Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goodbye and thanks for all

It seems that all I’ve been doing in 2008 is saying goodbye. Goodbye to my sister, to friends who transferred before me, to the friends I’m leaving behind…and it’s not easy. Saying goodbye is never easy. With every goodbye your heart aches a littlea lot, depends really...but with every goodbye I’m saying goodbye to a part of me too.

As of Dec 4th, I am no longer a student of
HELP University College. I was a little bit emo because of that…okay a lot. That’s why I was on hiatus. Now, I’m not saying that HELP is awesome, it is not. Seriously. They’re always fucking around with our results, the classes are all fucked now that they are expanding the campus- so much so that we don’t even have proper, designated classrooms anymore and dude- don’t get me started about the lack of cafeteria.

Nonetheless, HELP has been a huge part of my life for the last 2 years. The memories I formed within those halls, the joys I experienced, the drama I created just for the kicks, the cute guys I spied in class, the assignments I plagiarized, the gossips I heard…and perpetuates, the embarrassing moments in time….but most of all the people I met there. Those people who at first were nothing more than strangers who just happened to sit next to me in class, who tapped my shoulder asking to borrow a pen, who got thrown into a group assignment with me, who stood in front of me in line, who just happened to smile as I walked by…strangers who in time turned into friends. Strangers, who are now my good friends, people who will always have a place in my heart.

I remember the things I’ve said before starting in HELP. “Oh, I probably won’t make any friends.” “Private college kids are just rich, spoilt brats- I’m not included.” “I probably won’t get close to anyone cause they’re all backstabbing bitches.” “Bla bla bla.” What differences two years have made. How I am now forced to eat my own words….

Now that I am at the end of my 2 years stint; I will no longer have days when I wake up at 6 in the morning, groan and then yelled out how much I fucking hate HELP. I no longer will give dirty looks to the snobby old men who worked in the library. I will no longer curse the damn internet connection in college. I will no longer bitch bout the office administration. I will no longer screamed out vengeance on the lack of parking spaces in main block…or smell like the mamak after lunch. Those things are no longer part of my life. And for that, I am thankful.

There is joy in moving on and leaving. But there is sadness as well. At least I will always have the memories- the good ones and the bad ones. And when it comes down to it…when things are at end, that’s all you have right? The memories of what was once. And the friends who will always be part of you, no matter how far you go in life.



AJ said...


my intuition were right all along....somehow i just knew it!! i mean u being a HELP student ;)

anyway, i know someone at jessie yeoh of mktg dept

Farid said...

I do hate goodbyes. Saying them and hearing them.

Damn it! Why the Hell did I befriend the seniors!? And why the Hell did the seniors have to be so fucking awesome!?

Zikri said...

Good luck with the future (:

3kc said...

oh farid, we cant help it if we're ossuum...its just the way things are. lol!!! *thunk*

yeah. bye HELP. see you during the holidays! right CD?? lol

jaak said...

ke mana lagi mbak?

evie said...

i hate goodbyes too, and i've had my equal share of goodbyes over the years. it never gets better! ok, that's not helping. still, you do have exciting times ahead of you... but for now, i leave you to wallow in you emo-ness cos assuming you're like me, will enjoy the occasional wallowing :p if not, well... just ignore what i said

Anne said...

Ahahahah! One mystery down. Oh and love, I've moved :)

Peter Varvel said...

Take it from someone old enough to be your, er um, "Auntie": cherish these memories because they will only become more important as you get older.
Now - revel in the excitement and anticipation of what is in your near future!
Congratulations, TCDO!

intoxicated_toxic said...

no drama tak aci!! n u made me feel sooo.. mellow tiba2.


i am not saying goodbye to u.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ms. Jessie Yeoh? No, dunno anyone by that name...but then you know. I don't actually hang with the staff =D


No!! It's all your fault. Who asked you to come so late? You sunflower?! But I guess, 2 sems of beings good friends with you is much better then nothing at all....


Thank you Zikri =)


Thats right! WE ARE OSSUM. That's just how the universe created us. Hahaha! =D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Ouuu wow, what a pussy. He didn't even put up a fight in the video. Meh.

Also Jaak, are you Indonesian?


Awwww Evie, thank you. Nah I'm done already being overtly emo. 5 days mah. Now just a little emo....Gonna get worst as it becomes near to me flying off though =S


Fuck yeah!! You're back!!


I'll rmbr that. Thank you Auntie Peter =D

Farid said...

Goodbye lion, goodbye tinman. Goodbye 3kc, I think I'll miss you most of all.

Psst, don't tell CD.

peachy said...

So where are you gonna go?!

fie the elf said...

i will miss you SO MUCH MUCH MUCH

lets go to h'mas square again!!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Sorry lah. When emo I become all mellow and shit, nanti esok ada drama kot =p


Fine Dorothy...iF that's how you wanna play it. =p


Where you're going lah woman. Chech. =)


Oh God, yes. Man I wanna smoke me some shisha and talk about my tits in public again. Rmbr?

"True friends do not let true friends' titties sag."


Frank said...

*sigh* I graduate from my college in the spring. I've been here 4 years and I'd rather not move on if I had the choice.

Siedne said...

i thought the exact SAME thing too when i first started: never gonna make friends, everyone is spoilt. mostly true, but with a few exceptions, thank GOD.

you're one of the exceptions! ;)

Tinesh said...

dont go!!!!! our group is all broken up :(

jaak said...

bukan deh, gue seribu persen londoh.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


....Saying goodbye is sooo difficult.


Awww thank you =) And you know what? So are you.


Have too lah dude...awww the harsh realities of ADP...


You are soooo very...strange...

Technodoll said...

You'll be OK, hun, you'll be ok... At least the blogging community isn't one you need to say goodbye to, unless we piss you off or something. Right? Right :-)

winda said...

ah, i felt the same thing too when i was leaving to high school. I've been in the same school since kindergarten so i know everybody already. Yes, including the staff ;)

and moving to a different high school terribly terrifying!
But, like you, i also made my bestest buddies there :)

btw, woman, 5days without your post make me insane! lol.
glad you've back :)

so, here's to all the dramatic things happen to you, all the sunflower you'll grow, and all the gorgeous hunk you'll meet in that faraway country! *cheers*

Tine said...

Goodbyes are always difficult to utter, but look forward to that next chapter in life which you'd be stepping upon :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Hahaha, I wont quit blogging anytime soon. Take my word for it =)


Awww...thanks for that last part. And yes, I will grow more sunflowers =)


No wiser words have been spoken. Thanks Tine =)