Thursday, November 06, 2008

Excuse me, shouldn't you stop living in ignorance?

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "You guys did vote well. Thank you.":

Excuse me...shouldn't you be more concerned about the political affairs of your own country instead of having visions and premonitions about a foreign country's election?

Dearest Anon,

Regarding your comment, first of I want to say how sorry I am for you. Really I am. You made me really sad. A lot of things makes me sad of course..... for instances the fact that Clive Owen still married to his wife makes me sad. The fact that my sister lives so far away makes me sad. Three legged dogs makes me sad. My favourite hairdresser moving away therefore he can no longer do my hair on alternate weekends makes me sad. So you see a lot of things do makes me sad and sadly I have to say that you have entered the list of things/people/events/creatures that makes me sad.

The fact that you left such a comment shows how small and shallow your world is. Why can't I be concerned with the state of affairs of a foreign country? Is it not my prerogative as a citizen of this world to educate myself and to keep abreast with the ongoings of the world? Be it politically, economically, entertainment wise or whatsoever? Why can't I be excited for what I perceived the new dawn for America? For what in my idealistic, 20-something mind see as the beginning of the end of racism, the existence of a nation as one, the end of a a hideous world economy and also the end of a senseless war that have taken away the lives of so many? Sure, this is all happening in another country. Sure this is the ongoings of America. And I am Malaysian. I realise that. You realise that. The people who take time off their daily lives to read this blog realise that.

Yes, Anonymous, I know that I am not American. Thank you for pointing that out in not so many words.

I am concerned about the affairs of my country. Malaysia. Yes let me spell that out for you again. I am Malaysian. I am not American. If you are so inclined to point that out for me then I am so inclined to point that out for you too. Good manners you see, it's what we Asians (Malaysia is a country situated in South East Asia) are famous for. Yes, I do care about my own country's affairs. I am a registered voter and earlier this year I did my part as a citizen of Malaysia and voted. I voted and closely followed the elections updates with bated breath. I even stayed up all night just so I can hear what the local political pundits are discussing, to educate myself of the ongoings of my own country's political scene. In fact, I was so excited with the outcome that I did my first and only live blogging post. Here let me link you to the
posts I have written regarding the political affairs of my country. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and work your way up).. And if you see on the bottom left of this page of this blog titled "Not Dramatic but Political", yes those are the blogs that I read on a daily basis to know the ongoings of my own country. Malaysia.

So you see Anon dear, unlike you I chose to be concerned with the political ongoings of the world as well as my country (Malaysia, we don't want to forget that do we?). I chose to educate myself. I chose to not be ignorant but instead set my mind on a global scale. I keep abreast with the news and the political state of the rest of the world because what happens in a country as powerful as America, effects smaller countries such as Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia. My country. I haven't forgotten and I hope neither have you.

I have to admit that I have never been so into news or politics until I become a student of the Mass Communication lore. It gets tiring after a while to enter a Mass Comm class and to have your lecturer asking you what's happening in Vietnam/Georgia/China/America/Peru/insert-other-country's-name-here in front of a class of 120 and not know how to answer. It is embarrassing too. So to save myself from the embarrassment I started keeping updates with world affairs, reading 5 different sources of international news everyday. I even have a subscription of Newsweek delivered to my doorsteps as to know what's going on in the world. But after a while I stop reading because I "have to", but continue on because I want to. Because to know what's going in other parts of the world, and not just my country (Malaysia) can open up my mind. Makes me think critically. Makes me thankful to be in my own country (Malaysia) when I compare it to the state of other less fortunate Third World Countries. Also reading, knowing and being concerned with the political affairs of America makes me feel close to my brother. He works and lives in Chicago. Reading up things concerning Chicago, strangely, makes me feel close to him. I also keep updated with the political ongoings of Finland where my sister lives. Are you going to condemn me for that too?

So here we are again, back to your shallow existence. Listen, I really am sorry for you. I'm sorry that you cannot look pass from whatever veil of ignorance and shallowness that your have readily put on and wholeheartedly embrace. I'm sorry that you life revolves only around where ever you are from, and only of people you associated yourself with. I'm sorry that in this era of globalization, people like you, ignorant and shallow still exists. I'm sorry for you and the rest of mankind.

I do not know where you are from or who you are. I rather make no assumptions. You could be a fellow Malaysian. You could be a McCain supporter. You could be just a passerby that feels the need to leave a comment. I do not know but I do care. Because it's people like you, that cannot look pass your ignorance, who happily live in your shallow existence who time and time again as history has proved to be the hindrance to a better tomorrow. I'm sure at this point you want me to give examples of what I am talking about but I rather not. Why don't you look that up yourself? Do a little reading. Might do a world of wonders to your perceptions and life.

Anon, before I end this I want to apologize to you. I am sorry that I have ruin your image of Malaysians. I am sorry that I do not blog on how bad my day was "working the paddy fields or about my brand new batik design". I am sorry that I ruin your stereotyping of Asian women who should at all times be docile and obliging. I am sorry that I do not post up pictures of my friends and I partying, "getting drunk" or blog about how devastated I am that I do not managed to get a pair of stilettos in my size or be concerned with things that society thinks women in their early 20's should be concerned with. I'm sorry that I do not conform to your ideals of what an Asian, Malaysian, 20-something woman should be concerned with or should blog about. I'm sorry that instead I choose to blog about some things that matter. Some political affairs of another country that I am not part of. I am sorry that I chose to think globally when you, clearly, do not.

However Anon, I am interested in where this could go. Why don't you leave a comment in the comment box on what you think of me, as a Malaysian should think or react to the political ongoings of a foreign country. Understand that this is not an invitation for an argument but instead of a debate. You state your reasons on why you choose to live such a shallow existence and why you think that I should follow in your footsteps. I in turn will tell you of my reasons not to. Whatever your points are I am confident that I can refute them because you see.....unlike you, my mind operates on a global scale.

hugs, kisses and all that jazz,

the Constantly Dramatic One


Taxy Driver said...

Hmmm... for the very same reason Anonymous cared to comment in your comment box, you cared to have premonitions and visions about another country. Right? Right?

Kuan said...

damn, now i felt sorry for the anon...

you had it coming dude/babe/twat/skank

even fetuses knows that whoever the next president would definitely sets of ripple effects globally. America, like it or not, are the trend setters, number 1, (fill in your own words)

so of course it matters, it matters a whole lot and now Obama being the next president, hopefully, there should not be any reason that the colour of our bloody skin should matters now. It's not definite that this would happens, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Well said...congrats!

Michelle said...

I don't see why Obama can't be a symbol of hope for everyone or anyone, not just Americans. ??? It truly is a historic moment, to see a black man and his family in the White House. He really seems to be a man of the people and a leader. I, for one, am excited to see what the future holds!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Taxy Driver:

You know dude, that was just a dream. How would I have known, really that he would win...althought sometimes hopeful thinking does manifest itself into the subconcious.


Yes, even fetuses KNOW ok. Damn annoying ok. As if all of a sudden it's wrong to to think or to care outside of the imiginary borders of what makes a country.

Pissed me off.


Thank you.

Is the anon I wrote this piece for is you or a different one? You people have to start giving yourselves names cause this is confusing.


I know that Obama will dissapoint us. I know that because he is human, he will makes mistakes. But it's a start. He got rid of Bush and that's one of the best thing to happen for the world so far.

Kuan said...

another thing....obama is not

he's half white with 'hussein' as his middle name....

so i'm not sure if it's appropriate to refer him as 'black' if you get what i mean ;)

such as baba and nyonya....i cant refer them as chinese, or malay. it's confusing

faye said...

Why we care ?

Because we can, Idiot.

Tinta Sisyphus said...

Menarik bukan apa yang terjadi di sana? I guess the best damage control is to replace an idiot with a 'celebrity' for a president.

Di sini pula si 'celebrity' masih lagi jadi Ketua Pembangkang.

Technodoll said...

It's like ignorance is a rampant disease these days. WTF??

senorita.. said...

this post will really add more perspectives to Anon.. well done!

Peter Varvel said...

As an American, it has been very helpful to read this post, as well as all of the previous comments, to help me reinforce and confirm how we view our own country, and the work we need to do as a nation with other countries - TOGETHER!
Thanks, TCDO!

sab said...

i see you have a lot of anon followers out there. haha!

i however, like how your mind operates. :)

Tinesh said...

man, ignorance is bliss only up to a point. after that you start looking like a huge fucking moron, especially when it concerns foreign policy. heck, even if anon said s/he's neighbours with russia cause s/he can see it from his/her house, i wouldn't have said anything.

but to be ignorant, well, pretty dumb of you

evie said...

well said everyone... well said. since i have nothing new to add to that can i just say this instead? you go to the salon on alternate weekends??? wow!

peachy said...

hey... is that a picture of Tina Fey?

winda said...

there are 15 malaysia(n) on your post. Wow, i thought it was more than that!

Okay, get serious winda, get serious.

feel sorry for anon. It must have been very hard for her/him to live in this world nowadays with such a closed, ignorant mind that s/he has.

*send deep condolences to anon*

Frank said...

Well said. I find the politics of other countries interesting, and I feel no problem with congratulating their citizens if they elect a capable leader. I was not too pleased with Canada's last election, for example. I didn't blog about it because I didn't think my mostly American readers would care, but it's still something I follow. Thank you, from an American, for congratulating us on our election :)

Michelle said...

Obama is not black? Okay, fine then, it's amazing to see a man of BLACK ANCESTRY in the White House. But let's not diminish the significance of this election because his mother is white. It's truly historic that a man of ANY color at all is our president-elect. People of mixed ancestry have always been treated as not "white", especially by white people. Now people of any color can now tell their children that yes, they CAN DO or BE whatever it is they want regardless of the color of their skin. Blacks and whites have come together to elect a president that they feel will turn this country around. I think a lot of people voted for the man, and not his color. I would have voted for him even if he was of Mexican ancestry, or European ancestry, or Asian, or whatever. I heard Whoopi Goldberg say that even though she is an American and loves America, it was not until she heard that Barack Obama won the election that she felt she could truly unpack her bags and feel at home. It's sad to be a part of a country and call that country home and still feel like a visitor. So yes, Barack Obama is black. And we should be proud of that.

penyangak said...

yo kuan i think most people are aware that his mom is white tv networks show that pic everytime they get a chance. but don't kid yourself, whether you like it or not, he's black.

anyways. i think black or not shouldn't matter anyway. what mattered was he seems intelligent and simply a good guy, he had a clean campaign as opposed to the hate mongering republicans and at last america chose the right one. that should be lauded more than the fact that he's not white.

again we can't kid ourselves. evil runs deeper than a face on a banner or a coin. if united states is truly the devil's golf club, i'm pretty sure a decent president won't change much.

but if it could. then obama is my hero for life.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Kuan, I'm quater Pakistani and I don't have a "proper" Malay or Muslim name - as you know (but please God let's not talk about my name here)- but that doesnt make me less Malay.

I mean, it comes down to how he view himself right? Does he view himself as black or something else? And there are black ppl out there with Muslim names. Fatima, Jamal etc, and they're not Muslims.

Even names are globalized these days.


Well said Faye, well said. *pats Faye on the back*


Question is, bilakah si "celebrity" kita akan menjadi Perdana Menteri......




Thank you.

Kuan said...

oh please dont misunderstood me, i do find it thoroughly touching to know that obama got the presidency and the world starting to recognise people as individuals and not colours and it's a hopeful sign indeed where the colour of our skin shouldn't matter now.

I'm just saying that perhaps we're focusing too much on the colour of his skin....if we continuously to think like that, we will perhaps never going to break free and look past the colours quite ironically.

So again, i'm not disregarding the significance of this triumphant election. It is Obama as a person we should look more into and not be too fixated on his ancestry.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No thank you Peter for making the right choice.


Anon commentors confuses me. I mean can't they give themselves names? Is it so hard to type in "I am an annoying person" in the name box?



Which comes first? Ignorance or stupidity? No, really?

It's like that damn chicken and egg question.


Used too lah. Cause last time I had purple hair. Yeah purple hair. I looked ossum btw....but yeah, it kinda ruin my hair.

So at that point I had to get treatment on alternate weekends to undo the damage that was done. But I have a fav hairdresser that fix my hair and he did moved away before my treatment ended. Damn sad.


No lah. I just found the pic somewhere on the net.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Hahahaah!! You counted? That's hillarious! And yeah, I dont want anon to accidently forget you know.


Interesting AND gives you different POVs as well.


Whoopi said that? Damn, thats sad. To be subjugated like that.


Wow, who would have known that you're deep?

penyangak said...

i agree witchu kuan, that's a reasonable point about us focusing too much on his colour, it's just that i still think he's black. haha. i mean there's a lotta half-white black peopls that we don't know of but you know once you go black you never go back haha. however i think obama actually looks malay lalz.

i'm not deep yo mizz dramaticz, where did you get that ridiculous idea whaukgheahkuga. or are you being extremely sarcastic.

Adrienne said...

tcdo!u look smokin hawt in ur display pic!

Melissa said...

very well said. couldn't have said it any better myself.

i'm very, very glad (and God, thankful too) that Obama won; it's lovely to know that we can still dream a lil dream, after all =)

rujing said...

awesome post. i felt like burning my bra, braiding my hair and callig out 'righteous brother' to the screen of my laptop.
what a tool, says i. screw people like that. ignorance, despite the proverb, is not bliss because it is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL in this bloody world. see george bush. ugh.
so respect to the post. i was totally excited over obama too. i watched him on youtube with 'joe the plumber' and i was immensely impressed. he took the time to carefully answer his question without being rude or patronising.
ANYWAYS, i hope you enjoyed the movie. i've been plagued with guilt all day, after reading your comment. i hope it is as good for you as it was for me.

have a nice day!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Kuan part the 3rd:

Oh damn, that's what you meant. I'm sorry that I took it the wrong way. But yes that is a good way of looking at it =)


No, I'm being for real dude. It's a compliment just accept it. Chech.


Two words for you: Professional. Makeup. =P


Thank you. =)


No, no I havent see it. But chill. I bet I'll love it too. You my friend, has good taste.

Kuan said...

damn right you took it the wrong way!

now come forward and kiss my feet for forgiveness





Tine said...

Oops I should have posted my reply on Anonymous' comments on this post instead of the previous one :p

But well said, dahlink, well said.