thanks Evie =D .And I know right!! It's like college is finishing and these bitches are not pissing me off. What the hell am I gonna do now to entertain myself?

I can exercise and lose weight...but then, what would they attack me with? They're a very uncreative lot. They would probably kill themselves and then what am I to do?


Hello Hafizah. First off thank you for dropping by but I have to apologize. I don't rmrb who you are......I mean I know Gypsy's friends but somehow I do not rmbr you. Sorry bout that. Horrible memory.

But thanks for dropping by ya. =)

emma said...

ummm you played the CSI 1 game? yea thats down right geeky but oh well at least I have someone to relate to. why dont you write a book if you have so much to say about yourself? like a biography, it may become a best seller??? you've already got a title 'The Constantly Dramatic One'. Consider it. is free-styling like rnb dancing lol? oh another, we should totally do a lan-party!

joshua said...

But I adore you :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, you asked for it. here goes then-

CDO you're a...err...errm...

i'll start all over again.

CDO YOU, i tell ya, you...you're a...err...

CDO you're mean, heartless bi-atch, depriving Gendhut from enjoying a sweet rodently love with its kind. at least have the courtesy to trap a house rat and let him go nuts over the trapped mickey!

Anonymous said...

If my ass is fatter, does that mean I write better? I'm confuabobulated. Like the pics here though.

Dirty Disher

Anonymous said...

TCDO Blonsky....that shall be thy new name. If a crocodile ate TCDO Blonsky, it will die of heart attack...


Peter Varvel said...

I loved this, cuz it was frickin' SCARY, TCDO! Like, you are in immediate need of an EXORCIST!
"We are Legion."

senorita.. said...

off topic: ur tumblr's amazing... where'd u find stuffs to put in there? it's great, with so many thoughts n pretty stuffs. the more i look at ur tumblr the more i am inching towards having one of my own. but, the fear of not able to do such good job as u did... kudos girl!

Anonymous said...

Question - is the size of your shit relative to the size of your ass?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yeah..I know. I'm on the hunt for the 2nd and 3rd games too =p .Yeah, we totally should have a LAN party. That would be so much fun!


Awww....shucks. =)


No!!! Never!! You will never de-virginized my baby!!!! NOOO!! =P

Dirty Disher:

Holy crap!! Can't believe you're on my blog...OMG OMG, I'm not worthy.....

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I said it before, I'll say it again...Stop impersonating my Sayang! She's not here right now, but if she is I bet she'll totally give bitchslap your face.

Blonsky, as in Nikki Blonsky? The star of "Hairspray"?!! Oh my! Thanks babes! How do you know I like her? That's sooo sweet.

Also, I beg to differ. I don't think I would ever be eaten by a crocodile. Their jaws cannot open that big....Perhaps a phython?


My friend says like I have some sort of split personality disorder. Guess you agree? =)


Oh huney, just start one. I found all those on the net, sometimes I reblog. It also helps that I am pretentiously artsy fartsy =p

Just go start one, it's fun!


Answer: No, it is not.

Technodoll said...

You're not fat, you're fab! mouah! mouah! xoxoxo

intoxicated_toxic said...

haha.. yeah bottom = ossum.. i mean bottomline.