Sunday, November 30, 2008

So apparently, I avoid conflicts...and has a small ass

I'm always a sucker for personality tests. I dunno bout you guys but I have no problem whatsoever with answering questionnaires to get to know myself. I like talking about myself. I like writing about myself. I am my favourite subject. I mean, c'mon! I have a blog don't I? As my Sayang pointed out, I like did she put it...rrrrright...... the "ATTENTION". Speaking of which it has been ages since I have any haters on this blog.

What's going on? Why are there no haters lurking around no more? I would like to say that no one hates me, but that would be like saying that I am as skinny as well.....Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie at the peak of their anorexia days. Which you guys as well as I know, is not true. My ass is so huge, it could engulf an entire nation. So haters, delurk yourselves. Leave me a hate comment.......or 3. C'mon, you know you want too. I'm feeling less ossum these days. I need y'all to be hatin' on me and be talking smack so that I can feel superior of my obvious ossumness and charisma that you worthless piece of shits are clearly lacking. So please, you and you and you, you know who you are, you've been lurking for far too long now. Time to unleash all that hatred and jealousy, time to call me fat and insult my friends.

You know you want too.

While we wait for you lot to grow some balls, I found another one of those personality quiz type thingy. This time it is courtesy of the good doctor Paul who posted about it on his blog. It's actually a site where they determine your personality through your writing style and as it turns out....I am a Performer.

So apparently through my writing style I am entertaining and friendly. Entertaining- yes. Friendly.......well it happens. Not often.....but still, it happens. On most days I'm actually bitchy as fuck. The "living in the present moment thing" is true though. Like the other day my mom asked me what I'm gonna pack when I make the move next year. I told her that I would like to bring all my 33 pairs of shoes, and then she got pissed off. Like, is it so wrong that I wanna bring all my shoes? Really? Then she went on and on about how I "never thinks ahead" and "flaky". So if my mom says I never thinks ahead and then this site confirmed it therefore it must be true.

See? The art of straight-thinking-bimbotic-logic. Mastered it, I haz.

However the kicker is this: "They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontations..."............................AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Omfg!!! Yes, this is true. I agree. Completely. I do avoid conflicts and never initiate confrontations. I also hate drama, am ridiculously shy and kill puppies during the weekends. Also, I have a small ass.


In any event I want you fellow bloggers
to do this too. Make it like a tag-type thingy. Let me know what you get and if it's true. Mine gave me such a good laugh, it's ridiculous. This site should sustain me till my haters grow some balls and decide to be entertaining and insult me again. No seriously haters, come back. I miss y'all.


On other news regarding other news that have nothing to do with the the previous news, I have changed the settings of this blog. Now there are only 5 posts on the main page, instead of 10 like it used to be. I think 5 posts instead of 10 would help the page load faster. Also I added more pinup girls on the side and a bigass one at the bottom of the page. Let me know if these additional photos is troublesome- page loading wise. I am nothing but accommodating towards my readers. I mean....whereelse will I get the "ATTENTION" from?

Right, sayang?


Peter Varvel said...

I'm kind of surprised "Kevin" never showed up here to leave more insults . . . or did I miss it?

Zikri said...

Hmm mine is mostly on the money, I'm a "Doer" apparently

Tinesh said...

Diverting from your post and going to your blogging "definition" at the bottom of your page.

HOW THE FARK I NEVER NOTICED IT THERE??? Has it always been there??? I mean, fuckin awesome definition, and how the fark did I miss it?

Did you come up with it? :D

evie said...

The social and opiniated type.

That's what it says about me. Opiniated? Sure. Social? That's like saying I have an ass! HAHAHAHA

senorita.. said...

i'm a Performer and Feeler.... yummy me! =P

Technodoll said...

I could pretend to be a hater, just for once or twice, to get you out of the jam?

I would need coaching though. Not sure what bitches say these days :-/

Frank said...

I'm sure your ass is just fine :P

Hmm, you want smack, eh?''re a jerk!

Oh snap!


AJ said...


i've never met a person who would want more haters....but i've been there...done i'm too old to BITCH too much ;)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No, that worthless piece of shit never did. I was hoping that he would, liven things up over here but he never did.

Worthless waste of a human being.


Hey Zikri.....what is it that you



It has always been there. You just never noticed. No, I did not come up with it. I found it via my tumblr.

It's pretty accurate don't you think? Blogging is all about narcissm(sp) and self-love ain't it?


Hahaha!! =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


WOW! 2 in 1 huh? Impressive. =)


Oh it's easy. Just tell me I'm fat over and over again and then tell me to lose weight and shut up. Sometimes throw in an insult to my friends or two. That's all these haters ever say anyways.

Nothing else. Is creativity dead in the world?


Finally!!! Thank you!! =P


Well I'm dramatic. When there's no drama, I need to creatin sum...know what I'm saaaayyyiiin?


And oh huney, you're never too old to bitch. I mean what would I do when I'm in the winter of my life then? Knit? Urrrghh.

Kuan said...

well, i rather not hate you but make you hate me instead :)

that's like even more gratifying than insulting you! hehe

well, you know why you should hate me, you do i think when i was in new york, catching broadways, doing my thing, do i really HAVE to go through the list? :p

oh, and i'm a thinker apparently, and arrogant, and insensitive. what an utter load of crap is that?! haha