Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Could this be the end of the Constantly Dramatic One?

No proper blog posting today.

I had a shitload to bitch about, a shitload but all that have to go into Drafts and publish on some other day. Why? Cause I totally just had a major anxiety attack resulting in me running around the house shouting incoherent gibberish, pulling my hair out and then accusing Ghendut, my golden hamster of stealing the last Vitagen in the house. Ghendut is now sulking and no longer on speaking terms with me. Fine bitch! Fine! See if you can get by in this life without me. You are nothing without me! Nothing!!! I made you what you are!

..........Oh come on Ghendut don't be like this. I love you. Who's my number one golden hamster? Who? Who? You are....you are. Fine, don't talk to me. I got more important shit to deal with. More important than you Ghendut. You're not all that. No no, I'm sorry. I don't mean that. Goddamn.

Anyways my important stuff consists of 3 class presentation, one in Spanish (my tongue is going to take a beating for this) and Finals in 12 days. I haven't started on anything.

I am going to die.

P/S: Sorry if I haven't been visiting your blogs. I cannot do it now. I cannot pay attention to what you wrote for my mind is too preoccupied with my impending doom. Shit should be fine after the 4th. Ta bitches, and stay ossum.

PP/S: Ghendut is still not talking to me.


Frank said...

Yeah, I might disappear for the rest of the week, seeing as how I have about 50 pages of writing total (between 4 different papers) due by Friday.

Peter Varvel said...

Hang in there, TCDO.
When you graduate, you'll be so glad you invested so much hard work.
And if you're like me, you'll be even gladder that it's finally fucking over!

senorita.. said...

best of luck!

ojamoja said...

at least 12 days before finals you've already got the "enlightenment".

last time, when i was in school i'd only be in freaking out phase like erm... the night before finals. crazeeeh.

but i did survive tho. so can you!!!


pattirmina said...

best wishes to u TCDO! =)

intoxicated_toxic said...

*let us all pray for CD*
waah,baeknya saya.god pls take note.

Nick Phillips said...

I've always knew hamsters were vitagen drinkers and now it's proven ... LOL!

All the best.

AJ said...

hey dun worry to much...

i'm fabulously sure that u'll do just fine

all the best of luck for the xm =)

evie said...

ghendut didn't steal your vitagen.. i did. good luck drama queen!

Farid said...

ugh, glory whore.

love ya!

pattirmina said...

and i bet ghendut is adorable. hehe.

*i stalk your blog* =P

MisSmall said...

Here's tons of luck, babe!

(You speak Spanish?! *Gasps*)

P/s: I don't blame Ghendut, I'll be scared to talk to you now too. :P

You're awweeeeeesssooommmmeeee! Now go do some work!

mell said...

when it's over, let's stomp on those bitches :D
even though they won't crush under my weight hahaha

Technodoll said...

So that's where everyone's gone to! Studies! doh. I sure don't miss it... good luck getting your finals all done and over with, sending you good luck vibes! And a coffee IV. :-)

dani izwan said...

comelnye name!!

ehh,tak pandai nak speking le..takpe kan cik manis?

Michelle said...

Man, I'm going to take a page out of your book and run "around the house shouting Gibberish". What a fine idea! A great stress reliever! Good luck with school, it'll all be over soon!

sab said...

school is keeping me shitty as well. and i took spanish lessons and it didn't help. good luck!

btw, i don't have a hamster, but i'm sure bribing with food helps. :)

splatme said...

i'm gonna miss you, cd... *sob*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yikes! Good luck to you then.


I cant wait until it is finally fucking over.




The night before? The night before? Balls of steel you have there my friend...=p

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Patt (part the 1st & 2nd) =p :

Thanks babes, and stalk stalk away! =p And Ghendut is cute. Pasal tu dia jual mahal sangat. Haha!


Haha! Thanks babes! =)


They're not vitagen drinkers....they're Vitagen thieves!...but don't tell Ghendut I said that. Lalalala......


Thanks! =)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You thief! =p


Bish plz. You know you're a glory whore too.


Well I dont speak it...speak it...I'm learning la =)


It's okay. I will sit on them to compensate for you =P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oh God, yes. There is never enough coffee in the world.


Tak pe....manis ke? Hehe malu lak =p


It works better if you can accuse your pet of something too and make a total drama about it =p


No, I'm bribing him with Vitagen.


You are like my male drama counterpart....I just totally notice that....hhmmm....

Melissa said...

hey all the very best of luck for your papers alrite. ur gonna do great.

ehh u drink vitagen too??? i thought im the only over-sized baby in this universe that still drink that ossum tasting goodness mwahahahha. (okay being conceited is really one of my unfailingly repugnant traits, meh)

anyhuu take care alrite dear. dont worry about ghendut, she'll come around soon. bagi jek dia cheese, kek ke, choc ke, mesti dia cair all over u again =P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Melissa, Vitagen rocks! And oh Ghendut is a boy. Jangan panggil dia "her" nanti lagi dia merajuk =D