Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You guys did vote well. Thank you.

Obama won!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck yeah! Now bring the change that we need. Get the troops out. End this senseless war. Bring up the economy.

I knew waking up at 6am, sitting in front of the TV watching CNN with my laptop next to me, cutting my 10am class is soooo worth it. Fuck man, I even set my homepage to CNN Elections Update. Hardcore. My only regret is that I wasn't able to vote too.

Also, I am not talking to my brother for a month. That ass in currently in Grant Park, Chicago. That's where Obama's camp is. That ass. I disown him. I am not talking to him for a month.

Hey McCain's defeat speech sounds gracious didn't it? Wasn't delivered with sincerity though. That's what I think anyways. Also is it evil of me to find it incredibly fun to look at Palin's defeated disappointed face? Cause it was fun to look at her defeated. That woman would have been a plague onto the entire world if she did ended up in the White House. Thank God she didn't. And now, I'm waiting for Obama's victory speech.

The world can breathe easy now. It's time for a new tomorrow.

I'm still not talking to my bro though. Ass.


winda said...

haha... i immediately went to your blog to inform you, CD, and voila, you made a post about it already. Yep, obama won! Sometimes those americans can really vote ;)

thombeau said...

I am so thrilled I can hardly contain myself!!!!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Yeah! Ass! :)

senorita.. said...

ooooh! i wanna c Palin's face. i hate her!

n ur dream came true....... *not many ppl get to hear this often*


Kuan said...

lets hope that bitch wont come haunting the world after 4 years....McCain, is a good man, like what Obama said, he really does love his country and should be given respect. But McCain's voters on the other hand, are quite an ass....they actually boo....soooo uncivilised!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

but Palin's hot. all i need is to pull her vocal cord out and she's good to go.

Frank said...

I do think McCain was sincere, but I did enjoy seeing Palin go down in flames!

I did my part...and I have the "I Voted" sticker to prove it!

Technodoll said...

I too am sooo thrilled for the american population... any other outcome would have been a global disaster.

Now! Economy, resurrect!!

Peter Varvel said...

1. Get Quin's blessing
2. Marry me
3. Apply for U.S. citizenship
4. Vote in 2012 and help re-elect Obama for another term.


sab said...

very nice photo at the end! :)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me...shouldn't you be more concerned about the political affairs of your own country instead of having visions and premonitions about a foreign country's election?

Farid said...

I know! this is AWESOME! It probably doesn't matter for most Malaysians since US politics have no effects whatsoever on our economy.

Wait, no, that's not right. Maybe that's why we're concerned.

I'd be interested in our local politics if it weren't so predictable, one dimensional, primitive, unsophisticated and boring. It's also very corrupt and it has become apparent to us that it will not change for decades to come. So why do some Malaysians can't give a rat's ass to the local politics? Oh i don't know, maybe because we're sick of being screwed over by the government that's supposed to take care of us. Now we're just watching its unbecoming. For those of us who are practical, we're packing our things and moving to other countries.

Hey, how can you tell when a country's government is corrupt? When even the Deputy Prime Minister can get away with murder and not without the help of its senile Prime Minister.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I agree with you, sometimes they can really vote. =)


I know!!


Yeah, I send you a pic. If your ever pass my bro on the streets, kick his ass from me =p


I know right!!! I got six sense woman! =P

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know, bunch or rednecks. I feel sad looking at McCain's face but damn, the world would self implode if he did become the Prez.


Oh Kerp, please stop being such a man. Look beyond her looks and instead at her political capabilities instead. Which is not much btw.


Yay!! Your voice have been heard Frank. Obama bebeh!


Yes! Resurrect as SOON as possible.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Marry you?! But what will Domestic Partner says? =O


I know! That's my wallpaper now =D


The comment box is not accomodating enough for me to reply to your comment. So please refer to the next post instead.


Well said Farid, well said.

Tine said...

I'm not an American, but I sure was glad Obama won. It is time for a change. But then again, he's going to have a lot to deal with on his plate, so I'm hoping he's not biting off more than he can chew. There's a lot of shit to clean up.

As for Anonymous' comment, believe it or not, America is the king of the world (not that I'm saying that in the most positive of tones). When its economy and everything is affected, the whole world is affected. To only care about your own country's going-ons and not be open about the world's going-ons is just narrow-minded.