Thursday, November 27, 2008

Endings could be joyful too you know...

Today is my last day in college. Okay, last day for going to classes in this college. Next year I will be flying off to complete my degree in another country. My degree is like this international twinning program thingy, hence the need to fly off. Next week is my finals, and after the 4th I will be done with this college forever.


I feel ecstatic. I feel free. I feel so fucking ossum. I'm moving on bitches, I'm moving on. I know that this high would eventually wear off and then I will become sad and nostalgic thinking of the friends I'm leaving behind. Then all I'll have of this period in my life would be the memories we created together. The in-jokes. The stupid arguments. The drama (most of time created and made possible by me). The endless stupidity. The joy and laughter. Parting is such bittersweet sorrow. But for now I am ecstatic. I am joyful.

I am experiencing the feeling of satisfaction that could only be felt when one is taking a step forward in one's life. A feeling of progression. A feeling of complete and total ossumness.

So no, no bitching post today nor any stories regarding my adventures into stupidity (and God knows how many of those I actually have). Today I am zen.

Today.....I am happy.


sab said...

where are you flying to?

wow! think of all the new friends you'll be making! of course not forgetting the ones you left behind. :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

its time to burn those books! i've never studied in any colleges/uni but thats what i did exactly when i left school.

joshua said...

Like whoa, totally like a rite of passage right?

Congratulations and good luck for your finals! (I HAVE overflowing confidence in you scoring *astronomical* flying colours)

Spread the joy and the happiness! Our world needs it... (long story on this)


lotsa love, joshy

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Yay! If I were there, I would give you a congratulatory spank on the ass!

Farid said...

No! No! Ugh, you can't leave! You mustn't! Where will I go? What will I do? Who will I bullshit with in class? Who will I eat pancakes and cheeseburgers and gelato at OU with?

You can't leave me! I made you into what you are! And I can destroy you just as easily!

Whatever happens, we will always have that night. That one night at that shady motel room with cheesecakerian and 3kc.

Nerd-tastic said...

I'm so happy for you :D

Um- in response to your comment on my blog- Im posting here now because this blog is for my friends (as well as family) so I'm leaving out all my boy drama and such. I still have my livejournal blog for all my. . . . more interesting details of my life you could say haha. This one on blogspot is PG rated :P

Quin Browne said...

i can't believe it... already???

i'm all, well, verklempt.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit too early but HAppy Holidays tcdo! I am on holiday mood now. and all the best in next year's journey. where will you be continuing your studies anyway?

just one thing, pls continue blogging. hehe. =)

senorita.. said...

awesome...! good luck for finals! enjoy the papers yea.. in time u will look back to these moment in fun nostalgia. =)

evie said...

i'm excited for you! i really am! can't wait to see the drama you'll bring to those unsuspecting fools wherever you might be going... they can say goodbye to their peaceful lives FOREVER once they've met you haha!

winda said...

woohooo!!! congratulation!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beware country that TCDO is flying off too....Run for your lives!!!Save yourself!!Her ass is bigger than your country and she'll crush you like a fly!! I'm scared

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yeah...there's always room for new friends. =)


No lah Kerp, I wont burn them. Each book cause bout RM80 a pop...dude, I'm not gonna burn RM80 books ok.

Simpan lah. Buat tok nenek.


Hey yeah...It is totally a rite of passage. I never thought if it that way.


Never fear Prince, one day we shall meet and you will spank me on the ass.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Farid, you have to come to terms with this, ok? You have too. But it's okay....wherever I go, wherever I may be....yes we shall always have that one night.

That night in that shady motel....and with 6 other people in the room....


Thank you =)


I actually Googled what "verklempt" means. Haha. And sweet. And thanks for the new word!


Of course I will. I like the ATTENTION you my Sayang pointed out last time. Rmbr her?

Though when I'm making the move there might be a hiatus somehow cause you know I have to properly settle down and all that.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I believe you...After all you've done this all before...wait you still doing it now right? =)


Haha! making me sound more dramatic then I actually am =D


Thanks babes! =)


Haha!'re so cute. And yes my ass is bigger than that country. I mean, bish plz- my ass is the size of a galaxy.

Technodoll said...

Wow! congratulations, girl... it will be a bittersweet goodbye but it's all part of growing up :-)

Tinesh said...

HAHAHAHAHA i looove anon's comment!! HAHAHA damn nice hahaa!

u make sure u come for summer break to where im transferring to k? we got shitloada stuff to do there :D

Farid said...

No Tinesh! She's going with me on spring break! We're going back packing in Europe and we're gonna attend all the sex parties, invited or otherwise! You welcomed to join us.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know, I know....*sad smile*


I know! Anon is the cutest little thing ain't it? Dare I say, cuter then Ghendut? *shock gasps*


Wait wait!! Turkey first, then Europe right? Duuuuddde, you promised you let me bang some hot Turkish piece of ass first....*sulks*

Michelle said...

So fun! Congratulations! You'll have a blast!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I hope I will =D


Had to delete your comment cause you revealed some....sensitive detail. Not ready to reveal where I am going to yet =)

Sayang said...

omygawd...omygawd...what the hell is up with you hiding your id....ya know....thru cornyfaye's mom's is clear that you are from HELP...and you are going off to australia...dumbass...I guess being fat causes you to be a lil slow eh? haha...oh, and i do know your age...=)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Well… the reason I don’t want my identity to be exposed is cause I like the privacy. Similar to you who hides behind an anonymous mask cause you're a pussy that is too intimidated by me. Similar you see... but not the same. I’m sure you are quite capable of understanding the difference.

So, I went to HELP. You supposedly know my age. I feel honoured that you invested so much time in getting to know me. Do you know what colour of panties I am wearing now, or even wearing at all? Or what colour my shit was when I took a dump this morning. Yes, I know...”brown”. But what shade of brown? Surely you know that. Since you know everything about me.

In any event, thank you for making me the centre of your world when you are nothing but a worthless piece of shit to me... Just like the shit I flushed down the crapper this morning.

And oh, you finally learned how to use the nickname I gave you. Good job.